The Day I Meet You

Hannah isn't your average teenager. Sure she isn't that popular, but she has the voice of an angel, or so she's told. A few years after One Direction was created she decides to follow her dreams and try out for X-Factor. She's soon accepted and makes it all the way to the final, when she gets to chose her celebrity to sing with. When her mentor, Demi Lovato, asks her who it is she would like to sing with, Hannah can't get the two words out fast enough "One Direction!"


2. The Cookie Contest

Hannah's P.O.V

My stylist team went to work right away, the process only took about 10 minutes. I was back to 'perfection'. I waited until they were done and then went in search for the boys. I found them in the green room watching Niall eat an endless pile of cookies. I walked over and right as Niall was about to put another cookie in his mouth I snatched it out of his hand and stuffed it in my mouth. The boys all looked at me in shock. Niall turned around ready to tackle whoever it was. He saw it was me and smiled with a mouthful of cookie. The were all still looking at me as if looking for an explanation. "What?" I ask as soon as I swallow my cookie.


Niall's P.O.V

We were in the green room having a contest to see how many cookies I could fit in my mouth when my fourtenth cookie was snatched out of my hand. I turned around expecting it to be Louis. It was Hannah. I smiled but then realized I had a mouthful of cookie and quickly chewed. "What?" she asked as if to fill the silence. She was so cute with her hair like that. No wait. Ugh I remember Zayn called dibs.. Well... I guess she can be my food buddy! She semms to love food enough!


Louis's P.O.V

Hannah was like a sister to me already. When she stole Niall's cookie I think we all realized that she'd fit right in with us. I know what Zayn was thinking when it happened too...


Zayn's P.O.V

She will be my girlfriend I thought yet again seeing her for the second time. It was clear that her stylist team had fixed her up from all the spinning. I had called dibs as soon as Demi dragged her away.

*past convo*

Simon: All right boys remember Hannah is very speacial to me, I want her to win which means you better be perfect and root for her as much as you can!

Liam: Alright, thanks Simon.

Simon: No problem boys, just remember that. *walks away*

Zayn: dibs...

Harry: What?

Zayn: DIBS!

Niall: Dude! Not fair!

Zayn: It is so!

Harry: You always get the girl!

Zayn: Too bad.

In the end I had won and there was nothing they could do about it. I had called dibs.


Harry's P.O.V

It was so unfair! Zayn had called dibs and now me and Niall could do nothing about it. Maybe I'll try and be her bestfriend instead... I'm sure she'd like that.


Liam's P.O.V

"What?" Hannah asked. "Nothing" I said. "FOOD BUDDY!" Niall shouted and picked her up placing her back down quickly. "Wait what?" Hannah asked confused. "You're my new food buddy!" Niall said enthusiastically. Louis started laughing along with Harry and Niall. I was laughing too. I couldn't wait for Hannah to meet Danielle and Eleanor. They were going to get along so well.


Hannah's P.O.V

Niall wants to be food buddies... Whatever that means. Laughing gently I agreed I could feel Zayn's eyes on me. I couldn't fight it anymore I had to look at him. I nodded my head ever so slightly in his direction. A deep blush was starting to grow into his cheeks and he looked away. I smiled. "Hannah!" Demi said bursting through the doors. "No more time for chit-chat we need to choreograph you and the boys on stage." She stated not aknowleding the boys behind me. "Kay Kay" I said sounding a little sad. "You need to come to." Demi said looking up at the boys. They were all a good two inches taller than me, if I hadn't been wearing heels it would have been five inches. Demi turned on her heel and walked out the doors. We all followed but Niall and I snatched a few cookies before we left. I was in the back with Zayn and Louis while Harry and Liam were talking in fornt of us and Niall was talking to Demi. She seemed really on edge today. I was in between Zayn and Louis when I felt a warm hand slip into my right. I looked down at it realizing it was Zayn's. I didn't jerk back but it felt wrong. I tried to make it seem less obvious that I was breaking contact so I twirled around to catch up to Demi leaving Zayn's arm to fall back to his side.

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