Nobody Compares

Nafja lives alone with her dad since her mom left one day without saying anything. They had a little house in London and Nafja had a great live but one day her dad came home with another woman. Her name is Caroline and she has a daughter in the same age as Nafja. Caroline was actually really nice but Alice , her daughter was trying to do anything to ruin Nafja´s life. What is going to happen when Nafja meets a member of One Direction and they fall in love? Will Alice ruin their relationship like she ruined everything else in Nafja´s life? Read the story to find out :)


3. ALICE?!

So today was the day Alice and I would fly to Australia. We had to get up really early so we wouldn´t have to hurry. I said good bye to Caroline because she had to work and couldn´t come with us. So now we were sitting in the car on our way to the airport. Alice was quiet the whole ride and it was kinda scary because thats not the Alice I know. It was really hard to say Good bye to my dad and we (me and dad) were both crying. But then we had to leave.

(I´ll just skipp the flight nothing special happened)

We arrived at the airport in Sydney. We got our suitcases and got out of the airport. I´m still wondering why Alice is so quiet and actually ...nice?! She wasn´t rude or anything during the whole flight! Well I should just enjoy it because I know that this won´t last long. Well we took a taxi to our apartment (which Dad is paying :) ) and soon arrived. I pulled out the key he gave me the day before we left and opened the front door. Wow this apartment was amazing its so beautiful!! ,, Ok Alice I´ll go and unpack my bags so I´ll be gone for a while but please lets just have a normal vacation without any problems. I want to enjoy the time here !" I say and try to sound as friendly as possible. ,,Whatever Bitch" she says and walks away. See what I mean when I say that she won´t stay nice for a long time? But I already know her so I don´t care anymore. So I grab my bags and walk up the stairs to my bedroom. I lay my bags on the big king sized bed and open them ... But wait.... OMG I KNEW IT. ,, ALICE?!" I yell.....

A/N: so I know this is no hard question but what do you think happened that she got so angry? what did she see? just leave a comment :)))) I am sooooooo SORRY for not updating in a while but I had a bad writer block but I´ll try to write more chapters this week (if we wont get to much homework and stuff) !!! love you all <3

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