The Day I Meet You

Hannah isn't your average teenager. Sure she isn't that popular, but she has the voice of an angel, or so she's told. A few years after One Direction was created she decides to follow her dreams and try out for X-Factor. She's soon accepted and makes it all the way to the final, when she gets to chose her celebrity to sing with. When her mentor, Demi Lovato, asks her who it is she would like to sing with, Hannah can't get the two words out fast enough "One Direction!"


12. Busted

Zayn's P.O.V

I said it. I said 'I love you'. She looked at me staring deep into my eyes. Her eyes started to water and they turned a little green. "I love you too!" She gasped and hugged me, crying into my shoulder. "Why are you crying?" I asked pulling her away, her makeup untouched, must be waterproof. "I'm just... So... Happy." She said blushing. I looked at her, wiping her tears. I felt a sting in mine but blinked it away. There was only one thing that would make this moment perfect. I lifted her face to meet mine and we kissed. It was different this time, more passion, more purpose. I heard someone clear their throat but I ignored it. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I walked out of the room, where no one could disturb us. No one would ruin this moment. That's when I heard footsteps.


Simon's P.O.V

I decided to check on Hannah's progress. She was very dear to me, and I wanted her to win. She's one of my favorites ever since her audition. I turn the corner close to the stage now, and see them. Zayn and Hannah kissing like it's what their supposed to be doing. I stop and fold my arms clearing my throat. I saw them break apart and Hannah saw me and looked terrified. Zayn turned around and had about the same reaction. They looked like they had been caught robbing a bank.


Hannah's P.O.V

Damn! Simon was there staring at us, waiting for an explanation. "Simon, I-" I started but he cut me off. "Enough. Back to the stage. Now." He said aggitated. We walked in Simon unseeable behind us. We weren't holding hands and we both stared at the ground.


Liam's P.O.V

They walked in and looked like they had a fight or something. "What happedned? You guys were all hap- Oh!" Simon came into view and I shut up. I knew what had happened now. Demi looked ashamed, like it was all her fault. He stood next to her and we all stood before them, all of us looking ashamed. "From the top. I want to see it." He said briskly and we took our spots doing the same as before. We ended and Simon walks over to Demi 'whispering' yet we can all hear him.

Simon: I don't like the ending. Change it.

Demi: You wanted it that way...?

Simon: I don't like the middle part.

Demi: The other groups looked best like that though...

Simon: Change it.

Wait was he talking about Hannah and Zayn? Oh c'mon. They looked great together. "Simon..." I say quietly. "What?" he asks turning toward me. "I- I think that we should keep it the same. I mean we already learned all our parts and it could be fatal if we change it now." I say gainign a little confidence. "Liam's right" Harry says agreeing with me. "Besides, even if you did change it Hannah and Zayn wouldn't stop liking eachother." Niall said. "Yeah, and besides when we perform were purely professional." Louis said. Yeah right maybe everyone else but Lou.


Hannah's P.O.V

I looked up at Zayn while everyone else countered Simon's demand. "Simon." Zayn said looking at the ground and holding my hand behind our backs. "What Zayn?" he asked with an annoyed tone. Zayn looked up, "I love Hannah, and no matter what you can't tear us apart." he said in a proud voice. "Do you feel the same?" Simon said looking straight at me. His look was like daggers piercing into my soul. "That and more." I said looking up at Zayn again and smiling. I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back. Simon looked at us and then shrugged, "Again!" he said blankly. One Direction 1 Simon 0



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