How could it be..?

Analee is a city girl from Leeds, London. Her life is totally normal, until she bumps into a Blonde Hunk in the nearest pub - she's beyond shocked and doesnt do anything but stare in to his beautiful blue eyes. will she become closer with him? or will he just walk away like nothing happened?


3. i cant believe this..



as Niall dropped me off at my place, i started to get out of the car until he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down " i want to see you again..soon." he said with a serious face and kissed my cheek.

i slowly got back out of the car and stepped to my door, i watched him drive off before i went inside.

"was he serious he wanted to see me again?" i said to myself.

but the first date was pretty amazing, i could see why he wanted to go out again..

i was just laying on my bed listening to music thinking about what happened tonight when i got a text,  From Niall;) : Hey babe, tonight was perfect! we need to go again sometime, but without the lads.

i couldnt help but to scream into my pillow!

i could not believe this, i had to pinch myself to check if i was dreaming, i wasnt!

maybe this will be a real relationship, but im thinking way ahead of myself we havent even kissed yet! infact why was i even thinking that? Niall would never want to date a girl like me.

Or would he?






Tonight was brilliant. i couldnt get her out of my head. tonight was going through my mind like a movie, i could watch it over and over.

but i finally got out of my daydream by my phone buzzing.

From Analee<3 : I agree. it was amazing! i would love to go again(:

as i read i felt the biggest smile apeer on my face.

Me-" Good(: are you free on friday?"


Me-" Great! i'll pick you up around 6:00pm(:"

Analee- "okay, sounds great!(:"


She had no idea how i felt about her, and i wanted her to know. but is it to early? and did she feel the same? i asked myself.

i was thinking about taking her on a romantic dinner on friday and telling her then, but im scared to see her reaction.




~Authors message~

sorry chapter is short!

im working on it! xx


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