Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

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31. woaaahhh no one knows who we are!!!


James started to introduce who would be giving the award for best British female.

There had been a rumor going around that Harry was cheating on Eleanor with Taylor Swift. We didn't know that she would be presenting an award. We knew she would be performing.  As she walked onto stage the camrea pointed in Harry's direction we all looked at him and he pulled the most funniest disgusted face but quickly went to ele and kissed her. We looked at the screens and saw that they had catched Harry's look and the kiss. They then showed taylors face. It could have been a photo. She presented the award and quickly got off the stage. James cordan came over and was talking to the boys. "Harry please can we keep it PG13." "I will try but I'm not promisising anything as I have an amazingly beautiful girl." Harry said rubbing into the presses noses for making them stronger.

James then came to me and Lauren. "everyone we have a two girls who are hoping to become police officers in their future so everyone on their best behaviour." he looked at us and laughed. Good old bit off banter.

"so next up is best group." our boys were nominated for it. We hoped that they would get it.

"and the winner is......................... MUMFORD AND SONS" we were happy for them but still a little disappointed. It was about an hour into it. The boys were performing in a bit.  Paul got them backstage and came back. "umm girls this is kinda big but the boys have been nominted for another award but they don't know about it. They want people that knows the boys to present it to them. So what do you think about presenting it to them." he said sound really exciting.

"ummm I'm so excited.  But why us. People don't know who we are." I said in complete and utter shock.

"you would be surprised on how many people know who you are. Just look earlier on the red carpet.people were calling your name."

The girls all looked at me and nodded. "alright but how are we gonna do it without the boys knowing."

" well we can say you have gone to the toilet and I will come with you soo Paul is here. Then you go on stage."


We were waiting for the boys to come on. they were debuting the comic relief song. They done amazing. I'm not joking I think it was their best performance yet. They didn't bother getting changed after their performane. They looked even hotter in leather. The other two awards that they were up for came up. They didn't win. They all seemed really disappointed. Pauls wife gave us the look. "guys we will be back in a min just going toilet." I said.  We headed backstage.

All off a sudden I got soo nervous. We watched the screens to the side off the stage. 

"soo now then we have a new award this year. Well we normally don't allow this but here are five girls that you may not know." James cordan said. He was sat with the boys. They looked worried.  

The doors opened. We walked out.  I couldn't look at the boys. We had quite a lot off stage to walk down. Luckily I had managed to learn to walk fastish in my dress by then. We all had a microphone in our hands. They insisted that I had the Brit. I don't know why. Danielle had the envolope. As we reached the end of the stage, James cordan came and join us on stage.

" We thought that we would get people who knew the winner to present this award. So I will introduce you to these lovely ladies.  So we have the devilishly divine Danielle, pretty perfect Perrie, kool as a kola Katie, loving life Lauren and elegant extravagant Eleanor." as he said our names we waved. "over too you girls"

"the nominations for global success are Mumford and sons, one direction, Ben Howard, Ed sheeran, Emile sande, cher Lloyd and Connor Maynard." Eleanor said trying not to give away the fact the our boys have won.

"and the winner is......" Lauren said.

"ONE DIRECTION"we all screamed into the microphones.

The lads came running on stage forgetting to pick up microphones. The came running towards us. The each ran to their girl and lifted us up. Niall spun me around and kissed my cheek.

"umm boys aren't you forgetting something. You may need this." I said handing Niall the Brit and a microphone.

"wow I don't know what to say. I don't know if I'm more surprsied for us to be up for another award or for our girls to be presenting it. we would like to thank all off our fans for the support and dedication. We would also like to thank our friends and family and our girls for everything they do."Niall said. 

"we would also like to thank everyone for believeing in us. Also all the haters. They make us stronger with every hate." Louis said.

"thank you all again we are all so thankfull for everything everyone does for us. we'd like to thank syco, Sony and simon for the amazing support and belief they have in us. Just thank you." liam said.

"and thank you for too the girls for being able to present the award to us." zayn  added. Niall grabbed my hand as we walked down the steps and back to the table.

"umm girls how long have you known about this award and presenting it." Harry Said.

"well we only knew from when you went  to get ready to perform." perrie said hugging zayn tight.

"babe you done amazing. you looked amazing." Niall whispered into my ear. We are all having a little bit off a drink. See I didn't know if I wanted to drink. See I know that you don't have to have a drink for fun.

"now then. Your saw these girls present an award earlier. They are all stunning and have an amazing future ahead off them." James corden said as he came and sat on the empty seat that was at our table. 

" so then how has tonight been."

"its been amazing and such a lovely experience to be part off and ofcourse we wouldn't off been able to attend if we didn't have our boys." I said smiling.

"soo then we have heard that both you katie and Lauren are wanting to join the police. Is that true." me and Lauren just looked at each other and laughed. "yeah it is true. We have always wanted to be in a public service but now we know we want to be in the police."

"sooo what would you say is the highlight off the night.  Each off you must give an answer.Louis"

"it would have to be performing one way or another." Louis said all excited.


"ummmm being able to give the boys their award." she said looking at Louis.

He carried on with the others then got to me and Niall.


"hmmm have to be presenting the award to the boys and getting the chance to be here." 


"hmm I think it would have to be sharing the night with my lovely girl, who's designed and wearing her own dress."

"Niall." I said getting really embarrassed.

"well well well you have some talent. Stand up give us a twirl." I stood up. Niall stood up as well. A spot light shone over us. He spun me around.

"wow. Now its time for another performance. Taylor swift" James said.

"awkward." I said looking at Harry he just laughed. " babe they just caught that on camrea."

"ohhh. Nawwhhhh oh well."

Taylor sang I knew you were trouble. We all laughed. She looked like some tart. We were laughing away.

"babe what time does the after party start." I said to Niall.

"ummm about 11 I think.why."

"just no reason just wondered if I had time for a quick shower."

"well once we are done on here we have to quickly go backstage do a couple off interviews then head back to the apartment but I'm sure that you and the girls can use the car to go back and start getting ready then by the time you have finished we will be back at the apartment." "okay then." I said and kissed him.

"Paul. Once we done in here the girls are gonna head back to the flat then we will meet them their." Liam said.

Paul just nodded.

It was about half ten by the time we left.

As soon as we got into the apartment I got Lauren to come in to mine and niall's room and help me take my dress off.

"cheers babe" I said sounding proper Somerset.

I went into the shower and washed my hair. By the time the boys had got back I was out off the shower.  I walked into nialls room to see him sat on the bed topless.

"babe what are you doing your just sat their toples." I said walking towards him.

I walked into the wardrobe put on some underwear and walked back out. Niall was still sat their but he was on his phone. He looked up.

"damn girl. You look mighty fine." he said moving to the edge off the bed, where my clothes were.  "babe your all over the internet. " Niall said showing me his phone.

"what.  What do you mean" I said starting to worry.

"hang on I will get it up on the ipad." he said moving to the Chester draws.

I was getting dressed. Niall had told me to wear something casual but dressy. We were going to the Modest and Sony after party. I had on my layered skater skirt with black shorts on underneath, with a white crop top that had a black star on, with some braces. I had on a pair off white over the knee socks with a black stripe around the top. I had my heeled black and white hi-tops.

"babe what are you wearing."

"dunno might put on some black jeans and then a t-shirt and the leather jacket."

"sexy, can I wear one off your black suit jackets."

"yeah sure why not."

I walked into the walkin wardrobe and picked one out.

"babe the website is up."

I looked at the page. There was pictures off all off us girls,the boys and then one off me and Niall. Then one off me on my own.


There was also an article about us all with loads off photos.

Would you believe it. But katie made her dress and laurens for tonights Brits.

Even though she wants to be a police officer I can see a bright future ahead off her in the fashion industry. So everyone keep an eye out for her.

As you can see in the recent days before the Brits katie has rocked the coloured jeans white shirt and heels look and also making something that seems quite lazy seem incredibly hot and sexy.

 During today she had on a pair of grey sweats, a white baggy vest top with a leather jacket and an oversize bag with and off white converse. She also rocked a messy hair up do with her amazing fringe and sunglasses.

 I do believe that her cousin is a hair dresser and cuts her hair. At this time we do not know the name off the salon so we all can't rush out and get our hair done. We are all looking forward to seeing what she will be wearing at the after party. 

Niall read me the whole interview as I dryed my hair.

Once I was finished I placed the bowler hat on my head and went and sat next to Niall.

"babe see everyone thinks your talented. You don't see how good you are cause your a perfectionist so you don't realize that you are perfect in everything you do." Niall said putting a black and whit t-shirt on.

He kissed me passionately and we walked out to see all the others waiting and reading the same website that we were.

"soo who's now one to watch on fashion." the girls teased.

I just laughed it off. As we were walking out off the door I picked up my clutch and Niall gave me his phone and wallet.

I never realised but his background was a picture off us when he surprised me in Cornwall. It was such an amazing photo.

The sun was setting. You could see the sea turning black. Niall and I were stood with our feet in the sea. As the wave hit our feet he kissed my lips. That's when the photo was tooken by ele. It was one night I will not forget in a hurry.

anyway back to now.

"umm katie and Lauren what day are you going back" Paul said as we were leaving the apartment.

"umm we are going back Sunday."

"ohh that's good. This morning wants a word with all off you on Friday.and that does include all off you boys as well."

"woahh wait. This morning" I said doing a little excited dance. lol

We were all sooo excited.

We arrived at the after party. As I got out loads off flashes started to blind me.

We walked to the the entrance where there was photographers.

"katie katie. This way. Niall katie. this way."

They kept on shouting at us. If its one thing that Niall and Paul has taught me to start at one end off the camreas then slowly move to the other side. So that's what I did.

We walked in to the venue. it was soo good that night.

We arrived back at the apartment at about 3 in the morning. As soon as we got in I put pjs on and made hot drinks for everyone. Well and some food, everyone seemed to be super hungry. Niall and I had done a fry up. We all got our quilts and snuggled under them whilst watching back the Brits. See before we left for them we put anything that had the word BRITS on record.

We all started to dig in to our fry up. We watched the red carpet and you could see us. It was soo weird to see us on the TV. We heard the interview that we did and then the one off the boys. I still got rather embarrassed when they asked me what make me and Lauren were wearing.

Once that was finished we watched the actually Brits. Well I say we watched we all more like fell asleep. We woke up at about 11. "lauren fancing doing our training programme today. There was that wildlife park place thing on the way in. We can do it there."

"yeah why not."

Me and Lauren went to get changed into our work out clothes.

"guys we will be back later we are going for a work out."I said to the others.

They all looked at each other and nodded.

"hang on we will come with" zayn and Harry said. 

"hurry up then cause it will be a two hour session. Ohh and be preaperd to be worked hard." me and Lauren laughed after I said that.

"you have ten mins." everyone was rushing around. It was quite funny to watch.

I had my gym bag with all the equipment that we needed for this session.

"come on let's go go go.!" Lauren shouted.

They all came speeding out off the rooms.

"not bad for ten minutes" I said joking around.

Most off the boys looked worst for wear. "I think some people had a little bit too much too drink last night Lauren." I joked with her.

"this is just what you need. Grab some light food. Your gonna need all the strength you can get." see me and Lauren had been working hard on our eating habbits and our fitness. See healthy mind healthy food. Me and Lauren both grabbed an apple and an orange with a big bottle off water with our running bottles as well. 

"damn girl you look hot in that uniform" Niall joked around. See ever since me and Lauren got our collage uniform we always wore it to work out in.

We had the navy shorts with the logo on the right leg, with the navy lyra type material T-shirts that had the logo in the corner as well.  

"right me and Lauren are driving so sort out between u who's going in which car on the way down."

We got in the cars. Niall sat next to me in the front. Perrie and zayn and ele sat in the back. We had the radio on. The news started to come on and I just had enough off the Brits. I turned the radio off and we were talking.

We arrived at the park. We got out. There was a map. Me and Lauren set up a plan whilst everyone was talking.

"right warm up time." Lauren said.

"oi everyone go and do two laps." I said. Jogging off.  See the boys think that they are the fittest boys around and can beat us girls. I know for a fact that they do try to go to the gym regularly but can't always get there. Well Louis and Harry do play football so they should be able to keep up with me and Lauren. We had done two laps. We stretched it out.

"right now then this is how its gonna go. We do a lap then when we get here we have to do 30 sit ups. Then another lap then 30 push ups." I said making it sound easy. "Right we have to do two sets off that. Actually we will just keep doing that till you lot give up" Lauren said laughing at me.

"so what are you waiting for. Go go go."

They all looked so inthusiastic about it untill they had done one lap.  Everyone can do sit ups pretty good. They were all slacking in the jogging. Well I say everyone. I mean everyone except me, Lauren, Louis, Harry and Niall surprisingly.


We completed the two runs. We gave them a little break. Me and Lauren had our apple and half a bottle off water. I was getting quite hot so I took my top off. I had on my sprots bra/ yoga top on so I was fine.

"katie cover up ur making me jelous." ele and Danielle said.

"what ur jelous off this. It Aint that good." I said pointing at my tonned stomach.

We had about a five minute break. It was about an hour and a half in. Me and Lauren would normally do two hours.

"right if you lot don't want to then you don't have to but we are going for a run." I said. Seeing all off them out off breathe.

"I'm coming" Louis said

"and me" Harry said

"don't forget me." Niall said just catching his brethe.

"were we going." Louis asked.

"umm well we can just do laps off this place." Lauren said.

I stuck my headphones in and started running. I saw the boys lacking behind after about the tenth lap.

I turned around and was running backwards "soo you lot still think ur as fit as us." I said pointing to Lauren.

"well not as fit but definatly faster." Louis said giving us his sassy side.

"well I think we have ourselves a race Lauren. Ohhh hang on remember football when they thought we sucked and we beat them." I said teasing.

"right we will walk back then we will get the others to be the judges. We will do one complete lap." Lauren said.

We let the boys walk ahead as we had a plan.

"right so we are gonna fast jog and keep up with them then when they start to slow move on up and overtake and then bam win the race." I said finalising it. We laughed. We had a little break. And told the others that we would be having a race. The park was about half a mile in circumfrance. 

We were ready. "on your marks get set ..... Go!" zayn said. As soon as he said go the boys sprinted off. When we reached the first turn the boys had slowed down. Me and Lauren put pressure on them and the couldn't hack it. We were now half way around. The boys were a little infront. Me and Lauren knew what we had to do and when. We were know at the last corner. The boys had slowed down a lot. Just then me and Lauren went flying past them. "what!" I heard Niall say.

 You could hear the boys breathing heavily,just like a dog, when we increased the distance between us. Me and Lauren won. "high five biatch" I said giving Lauren a high five.

"nawwwhhh are the boys tired. Nawhh you can't hack being beat by girls." I said as if I was speaking too a baby.

Niall came up to me. Wrapped his arms around me then started to tickle me. I fell to the floor. "someone isn't as powerful as we thought." Niall tantalisingly whispered.

He got off of me and we laughed. He helped me up. "I think you need to work out more." I joked around.

Nialls's phone started to go off.

"hi Paul."

"at last you answer your phone. You with the others."

"yeah I am we are at the park.why "

"well you all have to pick out outfits for what your wearing on this morning for tomoz.get back to the apartment. And get ready for two. The car will be there to pick you up"

"okay Paul see you in a bit."


"who was that nialler" I asked.

"ohh only Paul we gotta go back to the apartment the car's gonna pick us at two so we can pick out outfits to wear for tomoz."

As soon as he said outfits I kinda grabbed mystuff and started to walk to the car.

"come on you lot" nialler shouted.

We were driving back. I put the radio on. I'm sexy and I know it came on. Niall turned it up full blast. We were laughing soo much. One way or another came on and I had to stop Niall turning it down. I was singing along just like he was. It was timed quite well tbh. As we pulled into the car park the song ended. 

"right I'm going for a shower" I said as we entred nialls room.

I place my stuff onto his bed and took off my top sports bra, shorts and trainer socks off so I was just in my underwear.

"need any help there. Think I might have to join you in the shower." Niall said taking his top and shorts off just leaving him in his tight black Calvin Kline boxers. "ahhh what ever you say." I said teasing Niall and walked into the bathroom. 

I got into the shower. Minutes later Niall had joined me. We haven't had a shower together in ages so it felt weird but good. He got out first and passed me a towel. He rapped it around me and kissed my neck.

"I'm gonna miss you when I leave." I said walking to the underwear draw. I took out a matching set. I put it on and was walking around the bedroom. I placed on my black leggins and rolled the bottoms up. I then placed a white vest top on. I walked into the wardrobe to find Niall topless he had on a pair off grey sweats. A pair that I had brought him. I walked to nialls section and picked out one off his sweat tops that he hadn't worn in ages and put it on. He laughed. As it was a little big one shoulder fell off mine and I liked it like that.

Niall was about to put on a vest when I walked up to him when I placed my hands on his chest. He turned around and kissed me. He put his vest on and got his jacket he placed his feet into his black hi-tops. I placed mine into my off white converses.

I had my bag in my hand and was ready to go. I placed my hair into a messy bun. I had my leather jacket on.

We both walked out into the front room all the boys had sweats on. All off the girls had leggings on. It was the easiest thing to wear if we were trying stuff on.

"cars here" Liam said.

We walked down to the front and there was paps but we didn't mind.

We got into the car.

"hi guys. We have booked each off you a stylist so you can say what you want and they will get it for you. Ohh we have also booked Westfield so you have hundrads off shops to pick from." Paul said and turned back around so he was facing the road.

"babe you don't want a stylist do you." Niall said pulling me in closer.

"I don't mind but I would rather do it myself. You know what I'm like."I said grabbing his hand.

"I will have a word with Paul.he can sort something out."

"ohh guys we have a slight problem. Katie will you mind styling the girls. As we have only got ones for the boys." Paul said.

Niall quickly tightened the grip off my hand then let it lose again.

"umm yeah that's fine if its alright with the girls." I said not wanting to put the girls noses out. "nahhh that's fine. We would love for you to style us." they said joking around.

We arrived at westfields.

"girls you know I'm gonna let you pick what you wear. I would never think off chosing stuff you wouldn't like." I said as we entred the shopping centre.

"right guys we have this place till 9. Hopefully it won't take that long but we know you lot." pauls phone rang.

"ummm katie can I have a quick word."

"umm yeah sure."

"well we have a bit off a problem, the stylists have been double booked. So they are not coming."

"oh my god what are we gonna do. You know what they will pick out if you let them do it themselves." I said.

"umm welll I was wondering if you could do it. We will pay you."

"umm okay. Why not. Is there any like guidelines."

"ohhh no."

"right guys met your stylist." Paul said and pointed to me. I ofcourse smiled.

"hang on what happened." Louis said starting to get worried.

"ohh don't worry about that. Katie has agreed to help out. And we will be paying her so don't muck around."

"ohhhh who's got a job as a stylist now then." zayn teased.

"right we might as well get the boys done first cause they Aint gonna take that long." I said kinda regreting that I had said that they wouldn't take that long.

"right you are going to pick one outfit each and then show me.if I don't like it or it needs tweaking then I'm gonna have to step in." they laughed. The girls knew exactly what I was doing. 

"why are you still stood here. Go"

What a surprise the boys all went running off. I went looking around with the girls. I picked out each a new outfit for the boys just incase there's was bad.

It was about an hour later when they all rang me to say they had finished.  They were in the changing rooms in New Look.

Us girls just casually walked in.

Louis and Harry were stood topless, Niall was stood in his boxers (trust him), zayn and Liam were the sensible ones and had clothes on.

"woah woah woah girls you can't just come waltzing in. This is the boys changing rooms." Liam said trying to push us out.

"Liam I think your forgeting one thing I'm supposed to be styling you." I said pushing him back.

"right put on what you had chosen."

The walked into seprate cubicals. Whilst I was waiting for them to come out I had made a pile for each off them with the stuff I had picked out.

They walked out.

 "zayn let's look."

" not bad not bad."

"Liam" "not bad either"

"Niall, Louis and Harry." "not bad either."

"stand together one moment"

I looked at them all standing there. " right now go and put these on" I said and I handed them each their pile off clothes.

 They all looked shocked. "isn't what we picked good enough." zayn said looking disappointed.

"trust me I have known you for god knows how long so I have a pretty good me" I said.

Five mins later they all came out.

I gave Niall a navy black sweat top with blue jeans and white hi-tops. I gave zayn a black t-shirt, black Skinny jeans, black lofa's, a dark denim jacket and a bowler hat. To Liam I gave white t-shirt and a pair off dark blue jeans. To Harry I gave him a white undertop a checked shirt and black skinny jeans.

They all looked soo much better. "okay you do know us better than we do." they said. Us girls laughed. "before you get changed I need to take a photo of you individualy." I got out my camrea. The boys being the boys decided  

 To make silly poses.

"get changed then bring your stuff with you. Meet us out on the shop floor." me being me I knew what I wanted to wear but had to find it. I found a pair of wet look black jeans, with a white\blue lace pepulam top and then one off nialls suit jackets and a pair off black heeled hi-tops.

Perrie picked out this cute little black skater dress. I teamed it with zayns camoflauge jacket that he picked out to wear. I put a black belt over the top. I also put a pair of convreses with it.

Eleanor said that she wanted to wear something bright but classy. I knew what I would chose. There was a vintage style white boucle jacket with a black edging. I picked that up a pair off navy/black jeans and then I picked a colour out off Harry's shirt for the vest top. She looked amazing. She put a pair off black heels with it. Danielle had a dark pair off skinny jeans and a white baggie t-shirt that had a red bow on the front. She had a pair off red flat shoes as well. Lauren had a pair of white tailored cigarret  trousers a blue and white dip dyed  shirt. She had a pair off white and blue stripped crusier sneaker shoes. We all look pretty good if I do say so myself.

We all thought that we would take this to our advantage. So we went on our own little shopping spree.

Everyone split up into our couples. I decided that I needed some new sexy underwear so me and Niall walked to Ann-summers.

"Kitkat are you trying to make me want you even more than I do." Niall said picking up this quite nice pink and black plunge bra and boxer set. "you know me too well Niall" I said to Niall picking it up and checking the size. "and you know my size as well" I kissed his cheek.

I picked up another five sets and niall's face just said it all.

I went to go pay.

"babe I'm gonna treat you. Whatever you want I will get for you." Niall said as he took the bag from the sales assistant.

"nia you don't have to. I have my own money."I said walking into topshop.

See I never really used to by stuff from topshop or river island as it was soo expenisve but now all the stuff I like is in there.

"I am no matter what you say I'm buying it for you."

I picked up quite a few things went to try it on and walked out to Niall.

"amazing I'm getting you that"

I went to get changed and walked out again heading towards the counter.

"that will be £150 please" the assisntant said.

"babe I can't let you pay that" I said reaching for my purse. Niall put his card in first though.

As we exited the shop Niall whispered. "you can pay me later" I knew exactly what he meant.

We went to meet up with the others. We were all in nandos. "babe you know what I want." I said as I walked out off the door to quickly go into the shoe shop across from nandos.

I came back with five bags. "shitting hell babe how many shoes do you want." Niall said in shock.

"there all not for me." I said handing him two bags. I thought that I would by him four pairs off Hi-tops.

I myself had brought seven pairs off shoes. Only three being heels. That was pretty good for me. I placed the bags down and our food had come.

It was now about 8:30. We had half an hour left. We all couldn't be bothered to do any more shopping. "has someone rang pual to let him know we are ready." Niall said. "umm yeah just have. He's on his way." Liam said being like a father. We were waiting by the entrance off the centre. We all had god know how many bags between us. Me most probalbly with the most. I didn't really care though as I was getting payed. I didn't know who much.

Paul came in and saw how many bags we had. "bleedy hell how much stuff do you want. Let me guess you went shopping as well." pual said looking well not surprised.

"hehe well we got the job done first then we went shopping." I said with a sweet and innocent smile on my face.

"ohh here we are katie your money for helping out. Its not that much but still quite a lot." pual said handing me a pouch off money.

"babe how much did you get then." Niall said inquitivley.

"umm shitting hell £200" I said in shock.

"Paul I can't take that. That is way to much." I said trying to hand it back to him as we entered the car.

"no you are taking the money you deserve it. You have worked hard." pual said handing it back.

"so what you gonna spend it on then." Liam asked.

"dunno really might just put it away.I don't really need anything" I said placing it in my purse.

When we got back to the apartment I hung up all off my new clothes then went and put on one off the new underwear sets that Niall had chosen and then my onsie over the top. I walked out into the front room and everyone was watching the TV. I went and plonked myself onto nialls lap.I kissed his lips lightly. A smile broke our seal. I snuggled into Niall. As I did one off the shoulders slipped off of my arm and Niall looked.

"are you trying to tease me kitkat. Or are you trying to say that you want me." Niall whispered so noone else could hear.

I just smiled. It was about 9:30ish. We all knew that we would have to get up reasonably early as we had to be in the studio at 8.

"I'm going to bed. See you all in the morning." I said and walked into the room. I was laying on the bed with my ipad just checking twitter and Facebook. 

The door opened. "ohh how I could just rip that off of you right now." a deep Irish accent said. I ofcourse knew it was Niall. I placed my ipad down and got up. I unzipped the onsie and could feel nialls eyes checking my body. He locked the door before coming over to me. He chucked me on the bed and well all I remember is waking up in the morning with his defined arms wrapped around my some what hurting stomach. I turned around so I was now facing him. "morning beautiful." he said in his amazingly sexy morning voice.

"morning sexy. We need to get up. Got interview to do today." I said kissing his lips. We got up. Paul was already in the apartment and was cooking us all breakfast.

"heyya. So what do we do today." I said after taking a drink of tea.

"well we take the clothes we are wearing to the studio then we get changed about half an hour before." perrie said trying not choke on her food. "ohhh that doesn't sound too hard. Paul how long is the interview." I said hoping it would be really quick.

"ummm I don't know katie."

I went in to our room and got changed into some sweats and a vest top and a hoodie and my converses. I grabbed my bag and was ready to go. Everyone went out into the car and we set off.  We all stopped off at Costa and Starbucks so we could get a drink. Well in mine and nialls case some food as well.  I had a large tea and two chocolate brownies. We got back into the car and we arrived at the studio. We got shown to our dressing rooms. Well I say dressing rooms, it was just one massive room that had a mirrors all along one wall and chairs and a make up counter. There was also loads off sofas and a TV on the wall. There was a massive rail with our clothes already on there in bags and with our names on the bags so we knew who's was who's. 

We were in there for about five mins when one off the runners told us to follow her. We got up and followed her. She was taking us into the studio. Holly and Phillip were presenting todays show. I had to text mum. She didn't yet know that we would be on it.

Heyya mum. Got some good news. I'm on this morning today with all the girls and the boys. A little scared but soo excited. Paul asked me to style the girls and then the boys as well. He said he would pay me for it. He gave me £200. I'm gonna put it away when I get the chance.

Cannot believe it. Speak later and don't forget to watch and record it.xxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After that me and Lauren texted the girls from collage and told them we were on this morning as well.

Holly and Philip came into the dressing room and introduced themselves and we introduced ourselves as well.

"soo guys this is how its gonna happen. We are gonna do an interview with the boys. Then one with the girls then ones in your couples.does that sound good." holly said.

We all nooded. It was soo weird to see them soo close.

It was about 9:15 ish.

"umm girls do you wanna follow us this way and we will start to do ur hair and make up." a runner said.

As I got up and about to walk out the door the girl came back "ohh don't worry they will be in here in a minute so just go and sit on the chairs by the mirrors."

She walked away. Us girls went and sat in the chairs. The boys were well just being them and fucking around. Niall came up behind me and tried to move the chair and pretended that it was a ghost. I think he forgot that there was a full length mirror.

The hair women came in. "so what would you like madam."

"I wouldn't call her a madam." Niall said sitting on the make up counter infront off me.

I just kicked him.

"just ignore him. You get used to his snighed remarks." I said laughing.

"ohhhh ummm I'm thinking possibly straight." Niall said looking at me.

"I agree. Straight it is please."

She was straightening my hair, Niall kept on making me laugh.  

It was about half an hour before the show started. We all got changed.

"do I look alright " I asked Niall

"damn girl you trying to make me want you before we go on air." he laughed and came up behind me and kissed my neck.

"well no but." before I could finish Niall crashed his lips onto mine. They moved in sync untill a pillow hit our heads. It was Louis.

"boys your on in half an hour. There just doing a debate and then ur on." Paul said. 

We watched the TV and watched everything that was going on.  The boys had to go out and sit on the sofas. They were on. They were talking for about half an hour. They came back. I ofcourse gave Niall a big kiss. It was now time for us girls. I put my shoes on and the boys came and watched behind the camreas.

And haven't we got a surprise. For all off you. Its only one directions are you all doing.

"we are good thank you yourself?" I said being poliet.

Ohh we are amazing now we finally have you lot on. So what is it like to be dating the worlds most bemanded boy band.

"well we don't really see them as that. We have known them for such a long time that its weird to think off them like that." Danielle said.

"yeah. Cause we all went to school together its like were a very weird disfunctional family" Lauren said. We all laughed.

So are you proud off the boys achievements.

"yeah we all are whenever they tell us that they have won or been put up for an award we feel like their mothers." Eleanor said

"yeah I think the motherly instinct comes out in us" I added.

So its katie and Lauren that's wanting to join the police if I'm right.

"yeah we both do. Well its either the police as dog handlers or the army as apatchie piolets." Lauren said

Now a little birdie has told me that someone made two dresses that were worn at the Brits is that true and which one off you lovely ladies did.

All the girls looked at me.

I'm guessing it was you then katie.Phillip said.

"yeah it was me I don't like talking about it though. I don't really see what the big deal is." I said trying to get around the topic.   Is it weird for you too have the paparazzi wanting to get your photo's all the time.

"yeah well its still a shock whenever we me and Lauren are coming up to London when we're get a long weekend off from collage and we come to spend time in London with the boys its weird we just can't go out we either have to stay in or brave them. It gets annoying at times. " I said trying not to get frustrated.

The interview carried on for about another half an hour.

Right we will be back after this short break when we will have more from one direction and their girlfriends. Up first is Liam and Danielle.   


They were talking about how they met ect. We were all sat in the dressing room watching them. It was perrie's and Zayns turn. Then Harry and Eleanor. Then Lauren and Louis and then finally mine and Nialls.

So then last but by no means least Miss Katie an Niall. So how are you both.

"we are both amazing." Niall said as he sat close to me and put his hand in mine.

Awhhh young love. Soo we all want to know how you both met.

"ummm well our families have been friends for well I think since we both born. And I used to baby sit Kate when she was little and then we went school together and then secondary school." Niall said starting to get shy.

Ohh so your both the same age then. "ohh no I'm two years younger." I said. Wow you look the same age. So ur 17 if I'm right.

"yeah I am."

So we hear that you made yours and laurens dresses for the Brits. You must off been working on that for months.

I just burried my head into nialls shoulder.

"yeah she did make them and only in two weeks. She doesn't really like talking about this subject. See she's such a perfectionist and  doesn't realize how much talent she has. She puts herself down and doesn't realize how amazing she is at dress making." Niall said as he did he let go off my hand and placed it on my waiste pulling me in.

I lifted my head up and whispered THANK YOU to him.


So we also hear that you either want to join the police or the army.

See I haven't yet had the chance to tell Niall about the option off me joining the army.  I guessed he heard the question earlier but thought nothing off it.

 "well yeah. I'm not soo sure about the army but police definitely. I would either love to be a dog handler or in the rapid response unit or even the traffic department. I don't know what it is about it but I would just love to." I said with a new found confidance.

And how do you feel about that. Niall

"well I don't mind what she does as long as she is happy and its what she wants to do. But she knows how I feel about the army. I don't know what I would do with her being on tor away for months on end without seeing her. I know I can't say much cause I go away but its different we skype and talk everyday. But if she did then I would support her anyway just like she has supported me in my choice." Niall said trying to fight back the tears.

Soo I understand that you are studing at collage.katie.

"yeah I am. I'm studing uniformed public services just like Lauren and loving every second off it. Hi everyone who's on the course. But no if I am seriously loving it. Niall can sometimes find it incredibly hard to shut me up after I have been away on a trip or expedition." I said.

"its soo true I can't. The boys and I surprises katie and Lauren a while back after they came back from a day at an army baracks and we were in the car and I couldn't shut her up. Its nice though to have a girl who is doing something different to me. I have learnt so much about the law, international institutions, citizenship and other stuff because off this one here." Niall said I was laughing.

Where you listening earlier about the debate about someone not getting a job just due to the apperance off them. Holly said whilst looking at me.

"do you really want her to answer that we have only just calmed her down." Niall said looking at me.

"I'm not that bad Niall. Yeah I did. I think that that is just stereotyping someone. If I remember correctly, and Lauren will back me up, but it even says in the Equality Act 2010 that it is discrimination. You should not judge anyone on the way they look, what type off music they like ect. Its just not fair. I strongly dislike anyone who discriminates anyone. I know I can't really say much because I have done it in the past but that not relevent. I have to agree with you holly I would rather be part off the solution than be part off the problem." I said quiet carmly.

"oh god you have got her in an argumentative mood. Boys we have no hope now." Niall said joking around.

Wow we like you a lot katie. Book her in for the next debate. Holly said.

Well that's all we got time for now. Niall if you go and get ready as you are performing with the boys. Girls if you all come and sit on the sofas. its been a pleasure to have you here girls and we all wish you the best for the future. But now playing us off its only one direction with the Comic relief single One Way or Another. Take it away boys.


The boys had finished. We all stayed around the studio for a little bit talking to holly and Phillip. It was soo nice. We went back to the dressing room picked up our clothes we wore here and walked to the car. Well I say walk, more like Niall gave me a piggy back. He chucked Paul mine and his stuff and picked me up. I rested my head on his shoulder. "babe I'm sorry you had to hear about the army thing that way. I just haven't had any chance to tell you before the interview." I

"its okay I understand that u will want to join a public service. I hope u realize I mean what I said earlier." he said as we entred the car.

Everyone was in there and we were off.

Niall and I looked at each other. "we're both hungry who wants food." me and Niall both said.

Everyone turned around and looked at us. We all bursted out laughing. We all decided that we would just get a take away.

 When we arrived at the apartment. I went and put on some sweats and a vest top. We ordered chinease, Indian and then just a normal like fish and chips.

We ordered it for an hour later as we were hungry but not that hungry. It came and we all tucked in.  My side was hurting. It has been doing that recentlky but I've just ignored it.

We were eating away laughing. I got up and put my plate in the diswasher. I went and sat back down. Niall moved closer and placed his hand on my side. He put a little pressure on to it.

"ouch. That hurt." I said in major pain. "you alright babe." Niall asked concernly.

"yeah I think. Just my sides been hurting for a couple off days." I said.

I just snuggled in to Niall. We all watched a film. Well me and Niall were mucking around on the ipad playing a game. It was about 5:30 ish. I went and walked into mine and nialls room.

 I don't know what came over me. I just went running straight to the bathroom. I was throwing up. Why. What could it be. I know I'm not pregnat so it isn't that. It must just be something I've eaten. Yeah its just that.

"katie you in here." I heard Niall say.

"yeah I'm in the bathro"before I could answer I was being sick again.

Niall came in he saw I was being sick.

"babe you alright."

"yeah I think I am. I think I must off ate something." I said he came and sat on the floor next to me.

He was rubbing my back. God I love him when I'm sick.

"babe can you get me some water please."

"yeah okay."

Niall walked out off the bathroom and got me a glass off water from the kitchen. He gave me the glass.

"I'm sorry."

I don't know why but whenever I am sick I always apologise and cry."its alright. U gonna be sick anymore." he asked as he sat down and pulled me in for a cuddle.

"no I think I'm not gonna be."

I snuggled into Niall.

I got up and went and got the quilt off of the bed and was walking into the front room.

"wooaahhh u look like a ghost." Louis said.

"thanks Lou. Might be cause I was just sick." I said weakly.

"ewhhhh." Harry said joking around.

I let Niall sit down first. I sat ontop off him with the quilt and snuggled into him. I always become really really cold and start to shake when I'm sick. He was soo warm. I rested my head on his chest and shut my eyes. Every now and then I felt his lips kiss my forehead. I could feel him playing with my hair as well. He always seems to do that. 

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