House Number Six

I got tired. I rose from the floor with a sore throat, I’ve been up here for about 3 hours and I had only about twenty pictures. My body was craving water. Maybe Mark had some. I peered from the roof to see him sitting in front of the house staring into space. I stretched. What is that? Is that a shadow? Is someone in the house? But Alicia said no one entered the house after the daughter and the governor. It’s coming from that dark corner. Could it be Mark? No way, he’s down there! WHAT IS THIS? I knelt down and put my eye into the lens. I see a silhouette of a human with things draping from its arms. HELL NO! What the ………………………!!!??!!???! Oh…… My………. GOD!!!NO WAY!!


4. The Chair

Scanning the scene, I increased the focal length. Envisioning the chair, I remembered Alicia’s words, ‘The house was built back in the very late Middle Ages. It belonged to some guy high in society - maybe a relative of the Tudors or so. After his death the house went to his son then to his son to his son and so on. By the time of the Stuarts, the family was broke and had to sell the house. They sold it to some really religious guy that turned the house into a monastery. After that guy died the house stayed as a monastery till the late 1700s, when the monastery had become old and weary a rich man claimed right over it and turned it into some school. This was only for some time. In the early 1800s someone bought the house – school – renovated it and turned it into a house again. He lived with his family till he died and his daughter got the house. By the late 1800s, when the daughter died, she had no kids, so the government took the house as a monument. The house hasn’t been modernised after the early 1800s, which is why the house is decayed. Since the early/mid 1900s no one entered the house. The government just let that house die. Usually, I would think this is a horrible doing but now I think I’ll use it to my magazine’s advantage. The only thing that is still alive is the golden chair. The golden chair was a piece of furniture that was brand new in the late 1500s! That chair is a master piece. Every owner kept it because of its beauty and originality. The chair is the reason you’re going to that house. It has been painted with layers of gold and it doesn’t rust. I haven’t seen, but you are lucky enough to see it through a lens with your own eyes. I want at least fifteen good photos of this chair. You must get a photo, Hailey, you hear me?’

So that’s the famous chair. Well, it deserves the attention. It’s just beautiful. Beautiful? It’s a hell lot more than just beautiful! It’s admirable, exquisite, fascinating, stunning and …just lovely with all the dust piled on its arms and the webs sitting on its cushions. The gold shines and reflects the light. The cushions are eaten and rotten. The thing is a disaster, but it’s beautiful. The design just takes your breath away, the carved sides and golden legs and red silk! It’s just amazing. The chair is like it’s its own king. The gold that covers it is like a fur coat that fits perfectly. Half an hour of my valuable time is spent admiring this art craft and photographing it!

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