How could it be..?

Analee is a city girl from Leeds, London. Her life is totally normal, until she bumps into a Blonde Hunk in the nearest pub - she's beyond shocked and doesnt do anything but stare in to his beautiful blue eyes. will she become closer with him? or will he just walk away like nothing happened?


1. Bumping into him



I was having so much fun with my friends just partying and enjoying being young.

yes we had some drinks, but not enough to where we wouldnt remember anything in the morning.

I was dancing and wasn't paying attention to what i was doing and soon bumped into a blonde hotty.

i froze.. didn't know what to do. i caught myself looking deep into his beautiful blue eyes and he was doing the same to mine.

after a few long seconds of staring deep into eachothers eyes he made the first move and asked me ''would you mind to dance?"

of course it was a fast song. but it was Niall Horan! who wouldnt want to dance?









As we were staring into eachother eyes, which felt like a lifetime.

I asked her to dance with me, luckily she said yes.

she was just so beautiful with her long wavy brown hair and green eyes, with a tight red dress that stopped mid-thigh, with her black pumps.

she was unbelievably stunning, i couldnt keep my eyes off of her.

after we were done dancing and talking i learned that her name was 'Analee' and that she was 18, living in a appartment down the street. she said she had to get back home.

i didnt want to just let her leave and not see her again, so i gave her my number and told her to text or call me anytime.. with that she left.






Once i got home i showerd and got into some comfy clothes. i wasn't very tired so i stayed up playing some video games.

*after an hour or so of playing video games.*

my phone was sitting there mocking me, as i knew i wanted to text the hunk from the pub.

i finally convinced myself to text him.

To Niall;)  Hey! it's Analee, from the pub!

i waited not even 5 minutes until he texted back.

From Niall;)  Hey love, i was wondering if you would like to go out for some dinner sometime?(:

of course i wanted to, but i had a feeling it was just going to be a one night thing and nothing else.






I had the courage in me to ask her out for dinner sometime, i hope she says yes. that would make me the happiest guy in the world.

i still haven't gotten a reply from her and its been 35 minutes since i texted her, maybe she fell asleep of course it was 3:00a.m. Hopefully she'll reply when she wakes up.




I was still wide awake debating if i should say yes.

So i finally texted him back.

To Niall;)  Of course. i would love to go! just tell me what day:)

oh great he hasnt texted me back and it's been a long while.

maybe he's asleep or something, i shouldn't freak out so much.





I woke up with the sun shining through the window onto my face.

it was the perfect day to go to the county fair, maybe Analee would like to come with me and the lads.

i looked at my phone and 'Analee<3' was on the screen, i quickly looked at the message and it said '' of course. i would love to go! just tell me what day:) ''

my heart flutterd i was so happy!

i texted her.

To Analee<3: Good morning beautiful!(: change in plans, i think you should come with me and the lads to the county fair! if its a 'no' then you would surely miss out;) if it's a 'yes' i'll be at your place at 8:30:) hope to see you!

i hope i convinced her!



~Authors message~

hey ya'll! this is my first fan-fic!

i hope you've enjoyed it so far, but i have a basketball game so i have to leave:( i'll update later!





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