Secret from India.

Hi, my name is Emma, Emma Payne to be exact. Yes, my last name is Payne. You might know my older brother, Liam. He is the popularest guy in school, along with four other hot guys I must say. And they have been best friends with each other since the first day of kindergarden. Me? Well, let me just say I shine in the lowlight. And his friends don't have any idea he has a sister. Heck, they don't know me! Liam wanted the word to go out about me, that I'm his sissy, but since im uglier, fatter and shamed of what I am, I say no. Obviously, some people recognised my last name to be the same as Liam's, but I say it's just a coincidence, and our last name is the same, but it doesn't mean we relate. And surprisingly, people buy it. What happens when he tells everyone? Well ever since, an exchange student from India has been my best friend. Her name is Iskita. Marxh break soon came and she wanted me to come with. Well, what if I were to say, something... so bad happens that I couldn't tell Liam?


5. Misunderstood.

I stayed in the bathroom until the bell rang for class. I was happy because now I could go home and lock myself in my room until I die. Oh so you say ' what about Liam?' eh? Who cares about him! He made my life miserable at school now!

 I peeked out of the girls bathroom praying that nobody was outside. Thank God there wasn't! I tiptoed down the hall cautious of the teachers and students don't notice me. I turned around a few corners until I saw the entrance. I'm free! I'm finally free! My mind thought, but it wasn't until I heard Liam's voice. I quickly stopped and turned around. Nobody. Is my mind playing tricks on me again? Hopefully it is, and it isn't really Liam. I opened and shut the door as quiet as could be.

*5 minutes later*

I got home safe and sound and thankfully not caught. I was a few steps up the stairs and there stood Liam at the entrance. SHIT! I ran quietly as I could but not quiet enough. He was hot on my tail. I quickly opened and shut my door and trying to lock it, but Liam already had a grip on it. I tried with all my muscle to close the door and lock it, but my brother was stronger than me, he opened my door and got in. I sighed and gave up. No running away now. I sat on my bed, upset. He came and sat beside me and hugged me.

" Em, why are you so upset? Everyone at school was talking about you!" He . I assumed that what they spoke were bad things. "Listen Em, now things will be better for you, people know that your my sister! And I feel like weights lifted off of my shoulders... But the point is that your life at school isn't miserable at school no more!" I dropped a few tears. He just didn't understand me. I took a deep breath. " Liam, you just don't understand me. Haven't I told you? I didn't want to be known as your sister at school. I just, oh I don't know." I whispered loud enough to let Liam hear. " But Emma! I do understand you! I just don't understand why you don't want people to know your my sister."



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