How could it be..?

Analee is a city girl from Leeds, London. Her life is totally normal, until she bumps into a Blonde Hunk in the nearest pub - she's beyond shocked and doesnt do anything but stare in to his beautiful blue eyes. will she become closer with him? or will he just walk away like nothing happened?


2. Is this a date?



When i got the text from Niall my heart skipped a beat.

He wanted me to go out with him and the boys.

i soon texted him back.

To Niall;) : Looks like you'll be picking me up at my place:)

i was so excited to go out!

i decided to call up my best friend 'Tina', i wanted to go out shopping for the perfect outfit for tonight.. even though were just going to the fair i wanted to look descent.

when we arrived at the mall, we headed straight for 'hollister'.

i tried so many outfits on, but i soon chose the perfect one!

i chose jean short shorts, a blue laced tanktop with black converse.

i thought i looked pretty hot!






I got Analee's text and was so suprised!

she actually wanted to go with me.

I quickly called up the other lads, they're all coming.

Liam is bringing Danielle.

Zayn is bringing Perrie.

Harry is bringing Taylor.. i guess.

and Louis is bringing Eleanor.

i have a feeling tonight is going to be.. amazing!

While i wait for it to become close to 8:30, i wasted time by picking my outfit out, showering, and making sure everything was perfect.

soon it was 7:30, what else is there to do? i asked myself.







As i got home,  i got a shower, did my hair, brushed my teeth, put on my outfit and finally did my makeup.

i had on my jean short shorts. i let my wavy brown hair fall perfectly over my shoulders. i put on a bit of eyeliner, mascara and moca lipgloss.

i looked in the mirror to make sure i looked okay.

i did, i thought i looked great.

by the time i was ready, it was 8:25.

i was so excited!

as i was just sitting on my couch i heard a knock on the door, i got up opened the door.

and there he stood, beautiful as ever.

he checked me out, head to toe.

he look into my eyes and said ''you look incredible.''

i couldnt help but to blush, and say '' you look quite good yourself.'' i said with a cheeky smile.

he grabbed my hand and walked me out to his car and directed me to the passenger seat.





She looked amazing!

i couldnt help but to look at her as i drove.

one time i got so distracted i started swirving on the road.

she gasped and said to me '' stop staring and focus on the road!'' she chuckled

i just laughed and turned my head torwards the road.

we soon arrived at the county fair, we finally found the lads and thier girlfriends.

i introduced her to them and she seemed to like them, that made me feel more comfortable with her around them.

we all wanted to ride something so we decided on the ferris wheel.

Harry and Taylor tried to sit in the same cart with us but i asked them not to so i could be alone with Analee.

Analee looked at me funny and asked ''why did you make them leave?"

i smiled and said " so i can get to know you a little better."

i chuckled.

she just smiled and sat down right beside me.





As i was sitting down beside him i got a little chilly and grabbed my arms which had goose bumps on them.

Niall looked at me and asked '' are you cold love? with a smile.

'' just a little.''

as soon as i answerd him, he wrapped his arms around me.

man he smelled great, i felt so safe and warm in his arms. i never wanted to leave. but we had to step off the ride and onto the next one.

i heard Liam shout ''To the merry go round!"

we all followed.

Niall sat down on the horse beside mine.

"Haha, your horse is pink!" i giggled.

" Hey, dont make fun of him!" he laughed

"oh so its a boy?" i chuckled

"of course he is!" he said with a big smile.







She was so funny. i thought to myself.

as she was talking about her pet dog i muted her voice and acted like i was listening, but i was really staring at her perfection.

but she snapped in my face and said to me ''hello? are you okay?'' she giggled.

"actually, im great" i smiled.

as we got done at the fair we were riding home.

she broke the silence " was this a date?" she asked.

"It was our first date." i winked at her.

"so theres going to be another date?"

"if you want."

"the first date was amazing, i can only imagine what the next ones will be like."

"soon you wont have to imagine." i said with a smile.




~Authors message~

i'll leave at this until i update.

for now im heading to bed!

hope you enjoyed (: next chapters will be amazing!














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