House Number Six

I got tired. I rose from the floor with a sore throat, I’ve been up here for about 3 hours and I had only about twenty pictures. My body was craving water. Maybe Mark had some. I peered from the roof to see him sitting in front of the house staring into space. I stretched. What is that? Is that a shadow? Is someone in the house? But Alicia said no one entered the house after the daughter and the governor. It’s coming from that dark corner. Could it be Mark? No way, he’s down there! WHAT IS THIS? I knelt down and put my eye into the lens. I see a silhouette of a human with things draping from its arms. HELL NO! What the ………………………!!!??!!???! Oh…… My………. GOD!!!NO WAY!!


3. First Shot

Alicia notified me that there will be three open windows that I shall be able to see into the house from. I easily spotted them. Two were in the upper floor and one was in the lower. I came in the morning for the lighting. I crave the sun’s strength, which was quiet available at that time, so I better use that to my advantage, I thought. I wasn’t going to leave at six anyway. It was going to be late - sun would be weak or even almost gone. I was planning to leave at four or so. Snap back into reality! I told myself. I prepared myself to stare into my camera lens for some time. My knees touched the dusty floor as I knelt down and stuck my eye to the lens. Beginning to have a clear vision, I adjusted my zoom lens to a low focal length just for a start.

Click! There went my first shot. Spider’s webs are everywhere in this house. I had to get a caption, they symbolise Halloween along with the pumpkins. The web is placed in the left corner of the snapshot while the rest is just a shade of grey, plain sight. Exit. I pressed the button.

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