He's Harry

The book is about a boy who lives next door, and the love between the two teenagers. This is a fan fiction, of the heart throbbing Harry Styles. But Harry has a secret, after Harry got shot at. The girl who cares about him, she starts to question if Harry is Harry at all.


4. Witty Teacher

I remember the shots there was millions as me and Harry ran, we walked into school I stared at Harry. Should I be scared of him? After all he did almost get us killed. I still remember the cold ground, we walked into school. All the teachers thought we was bunking, normal because me and Harry was ''screw ups'' I disagree. The teachers are firm about where they stand, they think they're your friends. They dont even trust you alone, the head teacher phoned the police. Harry still didn't say why the men was after him, but the police officers just signed.

"Yeah so we'll try to find them'' They hissed.

I thought police officers were good natured, I shook my head.

"So what will we do now" I said firmly.

The teachers just laughed, they didn't care if I had a gun! They still didnt take me seriously.

"Er go to class BOTH OF YOU" The head teacher screamed.

He is a dis honest selfless man, I dont even know and want to know how he got married.

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