Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story

Smosh takes a poor homeless girl in called Emily in hope that she will be one of their girlsfriends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smosh. I don't know why you HAVE to put a disclaimer in if it is just fan fiction, because no one owns Smosh, they own themselves.


5. GameBang!

There's no point in me writing EMILY POV everytime I start a new chapeter, cos it's practically all her, innit? Enjoy!


Ian and Anthony seemed to spend a lot of time in their office, editing their video's, so most of the time I just hung out with Mari. We were definately best friends now, and I just loved being around her. She even invited me to do a 'Super Mari FunTime' and when we got Anthony to edit it, he was like,


"I didn't know you could play video games," in shock. Me and Mari just looked at eachother and burst out laughing.

"It's not that hard to play a couple video game, Anthony," I said, betyween giggles, "Especially the ones Mari's fans suggest."

"Well then," we turned round. Ian was in the doorway. "How do you feel about being in GameBang this week?"


I had seen the video's of Ian, Anthony and Mari with these three guys, Lasercorn, Jovenshire and Sohinki playing random games.


"We're playing another round of Just Dance this week," said Ian, "We heard PewDiePie is coming over from Sweden for a couple days to see some American bros, so we're trying to get hold of him. It should be fun, if you're up for the challenge."

"Ian," I said, trying not to laugh, pulling a serious face, "How could I say no to kicking your ass?"

"Oh, it's on like donkey kong," said Ian, in the most gay voice he could possibly do, doing that clicky thing with his fingers, before he left. Anthony, Mari and I completely burst out laughing.


"I can here you you know," Ian shouted, still sounding gay, "And Metrosexual Hipster is not amused."


That just crack the three and they began laughing their heads of.


God, I thought, I love living here!




"Hey Guys and welcome to another GameBang!" Ian shouted into the camera.

"GAMEBANG!" all of the other cast cried.

"And today, we have some very special guests," said Sohinki. He was pretty nice actually.

"First, as you probably know, this is Emily," said Anthony, "She lives with me and Ian."

"Yep, that's a me," I said in my best Mario voice. I don't know why, but it made everybody laugh.

"And now, introducing the one and only..." Ian began, and the rest of the cast made a drumroll with their feet.

"PEWDIEPIEE!" In came Felix. Everyone laughed. "You working with the barrles? I know you working with the barrels!"

"I bet he's with the barbershop pole," shouted Ian, and his ran up to PewDiePie. Everyone laughed as the mock fighted and PewDiePie defianately won. Everyone cheered when he pinned Ian to the ground, and Anthony even got up and shouted,

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner!" and held PewDiePie's hand to the sky. Everyone laughed and cheered while Ian gave PewDiePie a fake death glare. We laughed at Ian before he sat down beside Lasercorn.

"So today guys," Ian began, "We're gonna play some more Just Dance. Anthony, do you have the game?"

"I do indeed Ian. Right which teams?"

"Me and Emily," said Mari, quickly. She smiled as she looked behind her at me.

"Me and Lasercorn then," said Ian.

"Ah, Iancorn unite," I said everybody laughed. I can't believe people were laughing at me!

"Right, I'll go with PewDiePie,"said Jovenshire, as he reached over to brofist him.

"And that leave me and Sohinki!" Anthony said.

"What will the forfeit be today, Ian?" asked Anthony.

"Well, the two losers have to do an even more sexy dance to gether than last time," said Ian, "I hope it's me with Mari or Emily," he said, licking his lips,. Everyone laughed.

"In your dreams. I'm gonna kick your asses," said Mari.

"So, let's play some Just Dance 4!"


Anthony and Sohinki went first. It was halariously funny. They choose to dance to Mr. Saxobeat. God, the same. Haha. The moves they done were unbelievable. They started of OK, and then they had to do these really stupid, sexy dance moves and we burst out laughing when both Anthony and Sohinki got the 'YEAH' at the end.


"So, Anthony, your score is 1437," said Ian, typing the numbers into his phone, "While Sohinki got a 1920!"

"Nice going," Anthony said as they 'Man-hugged'.

"OK, next up is Mari and Emily.

"Oh, shit," I said. "What are we gonna do?"

"Call Me Maybe?" suggested Mari.

"Nah, to cheesy," I laughed. "How about 'So What' by Pink?"

"K," said Mari. We laughed as we took our places. We probably picked the hardest song there, but we just jumped about looking like lunitics. We didn't even care when Ian and Jovenshire whistled when we did the only sexy move in the dance. When we finished we done this weird handshake thing and I went sat down beside PewDiePie.


"You're a pretty good dancer," he whispered when he thought no one was listening.

"Thanks Felix," I said.

"OK, so Emily got 2120," said Ian, again typing scores into his phone, "And Mari got 1345!"

"Haha," laughed Sohinki. He hi-fived me, cos we didn't have to do the forfeit. I laughed and hi-fived back and watched Felix and Jovenshire get up. They choose, "You Don't Know Your Beautiful," because apparently PewDie had played it before and he was the king of One Direction. We laughed when Jovenshire asked did he even know who they are, and PewDiePie said, "no," quietly.


They began to dance and no one could hold in their laughter. PewDiePie definately was NOT the king of One Direction. He and Joven looked amazingly silly together. They had to choose which charictor they wanted. PewDie ended up going for the one that looked like Harry and Joven went for the boldish one. We laughed. They finished spectacularly, both of them getting the "YEAH" and Ian called out their scores.


"PewDiePie got 1104," Ian called out. "And Joven got 1456."

"In cha face," Joven called out. Everyone laughed happily at him.

"So much for the king of One Direction," I whispered quietly to him as Ian and Lasercorn took their places in front of the screen.

"Ha ha," he said, be he was being sarcastic, I knew. He was pretty nice.


"OK, Lasercorn, we have to do something beautiful," Ian exclaimed.

"What about..." Lasercorn suggested. "Never Gonna Give You Up?"


We all knew he was being sarcastic, but Ian was up for it.


"I hope you like gay, eightys dancing," Ian cried, "because I'm gonna win this bitch!"


We all laughed as him and Lasercorn stood infront of the screen. When the moves came up, we laughed even more. Ian was right about the gay eighty's dancing. It was practically all that song was! They began to get perfects and that was enough to get us all laughing out of our minds. When the song ended, I was practically falling into Felix arms. I looked up at him and he smiled. I just took my head of his shoulder and waited for Anthony to get Ian's phone and type in the scores.


"Ok, so from the top," Anthony called out. "I got 1437, Sohinki got 1920, Emily got the higest score 2120, while Mari got 1345, PewDie 1104, Joven got 1456, Ian got 1578 and Lasercorn got 1679!"

"Which means Anthony and PewDiePie are the lucky guys that get to do a ultra sexy dance together!" shouted Ian.

"WHY DO I ALWAYS LOSE!!!" shouted Anthony. We burst out laughing, cos we all knew it was true.

"Why wouldn't you want to do a sexy dance with me?" PewDiePie said, pulling a sexy dance move.

"Because you're even taller than me, and I was the tallest one before you came?" said Anthony, sounding angry, but we knew he was joking because he had that look on his face.

"Oo, harsh," PewDiePie pretended that he got burned. We gigled in our seats.


"OK, I'll choose the song!" Ian said. "You are doing... LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG!"


Anthony and Felix groaned while the rest of us laughed. The music began and the boys started making a fool of themselves as soon as the music started. They began to jump around the 'dance-floor' and shouting when they missed a dance move. They saw a YEAH coming an they completely bashed into eachother, making a the spectators burst out laughing. At the end there was a final YEAH, and They went for it and both got it. We cheered when they did and laughed.


"So, we'll see you next time on another episode of Gamebang when I won't be making a fool of my self. See you later!" Anthony said.

We all shouted,"GAMEBANG!" and Anthony turned the camera of.

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