Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story

Smosh takes a poor homeless girl in called Emily in hope that she will be one of their girlsfriends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smosh. I don't know why you HAVE to put a disclaimer in if it is just fan fiction, because no one owns Smosh, they own themselves.


3. Smosh



"So, in here is the room that you can have," said Anthony. He took me to this room with a computer, a bed with white sheets, a chest of drawres, a mirror and a wardrobe.

"It's not much, but you can have it for free," said Anthony. I looked at him, and before I knew what I was doing, I ran over to him and hugged him. He looked startled at first but then he hugged me back.

"Thanks," I said, gratefully.

"No problem," he said.

"COMING THROUGH!!!!" we heard Ian shout at us. "Here ya' go. Some sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hairbrush. You wanna go take a shower?"

"Sure," I said happily. I looked at the clothes. They were just basic tracksuit bottoms, a pair of socks, a hair brush, but the shirt had Smosh written on it again.


"Hey Ian. Anthony!" I shouted.

"What?" I heard Anthony shout back.

"Is Smosh some short of band?"

"Nope, it's what me and Anthony do for a living," Ian shouted back.

"What?" I shouted loader.

"We'll tell you later, OK?"



And with that I went to take my shower. I got undressed, and turned on the shower. I needed something to shave my underarms with. I looked around. Nothing. I went into the cupboard. I found Anthony's razor.


It'll have to do, I thought as I took it over to the shower. They had this weird shampoo, but I used it anyway. It smelt alright. The only shower gell they had was this guys one, but I found a bar of soap, so I was good. I got out of the shower and got dressed into the clothes Ian had set out. The fitted alright, except for the shirt. I guessed they would have to deal with seeing my bra. I stuck the socks on, did my hair, found my glasses and went into the living room.


Ian and Anthony were sitting on the sofa and a girl was sitting on the armchair next to them.


"Oh, hey," the girl said. She was aisian, and she looked really pretty. She seemed pretty nice too. "I'm Mari. I work with these two douches."

"Haha," I laughed. I liked her already. "I'm Emily."

I turned to look at the two guys.


"So, what's Smosh?" I asked.

"Me and Ian work on this thing called Smosh." started Anthony.

"It's a channel on YouTube where we get payed to make scetches and stuff," Ian continued.

"Come with me," said Mari and she took my hand. She pulled me into my room, pushed me on the computer chair, turned on the computer and started typing in Smosh onto the YouTube browser. She clicked on a video she obviously liked and pointed at the screen. It was Ian and Anthony, being crazy.


I found myself laughing out at the most riddiculous thing I had ever seen. Ian and Anthony had this cow thing and Ian was just being to cute and Anthony, well, he was being Anthony.


"That was riddiculous!" I said to Mari, as we went back to the living room.

"But good," she said. And she was right. They script line was amazing. Ian and Anthony were definately born comedians.


"I'm gonna go now. I think those two douches are playing mario cart or something in the Games room. I'm coming back tomorrow to take you shopping," she said. She was amazingly nice.

"Thanks Mari," I said, gratefully. I gave her a quick hug and she shouted. "I'll be back tomorrow at 11 for Emily, guys."

We heard a muffled reply form Ian and Anthony. God, they really like their Mario cart.

"Seeya," Mari said.

"Bye,!" I waved her off.


I was in the house two minutes and I had already made a new friend. I was so happy! I thanked God, said night to the boys and went into my room to dream about my new life.

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