Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


23. you really came all this way!!!!


"oooooooooooooooooo-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-gggggggggggggggggggggggggg what the fuck are you doing here." I said in complet and utter shock whilst hugging/strangling him.

"hang on I thought u were busy all week"

"we were for the first couple of days. but Rob here told me how upset you were and we knew we had to come down."

" wait Rob spoke to you."

"yeah he said how uspet you were and how u were up most off last night on the beach looking at the photos off us."

I turned to Rob. He had a massive chessy smile on his face. I went up to him. "how did you get his number."

His smile just grew.

 "well when I was looking at ur photos I got his number and texted him to let him know how upset u were."

"omg thank you."

I hit him in the chest then hugged him. 

He just laughed so did everyone.

 "Ellis and I will leave you alone."rob said. Whilst walking off in to the distance towards the other boys.

Lauren and I went and sat with our boys. We were there for god knows how long. Everyone else were in the sea. Me and Lauren gave each other 'the look' and we got up and ran towards the sea. As we on our way down to the sea we were taking our clothes off so we were just in our bikinis. We ran straight into the sea forgetting how cold it was. "hooooollllllyyyyyyy sSssshhhhhhhiiiiiittttttt." we heard the boys scream. We laughed.

We had a massive water fight. Everyone saw that we were having a water fight so  they came and joined in.         

I then had the idea off getting onto nialls shoulders. Lauren got onto Louis, Eleanor onto Harry's, perrie onto zayns and Danielle onto liams. We were trying to push each other off. It was soo fun. Everyone had a go. We got out off the sea a little while after to warm up.

The boys all came and sat with us girls.It was about 3ish when Jim came over and said we all better get heading back to the campsite for a surprise. He then looked towards the boys and smiled.

"what have you planned then Niall. I saw him smilling at u" I said curriosly. He just laughed.

We all headed back to the campsite.

There was now a tent right next to mine and laurens. The. Boys parked up next to it and got in to their tent. About 10 mins later we were all gathered around the fire that was lit and roaring. "right me and the lads have decided to take everyone out for a meal. You have 2 hours to get ready." Niall said with a major smile on his face.

"babe I think u have forgotten that Lauren and I have nothing to wear." that's when el and perrie walked out off the tents with clothes for us. Gotta love having friends that are the same size and style as you.

They had picked me this amazing skater dress that was covered in lace. They also gave me a pair of heeled high tops. Lauren had the same type as clothes as me.  

We were getting ready.  Thank god for el, perrie and Dee they had brought curlers and straightners. We were all in the toilets using all off the possible plugs and extension leads. We were all surprised that we didn't cause a power cut. I curled my hair like norm; whilst Lauren straightened hers.All off the girls had our phones plugged in, about three sets of straighteners and about two sets off curling wands and cameras as well. Ohh the toilets now smelt like hairspray and perfume. I had on mine and niall’s favourite, Jlo love at first glow. About ten minutes later we were ready. We all did take two hours to get ready. Oh well.

When we walked outside we saw all off the boys sat around the fire waiting for us.

As we had two minibuses even though there were only 20 of us plus luggage, Jim said that the boys could come in with us. We arrived at the local pub and as soon as we walked in there was noone else in there. There was only a massive T shaped table. Niall made me sit right at the top off the T with him next to me and everyone else around. It was like our wedding. We ordered food and drink.

We were waiting for our food to come when Niall made everyone silent.

"Babe what are you doing?" I asked worried.

"As you know I missed my darling princesses birthday the other week. So here's your present my love." he said then kissed my cheek and placed two long shaped blue boxes  and a smaller blue square box with a sliver bow on top.

There was only one place that had blue boxes TIFFANY'S.  

Niall told me to open the long box first. 

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