Nobody Compares

Nafja lives alone with her dad since her mom left one day without saying anything. They had a little house in London and Nafja had a great live but one day her dad came home with another woman. Her name is Caroline and she has a daughter in the same age as Nafja. Caroline was actually really nice but Alice , her daughter was trying to do anything to ruin Nafja´s life. What is going to happen when Nafja meets a member of One Direction and they fall in love? Will Alice ruin their relationship like she ruined everything else in Nafja´s life? Read the story to find out :)


2. breakfast at Starbucks

2 Days later...


Nafja´s POV:

I got out of my comfy bed and took a long warm shower. I washed my hair with a peach flavoured shampoo and my body with a Vanilla flavoured shower gel so I felt fresh and smelled really good. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked over to my closet. I decided to eat breakfast at Starbucks so I choose a casual outfit ( black denim shorts , a red tank top and red converse ). I let my hair down so it could dry by itself and grabbed my keys and my purse and drove of in my dads black range rover. I had my driver license but not my own car but I was allowed to take my dad´s car. Soon I was at Starbucks and a nice looking lady took my order. I sat there eating my chocolate cupcake and sipped on my Caramel Macchiato just watching the people on the street. I sat there for a half an hour before I decided to drive back home because I still need to pack. When I arrived back home I saw that both of my suitcases were already packed. ,, Hey Dad?" I yelled and my dad came out of the kitchen. ,, Yes darling?" ,, Who packed my suitcases?" ,, Caroline and Alice" ,, WHAT Alice? Great now I can pack my whole stuff again!" I was about to grab the suitcases but my dad pushed my hand away. ,, No you won´t! Can´t you just be happy that you have less work? It would be rude if you would pack it all over again. Alice isn´t that bad she just wanted to help you so how about you just say ´thank you ´?!" ughhh perfect I hope he was right! ,, Ok fine I won´t pack it again but I won´t say thank you" I said and walked in my room.

A/N: I know this chapter wasn´t really good but I hope you still like it :))

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