Secret from India.

Hi, my name is Emma, Emma Payne to be exact. Yes, my last name is Payne. You might know my older brother, Liam. He is the popularest guy in school, along with four other hot guys I must say. And they have been best friends with each other since the first day of kindergarden. Me? Well, let me just say I shine in the lowlight. And his friends don't have any idea he has a sister. Heck, they don't know me! Liam wanted the word to go out about me, that I'm his sissy, but since im uglier, fatter and shamed of what I am, I say no. Obviously, some people recognised my last name to be the same as Liam's, but I say it's just a coincidence, and our last name is the same, but it doesn't mean we relate. And surprisingly, people buy it. What happens when he tells everyone? Well ever since, an exchange student from India has been my best friend. Her name is Iskita. Marxh break soon came and she wanted me to come with. Well, what if I were to say, something... so bad happens that I couldn't tell Liam?


6. Understood.

It's been 4 days since Liam's disaster and I plan to stay here until death does me part. And so far... Nothing's happened that could kill me, well starvation is one, but that takes forever. I know! drugs. They kill you slowly and painfully. Perfect. Time to feel the pain and death for my suffering. I entered into my attached bathroom and looked for something I could use. I found a few, but this... won't do. I must sneak out and get more! I peaked my head out of my door. It was 1pm as it says on the clock across the room, where Liam's room is. He should be at school. Perfect!

I walked in his room, but it wasn't then 'til I saw Liam sleeping on his bed? What is he doing here? He should be at school! Damn it!!!! Sorry for my language, my parents taught us not to swear. Well, me and Liam still do, when we are really frustrated. Oh, where are my parents you ask? Hell knows! I was only 4 and Liam was about 8. Ok, yes I am 14 and Liam is 18. I am in grade 9 and he's in grade 12! And well, continuing my story... My parents were fighting one night, so both Liam and I went to sleep. And next morning, our parent's were nowhere! None of  their stuff were gone. They were gone, and who knows where. Liam has always been so defensive of me ever since, but I feel like there is a secret about my parent's that he's never mentionned that seems to be bugging him. Unless it's the thought that I can never be protected by him forever, or he just misses them.

Liam must have noticed I was in his room, because he said my name in his dream, or he's awake. He opened his eyes and looked at me. " Oh, Em! Listen, I-- It only took that before I ran back in my room and tried closing the door, but yet again he had a grip on it, and got in. I sat on my bed, trying to hide the drugs I got out of my room, but I failed, because he noticed me pushingthem underneath my pillow. He looked at me, worried.

He grabbed my wrist and moved it away so he could look. Once he took a look, he gave me a hug. " Em! God damn, you know I love you. And I don't want to lose you after mum and dad dissappeared. You are the only piece of me left. I can't live without you!" He probably would have continued, but he was already weeping his heart out, making my shoulder full of tears. I didn't mind, I felt his pain. And I understood that we were already struggling living alone. I knew this was a bad idea, I knew we both need each other.

I cried onto his shoulder. After I managed to calm my crying down so I could speak, I wanted to say sorry. " I'm so sorry Liam! I-I just miss mum and dad like crazy and who knows what happened to them. And I just wish that life could be better for us! But you, you are already are better at school and I can't even make one friend! I-I just want people to like me for ne, not as Liam Payne's sister! I just have so much in me right now Liam. And it hurts so much right now."

" Listen Emma, I know you are in deep pain, because I am too! You just have to be more social to make friends. I just want you to accept who we are right now and know that one day, it will all get better! I want the best for both of us, but I have the responsibility over both of us. I need you to get better, Em. I'm trying my best for that! That's why I told the school..." He weeped softly on my shoulder. I understood that he's responsible for us, and he's trying to be good because wen people be good, you get good things in return and he wanted good for me. I understood him now. And I think he understood me.


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