The Day I Meet You

Hannah isn't your average teenager. Sure she isn't that popular, but she has the voice of an angel, or so she's told. A few years after One Direction was created she decides to follow her dreams and try out for X-Factor. She's soon accepted and makes it all the way to the final, when she gets to chose her celebrity to sing with. When her mentor, Demi Lovato, asks her who it is she would like to sing with, Hannah can't get the two words out fast enough "One Direction!"


7. A Night In The Tour Bus

Zayn's P.O.V

Hannah feel asleep in my arms while we were watching Bride Wars (Lou's pick). She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. I could feel her heartbeat and her warmth. Liam had fallen asleep in on of the chairs and Harry and Lou were sprawled out on the floor. Niall was on the other chair with a spoon in his mouth and a melted bowl of icecream in his lap. The movie was almost over so I picked Hannah up bridal style and carried her over to the king size bed. I felt her heart beat a little faster when I picked her up but then it slowed back down to normal. I tucked her in on the right side of the bed and walked off to put on some pjs. I decied to take a shower too. I took one last glance over at Hannah who looked like a sleeping angel I smiled and walked into the bathroom.


I got out of the shower after drying my hair. I quickly ran my fingers through it to make it somewhat bearable andwent over to the bed. Hannah had turned over and tugged at the covers but she was still sleeping. I looked over into the living room and saw Harry and Lou were gone. I checked the bunkbeds. Yup they were sleeping. I put my dirty clothes into the laundry bin and crawled under the covers. Hannah moved a little and I put my arm around her. She snuggled up to me burrowing her head into my chest. I smiled and my eyes fluttered. I yawned and found myself drifting off into sleep.


Louis's P.O.V

"Harry!" I whispered as loud as I dare. He looked over at me. "Yea?" he said whispering back. "Their both asleep!" I whispered back. Hazza smiled with a devious grin. We both snuck out of our bunks silently and crawled into the king size bed. I was next to Hannah and Harry by Zayn. Hannah moved and snuggled into my arm. Harry looked over at me smiling mouthing 'wait till they wake up'. This was going to be an interesting morning.


Hannah's P.O.V

I woke up in Louis's arms with Zayn next to me and Harry behind Zayn. They were all still sleeping so I decided to sneak out of bed. How did I get in the bed? Why were Louis and Harry there? Oh well, it didn't matter anyway. I walked out to the kitchen and saw Niall with a bowl of goop sitting on one chair  and Liam spread out on the other. I opened a cabinet and found some pancake batter. I started the stove and found a big enough pan in a lower drawer. I had seven done when I saw Niall spring up. "I smell food!" he announced and walked over to the kitchen with his bowl of goop placing it in the sink before he sat down at the table. I took the plate of pancakes and placed it on the table with some butter and syrup. I handed him a plate with a fork and knife. With his eyes half open he prepared himself a plate and shoved the whole thing in his mouth ignoring the utensils next to him. He polished off five when Liam walked in and made himself a plate as well. They were eating them faster than I was making them. Pretty soon Louis came out scratching his head, "Ello love..." he mumbled and took his spot at the table. Harry got up about twenty minutes later. Altogether they ate 23 pancakes. I had three and they had the rest. Zayn was still sleeping by 10:00. Everyone else had gathered in the livingroom and started watching cartoons. I walked over to where Zayn was sleeping. I crawled up onto the bed and shook him. No response. "Wake up sleepy head" I said gently. Still no response. "GET UP!" I shouted and he rolled over on his side. Ugh. I walked back over to the kitchen and got a glass of freezing cold water (with ice) and walked back over to the bed. "I wouldn't advise that" I heard Liam say from the living room. I ignored the warning and threw the water in the general direction of his head. He sprang up and I ran. He caught me and grabbed me by the waist resting his chin on my shoulder. The water was dripping on me, it sent a chill up my spine. He felt me shudder. "Cold isn't it?" He asked amused. I tried to break away but he held me in place. What was he planning?


Harry's P.O.V

Our planned failed. Me and Lou. She didn't care and he was still asleep when we woke up. Figures.


Niall P.O.V

I heard Hannah scream and then heard her fast footsteps fall. She was too slow. By the time I turned to see what happened I saw Zayn holding her in that romantic way. His head was soaking wet. Good going I though to myself. I smiled and turned back to the TV.

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