He's Harry

The book is about a boy who lives next door, and the love between the two teenagers. This is a fan fiction, of the heart throbbing Harry Styles. But Harry has a secret, after Harry got shot at. The girl who cares about him, she starts to question if Harry is Harry at all.


1. The Boy Next Door

Suddenly the clock hit 5 o clock, he should be walking pass Homles Chapel Bakery. Any moment now, I ran to the window. He should be coming home from football pratice any second now, and then he was there he was walking right pass my house. It's not like I'm stalking him, its not like I know every single detail about him. But I do know, he lives with he's mum Anne. My mum is always around their house, doing what ever they do, Anne's son goes to my school. We sometimes play football together, ''You're too sporty'' My mother always says. Because I come home, with ripped jeans. And scuffed up trainers, I'm not always perfect at school, but playing sports. It lets me forget the past, and my own path.


Anne's son is called Harry, he is the same age as me! Some people say he's dangerous because he doesnt play by the rules. I dont really care, 'You're so stupid falling for him' my friends laugh at me. They don't under stand, the only crush they had was on their food. The heart wants what the heart wants.

I ran down the stairs, I fell my little brothers laughing. Not caring about my leg may be broken, I looked at them and ran after them. But with a limp, I opened the door.

"Hey you're Chloe right? You go to my school" Harry asked smiling at me.

I felt foolish wearing my West Ham football shirt, my brand new Nike airs.

"Er yeah I'm Chloe" I smiled like a fool.

"I'm Harry the boy next door" Harry chuckled.


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