Violet is new to Maple Heights and she wants to fit in with the bad crowd. She's sick of being good girl and wants to go bad. She'll do whatever it takes even if it means getting into trouble.


2. Awake

I woke up the next morning sleepily. My feet were killing me and I hadn’t even moved them yet, I glanced at my digital clock which was flashing its deep red numbers. 9:04. Crap! I was late! I was supposed to be awake two hours ago. Lessons would of started by now. I jumped out of bed and dashed to my ene suite. I was already late so what did I have to lose? I jumped in the shower and groaned at the pain of my feet. The hot water woke me up and I stood under there for about five minutes careful not to get my hair wet. I turned the water off and grabbed the towel off of the radiator across the room. The warmth of the towel greeted me. I dried myself off and grabbed my skirt and tights along with my shirt and blazer. I put them on quickly and shivered at my reflection in the mirror. The uniform we were supposed to wear was revolting. I took the brush that was thrown on my room mates bed and brushed my hair into a high ponytail, my hair glistened in the light and my dip-dye shone. I stopped admiring my hair and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I then put my mascara on and left my dorm. It was 9:30. Geography time. I rolled my eyes. The hallways were empty, so I was free to run. I practically sprinted down the stairs and slipped on the last step causing my bag to empty its contents. I threw myself down on the floor and gathered all of my things together. Geography book, English homework, purse, makeup bag, art book and my history textbook. I picked myself up and dashed through the maroon double doors. Just one more hallway to go now. I started panting as I reached the door for my geography room. Finally! I pushed open the door. The whole room went silent, “What?” I said looking at them. I heard a familiar cough. I closed my eyes and sighed, I turned around steadily to meet the eyes of my teacher, “Can you tell me why you’re late Violet?” she said in her husky voice.
“I overslept,” I replied careful with my words.
“What time did you go to sleep last night?” she asked. Oh no, I had to answer a time low enough for her approval and high enough so the class wouldn’t think I was stupid.
“Ten o’clock,” I replied confidently. I heard Eliza snort. She knew I was lying, obviously as she was my room mate and knew I was at the party, “Sit down,” my teacher pointed at my seat. I looked at the floor and sat down at my seat. Eliza was directly in front of me, “Thank you for waking me up,” I hissed.
“Shouldn’t of been out last night,” she said not even turning her head. I leant forward and opened my mouth getting ready to hiss something back but the boy who sat next to me kicked me, “Shut up,” he said.
“No,” I replied.
“She’ll catch you,” he said to me looking at our teacher who was going on about climate. I decided he was right and rested my head in my hand gazing out of the window. We were on the second floor above the rest of the school. I felt my eyes drifting heavy. I opened them wide and pinched myself, “Stay awake,” I whispered. As if.

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