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“When destiny speaks, we can’t argue.” That’s Summer’s life motto. – Summer Noelle Harris, a famous teen writer who is an Internet-addict, but really friendly and warm, just like her name. Summer never had a relationship with a guy before, that’s because she never believed in a thing called young-love. For her, only destiny can lead someone to the love of their life, and 16 is not the right age to start a journey of finding ‘the one’. Her mind is screwed on straight. The way she thinks is based on the things she read. The way she writes is based on the things she saw. She didn’t know that destiny has so many unique ways to lead her to the love of her life. And someone will change the way her mind works.


1. Prologue.

 I walked in to the living room that has the classy-modern type of atmosphere. The room was full of Xander's relatives. I scanned the whole room with a polite smile glued on my face, and recognized his Mother, Jollene, from afar. She was talking to an old lady who, i assumed, is Xander's nanna. I smiled at the view, this room has the thick family atmosphere. Parents talking to each other, little cousins running around, elders sipping on their tea, high pitch laughter fills the air.. I never had this type of family reunion. My family reunion always seem to be formal, with those maxi dresses and formal suits. Instead of bringing the homey sensation, it only brought me anxiety. I wish i had a family like this..

 My thoughts were interrupted by Xander's mom's voice calling my name. I turned my head to face her and she was gesturing me to come over to her direction. I smiled back hesitatingly and scratched my elbow to prevent myself from showing that I'm nervous. But i knew that by doing that, i ended up showing it. "Summer, come here, sweetheart!" I heard his Mom's voice calling once again. I nodded and smiled at her in reply. Do i really have to do this now? I don't think I'm ready. But what can i do? I'm stuck. I agreed to do this in the first place, so i have to be responsible for the plans i made. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. Xander's mom's smile widened and i couldn't help but smile back. Even though her smile calmed me down a little bit, I could still feel eyes and me and i tensed up. The little cousins who were running around suddenly stopped, parents who were talking about their business also stopped, and the elders looked over to me with curious expressions on their faces. I tried to calm myself down, but this is more than i expected, too much pressure trying to consume me. I can't handle this.

 I was about to throw up and ran away, but Xander held my hand softly and kissed the left side of my head. I turned my head facing him and squeezed his hands a little harder to let him know that I'm major nervous. This is the best way to inform him because i can't do anything better than this. Xander nodded and leaned closer to my ear. "It's okay, I'm here". He whispered and rubbed circles on my back. At this moment i thought about being one of these people, being a part of this family. That gave me the warm feeling and courage to introduce myself to Xander's family. Well, atleast i can start with his Nanna.

 Xander and i walked over to his mom and i shook her hand. She took my hand and shook it for a second before she said something. "Oh, Summer." She groaned while pulling me into a deep hug. "It's so good to see you! How have you been?" She asked me in a very sweet tone. "I'm good, thank you." I replied while kissing her cheeks. "Summer, i want you to meet Xander's grandma; Judith." Jollene gestured her hand to Judith's direction and i smiled. "Hello, young lady. You are very pretty and sweet. I can see why Xander falls for you." She said straight away. Xander nudged my arm and giggled. I felt myself blush and pulled Judith into a hug. "Awww, thank you so much, Nanna. You are a very sweet lady, too." I said in a very polite way. I think Xander found it awkward because i could hear him giggle behind me. I turned my head around to face him and caught him covering his mouth. "What? It's cute." He said while pinching my nose.

 "So, Summer and Xander. How long have you been together?" Judith asked while reaching out for my hand, bending over and trying so hard to get her bum on the chair. I took her hand and helped her to sit down. "For about 3 years." I replied. "And 4 months." Xander continued. Judith and Jollene awed at us and i blushed. "Yeah, we've been together for a pretty long time." I said. "But you're Irish right? Where did you and Xander meet?" Judith asked once again. I looked over to Xander who was already glaring at me. We stared at each other, knowing what we were about to say, and we're going to say it in sync. He smiled and nodded, as the sign of 'i get it'. I giggled and nodded to let him know that i get it too. We turned to face Judith and smiled.

"Screen." We replied.

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