The Movellas Teen Dictionary

First, the English language expanded as populations moved across the world, then people such as Shakespeare used their imagination and creativity to add hundreds more words. Now teenagers, the internet and Movellas are doing the same thing! This Movella is a place to capture words/definitions that us as teenagers use everyday, and adults wouldn't necessarily be familiar with. These words can be taken from books or films, popular slang, definitions that make sense only to a small group of friends... Anything! So get imaginative!


2. Friend Talk

Bruv'- A word generally used by boys, meaning friend.

Chillax - A combination of the words 'chill' and 'relax'. 

Div - A stupid person.

Frape - When a friend hacks your account on a social networking site

Frenemy - This term is a combination of the words "friend" and "enemy." It is a person who appears on one hand to be your friend but, at the same time is antagonistic towards you.

Going hard- Going crazy or over the top.

E.g. "That teacher went hard on detentions today."

'Knob' - when someone doesn't have basic knowledge and are a bit spacey.

Owned - to be humiliated or embarrassed, usually after being shown up or exposed in some way.

E.g: "Bro, you got owned."

Peeps - a friendly way of saying people. Used when talking to your friends

Sick- awesome or very cool

'Sup' - a greeting phrase saying "What's up?"

E.g. "Just chillax!"

Wagwan - a greeting. Stands for "What's going on?"

Wowser - Used when something is cool or awesome.

Schnube- Someone who really gets on your nerves.

Reem- Nice.

Peng- Really nice. For example, "That pizza was well peng."

Lylas- Stands for 'Love you like a sister'.

Shemurr- A distorted facial expression and term to describe a state of confusion, disbelief, or surprise. The term was popularized by a Southeast Asian Entertainer and Youtube sensation, iiSuperwomanii, and her team of superheroes known as Team Super.


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