House Number Six

I got tired. I rose from the floor with a sore throat, I’ve been up here for about 3 hours and I had only about twenty pictures. My body was craving water. Maybe Mark had some. I peered from the roof to see him sitting in front of the house staring into space. I stretched. What is that? Is that a shadow? Is someone in the house? But Alicia said no one entered the house after the daughter and the governor. It’s coming from that dark corner. Could it be Mark? No way, he’s down there! WHAT IS THIS? I knelt down and put my eye into the lens. I see a silhouette of a human with things draping from its arms. HELL NO! What the ………………………!!!??!!???! Oh…… My………. GOD!!!NO WAY!!


8. The Last Person

     "Well, since about the mid 1900s nobody got inside Six. For five, only a few did and they were generally people like you. The last entrance was by a group of about 9 or 10 people from some historical group or something about a few weeks ago. They went in there with huge supplies and bags for some unknown reason. Seemed pretty mysterious to me, with their heavy loads and weird looks and all," Mark munched on his sugar glazed doughnut, " Why is it of any importance to you though?" I didn't suspect anything weird about his question, it just took me by surprise because I was coming up with more than a 101 answers and possibilities right now. "Hailey?" I snapped back to reality then.

"Oh, sorry! I just lost focus for a couple of seconds sorry," I smiled awkwardly and took another tiny bite from my doughnut, " I was just generally asking you know. How old were they anyway? Did they have a supervisor with them or something?" I was so thirsty for more information and I did my best to hide it.

  "They were in their twenties I guess, not really sure though. I don't know if they had a supervisor but the name of the group was UWH. You can search them up or something." I just kept nibbling on my doughnut and making assumptions about what I saw. It was a moment of awkward silence after that. 

  "Are you going to come tomorrow too?" he broke the silence with another bite.

 "Yeah. I still need more pictures so.......

*~A/N~* Sorry this took forever. This is probably not as interesting as the other chapters because there is no major cliff hanger but more is on the way so please bear with me. Please tell me if you want more so I can update. Leave your opinion in the comments I really appreciate it.

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