The Life Of A Teenage Spy

Oliver Link is a normal teenage guy... But is he?
He is pulled off the streets after a horrid start to life but has now been thrown into the dangerous world of being a teen spy. Can he deal with it ?

Spy book, based on 'cherub' and 'Alex Ryder' :D


3. M

 I awoke to a bright light being shone in my eyes and a small prodding in my arm

“He is coming round” a man in a white lab coat was standing over me, he ceased the prodding and stepped away from me. Mr Lockerbie came over, luckily he blocked out the blinding light of the room my eyes trying to adapt to the sudden change.

“careful now” Mr Lockerbie said as I tried to get up. I managed to sit up but  I did not attempt to stand. I noted a women standing in the corner of room, the darkest shadiest part of the room. She gave a careful step forward.  “madam I would like to introduce you to Oliver Link” mr Lockerbie gave us a brief introduction.

“did you not listen when I told you to stop bringing the homeless to H.Q like it’s a shelter?” this statement may have sounded like a telling off but the warm smile on her face portrayed something else, humour perhaps. She stepped out of the darkness and towards me . She was a short plump lady with a grey bob and serious looking face

“Yes he may do as a replacement” she studied me walking round the gurney like I was a rare animal. Amused by my silence she asked if I spoke.

 “Haha yeahh ermm my names Oliver Link and replacement for what may I ask ?” I said this lightly and cheekily. She smiled “that is currently none of your beeswax” I sighed.

Mr Lockerbie stepped forwards, for the first time in ten minutes he spoke “Oliver, this is M she is in charge of us all, treat her right and you will get far in this world” he said giving a slight wink at me. M tutted and smiled, she seemed like the kind of person I would get along with not too strict, could take a laugh but then gave out seriousness when she need to. “First things first are you willing to tell us how you got to sleeping on that bench?” Mr Lockerbie had some concern in his voice. That was touching seeing as I had only known him – I don’t know how long I had known him , I had lost track of time.

So I started my story, right from the beginning searching my memory for every scrap of detail they might find interesting. At some points they laughed, at others they looked surprised. By the end of my tale as I described how my last dinner had been foraged from a bin outside TESCOS they look the slightest bit put out by this. At last my life story came to an end. M’s brow was furrowed and she was staring intently at me.

 “Do you know where you are Oliver?” She asked. “Umm I have to admit no I don’t mam but if its all the same I would like to stay here” M looked shocked at this, and turned a gave Mr Lockerbie a look of disgust. “You brought this poor boy here without him knowing who we were?”  her voice had turned dark and sounded like, in the short time I had known her, she hadn’t sounded like before.

Mr Lockerbie looked meek, he nodded his head. M shook hers. I was slightly confused, was she angry at him for bringing me here, where ever here was.

“If there is a problem with me being here I can leave?” I said this very politely although I wanted to stay here a lot I did not want to out stay my welcome. “Yes there is a problem with you being here but now you are here we can’t just kick you out, are ready to enter a dangerouse world that we cannot garuntee you will live through to tell the story ?” M said this with a very serious voice, I was soon to learn that this was the most important offer of my life. “I accept this, it sounds like a challenge I could do with one of those my current living of life is very boring.” As I said this I was reminiscing on the best parts of my life, they were very small and would not effect anyone else. The first time I had eaten ice cream had stuck out for me, that was when I was 7. My mother brought home the tub and I looked at it with awe as she scooped it out and put it in the old Thomas the tank engine bowl.

I had been given my little plastic handled spoon and I ate and ate and ate. I ate till I ran to the bathroom and threw it all up. I remember sleeping in my mothers bed that night, one of the only times I ever had.


“OLIVER,ARE YOU THERE?” Mr Lockerbie was standing over me, he had obviously been saying something that he thought I had been listening to but I had actually been away thinking about ice cream. I nodded my head and turned to look at him.“What I was saying was that here at M.I.6 -” As Mr Lockerbie said this I gasped “what?“ He asked looking confused by my shock.

   “M.I.6?” I left a gap between each letter , I was stunned “ did you just say M.I.6 ? Is that where I am ?” now the blank walls around me looked a lot more exciting.  Mr Lockerbie sighed. “Were you not listening to anything I just said ?” he saw my expression and gave a little smile “you may need to listen to this as I am not saying it again !”

Mr Lockerbie explained everything.

 I was sitting in the middle of M.I.6’s main building. Here is where everything ran from.  The countries best agents were under this roof, but also the best brains in Britain were under this roof. I was here as they had been watching me for a few days and had seen my resourcefulness and that I was in good physical health. As I took everything in I was shocked. My life had never been very interesting, never had good friends, always been happy with just sitting on my own for a bit. But now this would change. “ we recently lost an agent, he was of similar age to you and you would be the perfect replacement. Of course this is not just going to be handed to you on  a plate. The tests will take weeks and you will not be allowed on an active mission till we have passed you fit.” I was not bothered by any of the measures they  were making, they would be easy.

M spoke up. “Also we would need you to cut off all of your current life, say goodbye to any friends family who may notice your disapearence. If you have any problems with this speak now” They both looked at me intently. My mums face came up in my head, having not seen her in two years I was not bothered about what she thought of me. My nana joined her in the family reunion that was happening in my head, she looked sad I had not seen her in so long, she might even be dead!  I shook my head, I did not care now, this life would change everything I was not giving that up for people who did not care about me.

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