Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story

Smosh takes a poor homeless girl in called Emily in hope that she will be one of their girlsfriends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smosh. I don't know why you HAVE to put a disclaimer in if it is just fan fiction, because no one owns Smosh, they own themselves.


4. Shopping with Mari.

Mari kept her word. She came round at 11 with some clothes and underwear I could keep. I thanked her and ran into my room.


The clothes she had brought were a zip up hoodie (grey, but that was the colour I liked), a Smosh shirt (I laughed), a pair of Skinny jeans (blue denim, thank God) and a pair of high tops. She had also given me this sweet beenie hat, and when I looked inside it I found this pair of mini straightners. I was astonished, but so glad that I had found I girl who knew stuff. I curled my hair a little with the straightners, stuck on the clothes, done my eyeliner and mascara (which Mari had so nicely lent me) and stuck on the beanie. I looked in the mirror. I looked real nice.


I went back into the livingroom. Ian and Anthony were talking to Mari about this 'Smosh Pit' thing, but I didn't bother to ask. I walked over to Mari and handed her back the make up and straightners. She took the make up, but not the straightners.


"I already have a pair. Those are the old ones I had, but they still work pretty good," she said, pointing to the sraightners. "You can keep 'em."

"Thanks Mari," I said, so happy that I had found a friend.


Meanwhile Anthony and Ian were just looking at me like I was the only thing in the room. I thought this was super weird. I stared at them closely, then looked at Mari. She shrugged and mouthed back, "Boys," and shook her head. I looked at the boys again. Yup, still staring at me.


"Ian," I said, "Anthony. Sorry to stop whatever you're staring at, but me and Mari gotta go, I'll see you later." I planted a kiss on each of their cheeks and walked out with Mari.


When we got outside, I looked at Mari and said strangly,"WTF were they looking at?"

"I have no idea. By the way, you look pretty good in those clothes." she replied. Oh my firetruck, she was so nice. I had a feeling we would soon be best friends.

"Do you wanna get lunch first?" she asked as we got in the car. "Like, not to force you or anything, but my lack of breakfast really is get to me."

I laughed and said," McDonalds?"

"And away we go!" she shouted as she backed out of the driveway and started for town. I laughed at he amazing personality.


She ordered a cheeseburger and I just got chicken nuggets and fries.


"God, we star in our own Lunchtime w/ Smosh segment," she said. "Wadda bout Luchtime w/ Emari!"

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I guessed it was something to do with Smosh, so I just laughed. We finished our meal and Mari said,


"So Emily, what would you rate the meal?"

"I would rate it 100 octopuses out of 50," I just made the numbers up as I went.

"Is that an impossible score?"

"It sure is, Mari," I said, playing along.

"Well, we'll see you next time on Lunchtime w/ Emari!"


"BITCH," she almost shouted. Everyone in the restuarant looked at us, and we looked at each other, and then we ran away as fast as we could. We burst out laughing, because we had seen a bunch of 13 year olds shout bitch back at us, obviously fans of Smosh, and just run out after us. We heard voices come from round the corner.


"Hey Mari," said a twelve year old girl with a Smosh hooddie on. "Is that seriously you?"

"Yup, it sure is!" said Mari.

"Oh my frickin' God guys! It's frickin' Mari from Smosh Pit and GameBang!"

"Oh my God!" We heard a bunch of kids squeal as they came running round the corner. Then they looked at me.

"Who are you," the kids said to me.

"Oh, this is Emily," said Mari, "She lives with the Smosh guys in the Smosh house and is gonna be in some of their video's."

"WHAT?" I said," I'm gonna be in Smosh video's!" I was so excited, I couldn't help it. The twelve year olds laughed at me and asked for pictures with me and Mari.


"See ya," said on of the kids.

"Bye," said me and Mari.

The kids looked at eachother and the looked at Mari and then looked at me and shouted, "BITCH!" Me and Mari laughed and said bye. The kids ran of and we laughed with eachother. Smosh fans were completely crazy. But they were also amazingly nice.


Mari took me into this store. She bought me a pair of jeans, a couple more zip up hoodies (I was getting addicted), a pair of high tops and another beanie hat (this time it was blue). Mari said because I was living with the Smosh guys and I looked good in guys shirts, Smosh would want me to shamelessly advertise their Smosh merch t-shirts. I laughed and we paid. Well, Mari paid. I promised I would get a job soon and pay her back. She said I'd better get a job but I didn't have to pay her back. I hugged her as a thank you and we left the shop.


After we had signed some autographes and done some pictures I was ready to get back home, so we left the mall as soon as we could and got in the car. After picking up another burger in the McDonalds drive through and Mari had tought me the, 'Sitting in the drive through' song, we drove back to the Smosh house. She hugged me, then told me to get out of the car or she'd make me. I laughed a goodbye and got out. I walked back over to the house with the bags to here Ian shouted at Anthony about him being a bitch. I laughed at them. They were obviously playing another game. I went to watch them shout at eachother.

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