The Day I Meet You

Hannah isn't your average teenager. Sure she isn't that popular, but she has the voice of an angel, or so she's told. A few years after One Direction was created she decides to follow her dreams and try out for X-Factor. She's soon accepted and makes it all the way to the final, when she gets to chose her celebrity to sing with. When her mentor, Demi Lovato, asks her who it is she would like to sing with, Hannah can't get the two words out fast enough "One Direction!"


9. You've Got That One Thing

Hannah's P.O.V

We walked in just before noon. Demi looked stressed as she grabbed my arm gently pulling me away. Zayn and I had been holding hands and they broke apart. I turned and walked beside Demi who was saying, "The dress you wore yesterday was not to the choreographers liking. He said that he wants you too stand out and the dress makes you too blendinable." she said mimicking his tone on the word 'blendinable'. We walk into a small room with three dresses carefully laid out on a sofa. The first is a short, pink, strapless one which is beaded on the top and criss-crossed mid torso. It's sheer material over a pinkslip and the sheer is bunched into little triangle-like shapes. (for picture go to The next one was black nad boring. This one had thick straps and a belt bellow the upper-chest. It was bunched at the bottom to give it a thicker affect. (for picture go to The last one was the best. It was teal and strapless. It was beaded on the whole top part and just above the belly button it fanned out into a cascade of teal tule material. (for picture go to It was absoulutly stunning. I picked it up, ignoring the other two and walked into a small dressing room on the right side of the room. I quickly changed slipping into the dress. It fit well on my thin shape. I zipped it up in the back and walked out. I looked up at Demi who had her mouth covered with her hands and looked like she was about to cry out of joy. I smiled and walked over to her wrapping my arms around her. She returned my hug whispering through sobs, "I'm so proud of you." "Thanks to you, I would have made this far without you," I said letting go of her, "Thankyou." I said and tears started to fall down her face, I felt a sting in my eyes too. I looked around for a mirror and I couldn't find one. She walked over and linked her arm in mine. "C'mon let's go get you ready." she said smiling. I walked with her. She was back to her old self. We walked over to my hairstylist who gasped and smiled. I sat down in the chair and he went to work right away. He curled my hair in a way so when I wallked it bounced. (for picture go to Demi walked me over to makeup and my makeup artist had the same reaction as my hair stylist. She sat me down in the chair and went to work with covering my face with foundation and then loose powder. She put on nude lipstick and a little dab of clear lip shine. Next she lined my water lines in dark purple and swiped on a line of teal eyeliner to my eyelids. Last she carefully brushed on black mascara. (for picture go to  I was done. I still hadn't seen a mirror yet. I got up off the chair and Demi handed me a pair of teal heels with a diamond flower at the toe (for picture go to  I slipped my feet into them and turned toward her. She smiled at me and hugged me once more. She shooed me off saying, "I'll find you when we start rehersal. I walked off to the bathroom to find a mirror.


Zayn's P.O.V

We went off to get changed, go to makeup and hair, and then we hung out backstage. The whole thing only took about 25 minutes. We were all cracking jokes and laughing amongst ourselves, whenI got up to go to the bathroom. I walked towards the mens bathroom and saw Hannah coming out of the girls. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, spectacular, magnificent. I couldn't think of enough words to describe how she looked. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. She was looking at the ground and lifted her head, seeing me. She smiled and walked towards me. "Do I look that bad?" she asked looking down at herself. I snapped out of it quickly responding, "More like the opposite love." I said lifting her chin up so her eyes met mine. She smiled and I smiled back leaning in to kiss her. We were about an inch apart when I hear Harry and Louis walking up. "Well I do believe that just might be the most fit girl I've ever laid eyes on." Harry said whistling. "Zayn's bloody lucky" Louis agrees. Hannah blushes and walks over to them punching Louis in the arm playfully, who in return pickes her up over his shoulder and runs back to where Liam and Niall are sitting. I hear Niall whistle and walk over following them with Harry right behind me.


Harry's P.O.V

We succedded this time. But I have to say, I meant what I said. Hannah looked gorgeous in that dress. It really fit to her figure. Louis was right, Zayn was bloody lucky.





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