House Number Six

I got tired. I rose from the floor with a sore throat, I’ve been up here for about 3 hours and I had only about twenty pictures. My body was craving water. Maybe Mark had some. I peered from the roof to see him sitting in front of the house staring into space. I stretched. What is that? Is that a shadow? Is someone in the house? But Alicia said no one entered the house after the daughter and the governor. It’s coming from that dark corner. Could it be Mark? No way, he’s down there! WHAT IS THIS? I knelt down and put my eye into the lens. I see a silhouette of a human with things draping from its arms. HELL NO! What the ………………………!!!??!!???! Oh…… My………. GOD!!!NO WAY!!


2. I'm Hailey Carlton

A breeze of air rushed through my loose hair strands, even though I had tried so hard to tie a tight bun, but as usual I failed. Taking small steps, I directed myself towards the guard standing in front of the house. ‘Hi, I’m Hailey Carlton, the photographer from the magazine The Real Deal,’ with a smile painted on my face, I tried to sound as friendly and nice as possible, though it’s kind of hard with the wind blowing in my face, ‘I suppose you know about our photo-shoot. Alicia Jaunts has informed the government that I will be shooting House Number Six from the roof top of House Number Five, so if you could please let me in, I’m in quiet a hurry.’

‘Sure, Ms Carlton. I’ll let you into the house,’ he said getting the keys out of his pocket, ‘I would just like to give you a few instructions. Since I can’t leave House Number Six- or just Six- I won’t be able to accompany you to the roof top. On your way upstairs you are not to touch anything or photograph anything from Five. You head straight up to the roof, when you reach your destination, just wave until I wave back. I will be keeping an eye on you. You can’t stay here for long, only until six pm. So you have about seven hours to go. You can’t eat or drink upstairs, so if you would like lunch you’ll have to leave and come back. I guess that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to keep you for long. Oh, and if you need anything just say Mark,’ the instruction manual ended with a smile.

‘Oh, of course. Thanks a bunch!’ running up the stairs, I was able to capture that Five was an empty house. Except for the carpets. The house was there for decoration. I also noticed that houses around the area were empty. To be honest, I have no idea how Alicia found this house. After I waved to Mark, I started setting up my camera. Lost in thought, I stared at Six. Pretty old. The metal gate was probably from the 1800s or so. Though the lamps go back to the early 1900s. Wild shrubs roar at the pebble foot path. Probably haven’t been trimmed for decades. I try to picture the garden years ago, with kids swaying on the now rusty swing, parents having tea on the table in the garden that has turned to pieces, a dog trotting around and a maid serving cake. The house used to be white, but now its ten shades of grey – literally! You can tell because the parts that have fallen apart recently haven’t had their share of dust yet.

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