He's Harry

The book is about a boy who lives next door, and the love between the two teenagers. This is a fan fiction, of the heart throbbing Harry Styles. But Harry has a secret, after Harry got shot at. The girl who cares about him, she starts to question if Harry is Harry at all.


3. Car Death

"I DONT HAVE IT" Harry shouted,

Harry pushed me away from him, knowing that if the men found out I was with Harry. They would blow my head of without any warning, Harry was putting he's life on the line for me. I dont care about what people say, I find this sweet.

"Follow me" I whispered.

Harry didnt want to risked it but I told him, if we didnt move they would kill us both. I pulled Harry slowly away from the car, I stopped for a moment and thought of a plan. I looked under the car too see the 3 pairs of feet, tapping the floor like tap dancers. I took a deep breath it was the only way, I felt Harry hold my hand, I gripped on to he's hand. I stood up with Harry and I thought abit longer, then I saw a bullet go up in the air,


I couldnt let Harry die, I shook my head. I looked at Harry he knew what I was thinking, and he nooded back, we ran car to car for a sheild. I was breathing hard my heart was thomping like a monsters feet, we ran to the school I looked behide me Harry was fine. But he still had to tell me what this was all about.

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