He's Harry

The book is about a boy who lives next door, and the love between the two teenagers. This is a fan fiction, of the heart throbbing Harry Styles. But Harry has a secret, after Harry got shot at. The girl who cares about him, she starts to question if Harry is Harry at all.


2. Harry's secret

I woke up, the sun light killing my eyes. I got up shaking the tiredness out of me, I crawled to my uniform. Changing my clothes, I felt warm and safe in my pajammers. But when I change into my school uniform, it's just another fact to insult me for. I ran down the stairs my little brothers still asleep, lucky little umpa lumpas. I wasn'y hungry and I was running late, I opened my front door my sheild of pain, and bullies. I stepped out into the world knowing this week at school was going to be the worst, I ruffled my hair picking up my bag then I saw Harry. He's warm smile and he's curly hair, he reminded me of a teddy bear.

"Hey Chloe can I walk with you to school?" Harry smiled,

I nooded at he's warm smile, I dont know how people think he could be dangerous. He seems fine to me, but I've been told I dont have a good judge of character. I jumped over the fence, my weak arms couldnt be asked to open the fence.

"How did you do that!!" Harry said like me jumping over the fence was magic.

I shrugged, I never thought about how I do things, like how I like football so much. I guess growing up with boys teachs you alot of things, like if you leave something in a 5 years old reach its gone.

"Erm I just jumped" I smiled with laughter.

That must of been the most stupidest thing I've ever said, to anyone in my life. I looked into Harry's eyes smiling, what has Harry done to derserve all this hate?

"OI STYLES" I heard this big man with two strong looking men behide him,

"WHERES MY MONEY" The men pulled out he's weapon.

"I DONT HAVE IT" Harry pushed me behide a car he ducked a few seconds later.

The school was just around the corner we just needed to get around that corner.

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