Secret from India.

Hi, my name is Emma, Emma Payne to be exact. Yes, my last name is Payne. You might know my older brother, Liam. He is the popularest guy in school, along with four other hot guys I must say. And they have been best friends with each other since the first day of kindergarden. Me? Well, let me just say I shine in the lowlight. And his friends don't have any idea he has a sister. Heck, they don't know me! Liam wanted the word to go out about me, that I'm his sissy, but since im uglier, fatter and shamed of what I am, I say no. Obviously, some people recognised my last name to be the same as Liam's, but I say it's just a coincidence, and our last name is the same, but it doesn't mean we relate. And surprisingly, people buy it. What happens when he tells everyone? Well ever since, an exchange student from India has been my best friend. Her name is Iskita. Marxh break soon came and she wanted me to come with. Well, what if I were to say, something... so bad happens that I couldn't tell Liam?


4. Embarrassed.

* A week and 2 days later*

It was the morning I had to start school. Great. I got dressed and went into the kitchen and made myself 5 pancakes. I haven't eaten since we went to timmies! After I ate, I knew it was time to go to school. Thank god I haven't seen Liam. Now, my adventure to walk to school.

*5 minutes later.*

I walked in the school and sat in front of my locker until my cellphone started buzzing. I unlocked it and saw Liam texted me.

To: Em

From: Liam  :)

I know your still mad at me Em, but I promise you today will be the day when it all stops.



I didn't bother to text him back. But I still couldn't get rid of thinking. 'what does he mean by today will be the day it all stops?'

* Lunch in the cafeteria*

I completely avoided Liam all day.  I saw him sit at the middle table with his friends. I grabbed my tray and sat at the farthest table I could, alone. Once I started eating. The voice I knew was Liam's started speaking. I turned to look at him and he was standing on his table. " Everyone, could you please listen to me for a second? I have a secret I kept from you for a very long time." "I know, I hurt someone I care about about a week ago, and I must fix things." " I have-- did you get that girl from the timmies pregnant?" Louis interrupted Liam. I saw him give Lou the 'shut up' look. " I'll stop talking..." He stated.

" I have a sister. And her name is Emma." He pointed to me. I stood up and looked at him with tears building up. " Forgive me Em, I never knew life was like that for you." I cried and ran out and went in the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. How could he embarrass me in front of the entire school?

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