Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story

Smosh takes a poor homeless girl in called Emily in hope that she will be one of their girlsfriends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smosh. I don't know why you HAVE to put a disclaimer in if it is just fan fiction, because no one owns Smosh, they own themselves.


1. They Were Handsom and Funny...



I sat on the bench beside the park, with only $10. I knew this would be the last time I would win the fight. I lay down on the bench, ready to freeze to death. But I saw two dudes walking up the road. They looked nice, so I sat up, combed my fingers through my hair a bit and looked pleadingly at the two. They were bound to have some change on them. Enough to get a coffee at least.


"Hey, what's that?" I heard one of them asking his friend.

"I dunno, Ian, wanna check it out?" I heard the ther one say.

"Sure," the guy called Ian said and he started walking towards the bench I was sitting on. I bet I looked petrefied. I tried to get up, but my ass seemed completely stuck to the bench seat.


Damn, i thought, I'm gonna get raped right here, right now, aren't I?


"Hey," I looked up and there was a guy with a bowl haircut, a t-shirt had the word "smosh" written on it, some ripped up jeans and some vans on his feet.

Jackpot, I thought, this guys bound to be loaded.


"Sorry," I said, "But could you bother to hand me some cash. I don't really have anywhee to live an-"

"Two secs," the guys said, "Anthony, get your dumb-ass over here."

"What," I heard the Anthony person moan. He was fit. He was very fit. He had hazel brown eyes, as cute emo fringe and was very tall, but was not a bit lanky. Actually, he looked quite muscly! He too was wearing a Smosh shirt, with a zip jumper that said Smosh on it to. He wore surfer shorta and flip flops on his feet.


Cute, I thought, I dont think anyone but him could pull that off.


I heard the Ian guy whispering to the Anthony dude. The Anthony dude was nodding and smiling and was looking at me. But I've been raped before, and it wasn't that, "Yup, let's do this to her,". It was more of a friendly, happy smile. He sighed a yes to Ian and looked at me.


"You wanna come live with us for a few days?" I heard the words. I looked at him startled. Live with them? This wasn't happening.


Before I knew what I was doing, I said, "Yes," and stood up. They laughed at me and Ian took my hand.


"I'm Ian and this is Anthony," I heard him say.

"I know who you are. You said it to each other about a million times," I heard my self saying it before it had gone through my mind. The two boys laughed.

"We just thought we'd say, but seeing as you're smart enough, you picked up on our names, congrats!" laughed the taller American.

"So, you going to tell us your name?" asked Ian.

"Oh, I'm Emily," I said. It was getting more easy to talk to the two guys by the moment. I felt like I could say anything to them and they would still take it as a joke. I felt happy again for the first time in weeks.

"Nice name, are you from somewhere else other than America?" said Anthon, "I mean not to sound rude, but you don't sound American."

"Oh, don't worry," I said, "I'm from Britain."

"You don't sound to British," said Ian, putting on a fake English accent"I thought you all sounded pish posh, flip flop."

"Well, Ian," I began. People from America always done this and it got really annoying. "Not everyone from Britain is English. I'm from Northern Ireland. You know the bit of Ireland that the Queen decided to take for herself?"

"Oh, well, sorry," said Anthony, "most British people that come here are English!"


They took me to their car. It was big. I got in the back and we drove to their house.

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