The Movellas Teen Dictionary

First, the English language expanded as populations moved across the world, then people such as Shakespeare used their imagination and creativity to add hundreds more words. Now teenagers, the internet and Movellas are doing the same thing! This Movella is a place to capture words/definitions that us as teenagers use everyday, and adults wouldn't necessarily be familiar with. These words can be taken from books or films, popular slang, definitions that make sense only to a small group of friends... Anything! So get imaginative!


3. Fandoms

Angels- Fans of Cody Simpson.

Barbies- Nicki Minaj Fans

Beatlenuts/Beatlemaniacs- Fans of The Beatles

Beliebers- Fans of Justin Bieber.

Brats- Cher Llyod Fans

BVB Army- Fans of Black Veil Brides

Daydreamers- Fans of Adele

Directioners- Fans of One Direction.

Gleeks- Fans of Glee

GLovers/ Reflections- Fans of Michael Jackson

Harmonizers- Fifth Harmony Fans

Heartbeats- Fans of Jessie J

Hoot Owls- Owl City Fans

Katycats- Fans of Katy Perry.

Little Blackstars- Fans of Avril Lavigne

Little Monsters- Fans of Lady GaGa.

Lovatics- Demi Lovato Fans

Mahomies- Fans of Austin Mahone.

Maniacs- Fans of Connor Maynard

Mixers- Fans of Little Mix

NerdFighters- Fans of John and Hank Green

Panemaniacs- Fans of The Hunger Games

Parawhore- Fans of Paramore

Potterheads- Fans of Harry Potter.

Rihanna Navy- Fans of Rhianna

Ritabots- Fans of Rita Ora

Rushers- Big Time Rush Fans

Sheerios/ Sheeranators- Fans of Ed Sheeran.

Smilers- Fans of Miley Cyrus

Soldiers- Fans of Cheryl Cole

Swiftie- Fans of Taylor Swift

Team Breezy- Chris Brown Fans

Twihards- Fans of Twilight.

Whovians- Doctor Who Fans

Lumineers- Fans of Luminators

Morrisonators- Fans of James Morrison

Bros- Fans of Pewdiepie

American Idiots- Fans of Green Day

Maggots- Fans of  Slipknot

Muffins/Plague Rats- Fans of Emilile Autumn

Dope Fresh Nation/pvp-ers- Fans of BfusGF (Vloggers on YouTube)

TWFanmily/Prisoners- Fans of The Wanted

Galaxy Defenders- Fans of Mcfly

Murstions- Fans of Olly Murs

Seconds- Fans of 5sos


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