Nobody Compares

Nafja lives alone with her dad since her mom left one day without saying anything. They had a little house in London and Nafja had a great live but one day her dad came home with another woman. Her name is Caroline and she has a daughter in the same age as Nafja. Caroline was actually really nice but Alice , her daughter was trying to do anything to ruin Nafja´s life. What is going to happen when Nafja meets a member of One Direction and they fall in love? Will Alice ruin their relationship like she ruined everything else in Nafja´s life? Read the story to find out :)


4. Did I overact?

Nafja´s POV:

,,ALICE?!" I yelled.

She took a few seconds to walk up the stairs but she when she opened the door she had that stupid smile on her face which I hated because she only smiled like that when she had done something bad. ,, Yes?" she asked like she didn´t knew what I was angry about. ,,What is this?" I yelled and pointed to my suitcases. She walked over to them and started to laugh. ,, Are you blind Nafja? Can´t you see that these are my shoes? You should definitely go to an eye specialist (sorry guys didn´t know the right word :) )but thank you for carrying them"  she said grabbed a few pair of shoes out of the suitcase and brought them to her room.  I knew I shouldn´t have trusted her I was so stupid. I was so angry right now. Now I only have the clothes and shoes I am wearing now and the rest of my clothes is at home in London. PERFECT. No this is enough she did so many things to me just to ruin my life. She walked back in my room to get another pair of shoes. That´s when it happened. I punched her right in the face and believe me I punched her hard! She fell to the ground and started to cry. This might sound rude but I felt Happy after I did that!!! Her nose was bleeding really hard and suddenly she just passed out. Ok now I was worried, I mean I hated her but what shoud I do now, did I overact?

A/N: really short I know I´m sorry :) hope you like it !! please leave comments how you like it or tell me some ideas for the story if you have some :) love you all so much thank you for all the support !! XXx

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