Secret from India.

Hi, my name is Emma, Emma Payne to be exact. Yes, my last name is Payne. You might know my older brother, Liam. He is the popularest guy in school, along with four other hot guys I must say. And they have been best friends with each other since the first day of kindergarden. Me? Well, let me just say I shine in the lowlight. And his friends don't have any idea he has a sister. Heck, they don't know me! Liam wanted the word to go out about me, that I'm his sissy, but since im uglier, fatter and shamed of what I am, I say no. Obviously, some people recognised my last name to be the same as Liam's, but I say it's just a coincidence, and our last name is the same, but it doesn't mean we relate. And surprisingly, people buy it. What happens when he tells everyone? Well ever since, an exchange student from India has been my best friend. Her name is Iskita. Marxh break soon came and she wanted me to come with. Well, what if I were to say, something... so bad happens that I couldn't tell Liam?


3. Arguement.

" So how long have you known her, Liam?" Louis asked Liam. " Since I was 2 and a half, actually." He answered honestly. It actually is true, when he was 2 and a half, I was born. And well, after my mom and dad held me after birth, he held me and told me I was cute. " Ya, he told me I was cute." I slipped. Shit! " OOoh! Mabe we should play matchmaker, eh Haz?" I believe Lou whispered to Harry.  I desperately wanted to tell someone about my secret, but for my brother's sake of being popular, I can't. I don't need him becoming what I am. 

I saw LIam was already done his muffin and I wanted to go back home, I didn't want to talk to these perverts. I picked up my pace on my wrap and finally finished it. " I think we have to get going, we have stuff to do..." I stated, looking at Liam As I got up. "Alrighty you two! Go have your fun!" They giggled. I rolled my eyes and parted outside the doors with Liam behind me.

" That was... weird." "They are perverted, but once you get to know them, they are fun to be with." " Easy for you to say!" " Why?" "C'mon, your popular. You make friends so easily and hang with so many people and know them so well!" " You are too, aren't you?" I stopped in the middle of the road and looked at him." No! I sit alone in the cafeteria! I am last picked in gym! I have the worst partners who make me do all the work! The teachers don't really like me! If you were a good brother, you would know that!" I yelled at him on the top of my lungs and ran in the house and into my room and locked my door. I was upset, no pissed at him.

Sure he may be a good brother at home. But at school, it's like I don't exist. I thought he knew I had a hard time at school! Suddenly, LIam started pounding on my door. "Geez Emma, I never knew you had a hard time at school! I promise, when September comes I'll make this better." He said and walked away from my door. There was only about a week left of summer and I want to spend it locked im my room.


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