Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story

Smosh takes a poor homeless girl in called Emily in hope that she will be one of their girlsfriends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smosh. I don't know why you HAVE to put a disclaimer in if it is just fan fiction, because no one owns Smosh, they own themselves.


7. Ian's Birthday

It's been a month since me and Ian have been together. So far we have told Ian's mom, Anthony, Mari, Sohinki, Joven and Lasercorn, and all the fans. I've started a YouTube accout, with the help of Anthony, and been getting good responces and loads of subscribers. I've moved into Ian's room and we sleep in the same bed. He's always so warm and I always love snuggle up to him, with his arms arround me when we go to sleep. It's just bliss.


A few days from today is Ian's birthday, and I know exactly what I'm gonna get him. It's gonna be AMAZING! I can't wait for him to see. I have to hurry to the mall though. I parked my car right outside (epic win) and ran to the store I bought it and sat it in the car seat beside me. I tried to ignore it, but it was to amazing to be true. It felt so soft, so I spent all the way home stroking it. I had made room in the garage and had forced Anthony to make Ian park his car outside and not to let him in the garage until after is birthday. PERFECT. I went back inside. I had to keep checking on it though. Ian is gonna have a brilliant birthday!




Me and Anthony woke up extra early on Ian's birthday. He had instructed me to wake Ian up and make him come for a walk and not to say anything about his birthday to him. Sohinki, Lasercorn and Jovenshire were coming over later to help Anthony set up stuff and Anthony told me just to keep Ian out of the house until he called me.


I woke Ian up and told him we were going out today. He told me he didn't want to get up, so I had to repeatedly hit him over the head with a pillow until he eventually got up to take a shower. I waited til he had finished, go showered and put on some sweats and ugg boots, as well as my Smosh shirt. God, this was gonna be hard.


"Hey, Emily," Ian called.

"Yeah, babe?" I called back, smiling. It felt good to be able to call him that.

"I'm gonna take you to the park today, k?"

"Yeah, that sounds awesome!"

"K, come to the car in five!"


I grabbed my backpack and shoved my phone, book, iPad and mascara in.


"See ya, Ant!" I called as I went out the door and jumped in the car. I pecked Ian on the lips and said,


"Tally ho!"

"Haha," laughed Ian, "I love it when you speak in your British accent!"

"Well, maybe I should speak in it more?" I said, as he pulled out of the drive.

"I would love that," he said, kissing my cheek and driving of to the park. I laughed and began to speak in my fluent English accent.


"Right," he said, jumping out of the car. "We are going to have a compition!"

"Hm," I sighed, "What kind of compitition?"

"A who can get to the swings fastest compition!" and without any warning he shouted , "GO!!!"

I laughed and stumbled and tripped after him. He was a good runner and I was completely unfit. I was only halfway there when he reached the swing. I saw him sigh, but he smiled kindly, came back for me, pulled my hand and we ran together, laughing.


"Next compitition!" Ian cried.

"It's not anything to do with running, is it?" I said, panting, "I'm puffed out!

"Nope!" he said, popping the 'p', "We are going to see who can swing the highest!"

"Oh, you're on bitch!" I cried and I started swinging. He laughed and soon caught up to me.


Soon after we had both fallen of the swing, literally, and were laughing hard on the grass. I heard my phone ring in my backpack, so I ran over and answered it.


"Hi Ems!" came Anthony's voice. "You can come back, the parties all ready. Your present is still in the garage!"

"Great, we'll be back in five!" I said.


"Ian, come on, we gotta get back. Anthony says it's urgent!"

"OK, OK, don't get your panties in a twist!"

We jumped in the car, and Ian drove home, head banging to his favoutite band, I Set My Friends On Fire. I laughed and joined in, head going furiously. We started a stupid head banging comitition (us and our stupid competitive selves!), but it was easy to see Ian was the best punk rocker. We drove up beside the house and we walked up, hand in hand, like we always did.


We had this weird routine that Ian showed me when we got to the door. First he had to hold my had and kiss my cheek. The I had to do the same. Then we would both hold eachothers hands and kiss the lips. I was well aware that Ian had done this with Melanie, but I didn't care, because I knew he had moved on from her completely.


When we got inside, the lights were dim and everyone was hid behind furniture. I struck the lights and every jumped out and shouted



Ian was so taken back he jumped. But then he laughed and pulled Anthony in for a bro hug. I looked arround at the variety of people. There was Sohinki, Lasercorn and Joven, Mari, Kalel (Anthony's girl), a few of the camera crew, Smosh's really friendly boss and a few of Anthony and Ian's mates.


I couldn't wait for the presents, and we it was finally time, I couldn't wait! I waited til Ian had opened all his others. Joven had got him a new X Box game, as well as Sohinki and Laser, Anthony and Kalel had bought him a gun. I laughed when his face lit up, turning it over and over, as he hugged them. Mari had gotten him a cologne ("You always stink; I thought it was time you smelt nice for a change!") and when it was time for mine, he looked up at me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the garage, everyone closely following. I took him to the corner, my hand over his eyes so he couldn't see. I stopped, took away my hands and showed him.


"Oh my God!" Ian cried, as he looked into the box. There, in the middle, was a beautiful puppy.

"You said you liked dogs, so-" But I was cut of by his lips.

"You are the best girlfriend ever! Melanie would have never gone to as much trouble!" he said, hugging me tight. I smiled and winked at Mari, as she winked back.

"Bring him in then, Ian!" cried Anthony.

"Will do bro," Ian said, picking the puppy up in his arms. The puppy started licking his face and Ian laughed.

"Watch out," said Ian to me, "You may have some compitition! He's a great kisser!"

"Don't go gay now!" I said back. He smiled and we walked through the door, into the house.

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