The House On The Corner (Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Emily and Justin had been together for 2 years now, but Emily ends it after Justin was caught cheating. After the breakup, she is heartbroken and goes on a walk, only to find a stranger who she just can't figure out. She is warned away, but will she listen?


1. Cheater

Emily's POV

"No Justin! I CAN'T forgive you! We're DONE!" I screamed at him through the phone. I had been the girlfriend to the international pop-star, Justin Bieber, for two years know and I caught him cheating!

The sad thing is, I don't even know how long this had been going on! He had literally broken my heart.

"Emily babe you don't understand. Please let me ex-" Justin tried to reason with me.

"No Justin! Don't even try to explain! I don't care! We.Are.Over!" I hung up the phone and tried to hold in the tears, but to no avail. I sat down on a bench and put my head in my hands.

I had been out to go meet him when my best friend, Lizzy, had called me saying she saw him making out with a random bitch. I didn't believe her but then she sent me a short video. It really was him. I called him and continued walking, not really paying attention to where I was going anymore. 

After I cried for a while I looked up. Dang. I had made it all the way to the complete other side of the town! I looked around. This place was terribly sad. All the trees were bare, no greenery at all, all the houses were old and worn down, there was even a graveyard across the road! Talk 'bout you're stereotypical Horror Movie neighborhood!

I liked it.

You never would have guessed that me, the girl with the silly blonde hair, nice clothes, and state of the art electronics would like this place! It was completely barren. 

But you see, the whole thing was just a show. Before I started dating Justin, I just was the girl at the back of the class who made all As, the bookworm, the girl that was called a nerd and was bullied. I had to change for the press though. 

I mean JUSTIN BIEBER could NEVER be seen with such a loser like me! 


Note the sarcasm. Beofore, I'd never flat iron my hair, wear make-up, or even look at the clothes I'm wearing know.

Well, I guess thats ONE good thing about the breakup. I can finally be me again.


I wiped away the last of my tears and looked around some more. The bench I was sitting on was attached to the corner lot of this dreary neighborhood  This house looked like the grandest one here. It was very old and rickety. No one could possibly live in this house. Or any of these houses. I grabbed my bag and continued to look around.

Maybe I could finish that song I was writing earlier. Yes, I right songs. I had always loved music; I also played the acoustic guitar. I was just about to head for the graveyard when I heard abird chirp. And then it started singing. It sounded beautiful, so I followed the sound. 

The song led me to the corner lot again and I went to the old rusty gate that led to the backyard. As I opened the gate, it screeched in protest. 

After I finally made it through and the sight was unbelievable! It was beautiful! Lush greenery, bright flowers, and a little river running through it all. Birds were singing in the trees and I even saw a little bridge crossing the river. I crossed it and went and sat on a wooden bench under one of the trees..

I sat down in awe.

I finally pulled out my book and read. I just loved this place. Later this week I would have to come back with my guitar and song book.


I left this place feeling happy. It had taken my mind off Justin and  I loved the quiet.


When I left, I could've sworn I had heard someone say, "bye." but I was probably just imagining it. 


No one could live here.



*(a/n) Hey guys so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this. It was just an idea. But if you guys like it (at least 5) I'll continue. Bye the way, the boys aren't famous.

I guess that's it for now.


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