The Life Of A Teenage Spy

Oliver Link is a normal teenage guy... But is he?
He is pulled off the streets after a horrid start to life but has now been thrown into the dangerous world of being a teen spy. Can he deal with it ?

Spy book, based on 'cherub' and 'Alex Ryder' :D


4. Life at H.Q




Mr Lockerbie lead me round the twisty corridor, as we had stepped out of the white room I was shocked by the darkness of which the H.Q had.


“Don't worry, it isn't all this dingy just that this is the basement. Actual H.Q is just up these stairs.” We were at the bottom of a case of steel stairs that spiraled staircase.


Mr Lockerbies posh shoes clunked as he quickly went up the stairs. We reached the top,he reached out and opened a door. It lead out to where I had first arrived. The room fell silent. Although the silence was short I felt all their eyes fall on me, the silence felt like a fog in the air.

   “Back to work everyone” Mr Lockerbie said calmly, walking through the cluttered desks leading me through a path to a set of double doors. We walked through many rooms, some he would offer names and explanations for other we would pass through them with a silence.

 We reached another set of double doors, Mr Lockerbie pushed them open and we were in a big whitewashed hall. I assumed it was the canteen as it had tables and chairs and trolleys that had cutlery on.

Mr Lockerbie sat me down at a table and hurried through a door that had a no entry sign on. I studied my surroundings, a couple of posters were pinned up on the blank walls. One was a menu,another had the prestigious M.I.6 logo , I had seen others like this one around the rooms, and the quote “a great man, but not always a great spy” I had no idea what this meant and made a mental note to ask about it when I had the chance.


The door swung open and Mr Lockerbie reentered the room, he had in his hands a bowl that a train of steam coming off it. He set it in front of me. My mouth fell a gape as I took the sight of the bowl that was full of golden cheesy pasta. I took a deep breath as I took in the smell. Then finally I picked up my fork and dug in. My taste buds were rather shocked by the sudden onslaught they had been idle as the I had eating in my time as a homeless the food had been bland.


“Are you quite finished?” Mr Lockerbie had a smile on his face. I nodded, still chewing through my final mouthful. He took the bowl once more through the door, once he had come back empty  handed he lead me through the double doors situated at the opposite end of the room to wich we had entered in. We continued down a corridor and then came to a flight of stairs. We climbed them for what felt like forever. Finally, Mr Lockerbie walked me down a carpeted corridor, it reminded me of a hotel, he came to a door. Running a card through the lock, he opened the wooden looking modern door. I stepped through the door way. The smell of cleanliness and newness flooded my nose.

“This is, hopefully , your new apartment.” Mr Lockerbie grinned. My mouth slightly gaped as I entered the room. There was a small step down and then the front room. There were plush red sofas in a C shape around a glass table. They were facing a massive TV, behind the glorious television there was a glass wall. A beautiful view of London was before me I was utterly shocked at how beautiful one city could look at this time of day. A golden sunset was just behind the skyscrapers making the windows glint and shine. It was truly spectacular. “Quite a view huh” Mr Lockerbie said joining me gazing out the window. The rest of the apartment was much the same, very new and shiny. My bedroom also had a glass wall and the bathroom was opposite it. My dream house. “shall I leave you to get on with it ?” Mr Lockerbie asked gently. I nodded my head gently. I was slightly stunned.

Collasping to the sofa I started to think about what had happened over the past 12 hours. I was exhausted, but I knew I could never get to sleep. I went through my conversations with M and Mr Lockerbie. Wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if I awoke to find this was all actually a dream! It was kind of scary, the prospects of being a secret agent  were slightly odd to think about. This time yesterday I was shuffling round the backstreets of a dreary town feeling sorry for my self. Noticing how I kinda stank I got up, grabbed a couple of towels and  headed off to the bathroom.

The water slipped over my grubby body seamlessly . I grabbed some shower gel and rubbed it over my tired body. This was my first proper shower in a few months at least. After about an hour of just standing under the hot water, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel round my waist.  I caught  a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My blonde shaggy hair seemed to be a completely different colour to what it had been earlier and I noticed that the muscle on my chest seemed slightly more defined- it must have been all that climbing over fences and things.  I dried myself off and went to investigate what clothes they had given me. I opened the massive wardrobe to see that on one side was a load of tux’s on the other were sweatpants and tight tee’s. I settled for the more comfy option of a pair of sweats and a light blue top. I padded out of my bedroom to the kitchen. Opening the fridge I was delighted to see it was fully stocked. Grabbing myself a sandwich and pulling on a pair of shoes I headed to the door to have a look round H.Q.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Rounding the corner, I heard some footsteps and chatter coming from a door. Sinking slowly back in to a door way, I saw a pair of important looking men come out of the door.

“What room did they say this boy was staying in again?” the guy had a voice like velvet.

“No idea, something like 203A? Can’t believe M is going along with this.” The other  man had a gruffer voice. Relising they were talking about me, I legged it back along the corridor and to my room. Threw my self on the sofa switched on the telly and pretended I had been there for hours.  A sharp brisk knock came at the door. As I had been anticipating this I jumped up from my seat and strode across to the door. I opened it and the men I had seen walking along the corridor were standing in front of me.


“Oliver Link?” The taller of the two men asked. “Yes, who wants to know?” I filled my voice with attitude and confidence.

“Agent Lockerbie requests you meet him in the business room at once” The short plump man stated. Grabbing a jumper, I jogged down the corridors and followed the signs until I hit a room labelled business on it. I gave a brief knock and then entered.


The room held an oblong table with chairs around it. At the head of the table sat M. She gave me a gentle nod of the head. In the other chairs, a selection of tux clad serious looking men sat looking at me. I felt someone touch my arm and I looked round to see Mr Lockerbie at my elbow. Sitting me at a chair at the end of the table, silence fell over the small crowd gathered.

“Oliver, it has come to our attention that the authorities may be looking for you.” M’s voice sounded sombre and full of sincerity. I felt my face fall empty of its smile, they knew.

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