Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


25. what happened?


We both hated saying goodbye. I couldn't help but cry. Tears streaming down my face was never a good look. I hat to sleep off the headache that I would eventually get.

I was in sweats v top and one off his hoodies. That Monday I cba to make an effort. I jut put on a pair off jeans a vest top and one off his jack wills hoodies and my converes. I had my hair in a high ponytail. We had pdp first but we couldn't be bothered to do it so we went in later. I had managed to learn to drive now. Niall had put me on his insurance so I could drive the Audi when he wasn't around which was quite a lot now.

A couple off months had passed and I began to be NY old self making an effort for collage. I spoke to him quite offten eventhough they were in America. Our tutor made sure we were okay and was amazing. Our friends really supported us. We had quite a few meals out over that time. I drove most off the time as the car smelt like Niall. (that's a bit weird but when things belong to someone they start to smell like them and the car did). Lauren and I werer doing our best to put a brave face on. Everyone kept on making us laugh especially the boys.

Christmas and new year went by. We spent it with our families. It was weird not the have our boys with us. When we realised that it was the new year, the boys were back in the uk to do their tour dates. They had over 50 to do so we would be in more contact that usal. The Monday morning we went into collage and our tutor said "girls collage is off for today, the heating isn't  working and its like the antartic in the classrooms. The people  are gonna fix it today so collage will be open tomoz." me and Lauren looked at eachother and walked away after saying thank you. As we were on our way out off collage we saw Dee,Perrie and Eleanor outside. We all haven't seen eachother in a while so we picked them up and headed into town for a good old bit off retail therapy. The girls could all now drive so once we finished we dropped them back at collage and said" we will see you back at our in abit." we drove back and put our stuff in our rooms and went in to the living room waiting for the girls to arrive.  Once they arrived we went up onto the roof and was out there for a bit having a good old chin wag. "girls I'm going in for a drink anyone else want one." why did I bother asking. They all wanted one. I picked up the tray from the table and walked carefully down the stairs and into the appartment. I wasn't looking at where I was stepping. I heard the TV on as I walked down the corridor. We must off left it on. It wasn't untill I turned the corner. I saw the back off five boys our boys. I dropped the tray that had five glasses on it. The boys turned around and the girls came running in.  At that time I couldn't beileve that the boys were here. We knew that they would start their tour off in carrdiff but why were they here.  

"katie what was that" the girls said but stopped suddenley.

I leaped over the broken glass and ran to Niall who was now stood up. I jumped over the sofa and well tackled him. He laughed. All off the other girls laughed followed my lead. We were now all sat on the sofa execpt Liam who was clearing up the glass. "wtf are u doing hear. We thought u were in carrdiff." Eleanor said. "umm well we kinda postponed the first date. Which kinda mean every date has been put back a week." "wait a week." I said in shock. "well yeah.  Management said we could have a week off considering we had a nonstop first part of the tour" we all laughed.

On our shopping trip I decided to buy some stuff for Niall as well. I went into our room and shown him. I had got him some superdry trackies and a couple off hoodies. He was looking through thev bags when he pulled out two bags. An Ann summers one and a Les ennza's. " umm Kate what's in these. " he said trying to peak in them. I got hold off them before he pulled out what was in them. I teased him. "well if u are a good boy then I will show u later." he laughed. We walked back out to the living room.

I hadn't ate that much that day. I wasn't really hungry. I went and boilled the kettle to make some drinks. That's when I felt dizzy, my head was pounding, I moved my hand. "Niall" he turned as he did I went crashing to the floor.



When I woke up I had everyone around me. Niall was above my head."what happened! How long have I been out for". "umm babe about an hour! You realize you wear asking for food that u don't like right" Niall said kinda scared.

"umm. I was. I honestly can't remember anything." I said trying to get up but fell back down being too weak.

" I think my blood sugars low. I need some chocolate." Liam handed me some chocolate. I ate it and Niall and Louis helped me up and sat me on the sofa. "babe. Have u fainted before."

"ummmmmm.    Yeah I have but when I was very little." "why didn't u tell me."

"its only because my blood sugar is low." "I just normally sleep it off. Actually do u mind if u take me to bed."

All the boys laughed. "not in that way god".

Louis and Niall lifted me up. Louiswalked ahead to open the door. Niall was Carrying me bridal style. I had my head on his shoulder falling asleep. He kept on kissing my head.Niall placed me on the bed keeping hold off me, just in case I went again. He pulled back the covers and placed me in them. He pulled the covers back to keep me warm. He sat next to me as long as I can remember. My head was on his chest. He kept on kissing my forehead. As I settled down for the night. "Niall what time is it?"I said weakly."well u fainted at 5, was out for and hour. Now its 6:30. U need to sleep"

I soon drifted off. 

I woke up in the morning. I was snuggled close up to Niall."

I sat up. Niall soon sat up. He put his arm around me making me feel safe."babe you alright u just got up quickly." he said in his sexy Irish morning voice.

"yeah I'm fine just didn't realize what time it was. I've gotta get ready for collage."

" umm babe is it right for u to go into collage."

"yeah I have just gotta take it steady."

"fine but I'm taking u in and talking to Jim."

"do u realize how much manic and mania it will cause." I said laughing.


He left the room. Coming back in about half anhour later when I was getting ready. He had cooked me breakfast. Gotta love him for that. "right sit down u are gonna eat breakfast. Cause I don't wanna get a call or text from Lauren to say u have collapsed again." he said forcefully but full off care.

I ate breakfast and got ready. Niall put on some jeans and a t-shirt. As we left for collage he picked up the keys to a different car. "ummm babe aren't u taking ur car. U know ur Audi. " I said concerned. "ohh lol well I brought a range rover the other day so we can just share both off them." he said. Before kissing me on the lips.

We reached collage. He pulled up at the back and parked. We walked into collage hand in hand. Trying to dodge the screaming girls. We walked up the stairs. I was about five minutes later. I walked in and so did Niall. "umm Jim is it alright if we have a word with you outside."

"yeah , oh hi Niall" Jim said but looking surprised to see Niall.

"umm well katie collapsed last night due to low blood sugar. If she looks pale and doesn't answer then she is about to collapse." "ohhh are you ment to be in collage."

"I'm not ment to be but I wanna."

"right you are going home. Niall take care off her. I will give Lauren the work u miss. But u are going home. "

Niall and I walked back out off collage and we headed for Costa. We went and got take away and went back to the flat. Once we took our shoes off I headed for the bedroom and got my work that I knew had to be done. I went back out and sat down on the floor by the sofa's. I put my ipod into the speakers and blasted out my music which happened to be the boys. I had it quite loud. Louis came wondering in out off his room and was like.

"wtf are u doing here thought u were in collage."Niall and I just laughed. They both came and sat down on the sofa's whilst I was getting on woth my international institutions work.

" what are you doing there katie that makes u take up the whole of the sofa area." Louis said whilst laugh and trying not to choke on his breaky.

" just stuff about human rights, the UN,EU ect." I said sound quite interlectual.

"ohhh need any help" Louis said laughing.

"no offence Lou but I doubt u know anything that I'm doing. This is some deep shit"

Louis looked disapointed.

Niall was sat behind me feeding me a packet off crisps. I was typing away. "so then ask me a question" Lou said trying to be smart.

"fine what are the human rights that every person on the planet should have."

"ummmm umm. ******long pause******  ummm alright purhaps I don't know that. Alright miss smartie pants."

We all just laughed.

Niall kept on distracting me so I didn't get as much work done as I wanted too but I didn't really mind.

"babe please stop it." I said trying to convince Niall to stop distracting me.

"ohhh u say to stop. You didn't the last time." he whispered so Louis didn't hear.

I just gave him the look and laughed.

 Lauren came back at about 4. We were all chaating away when I decided that we would invinte everyone around and Niall and I would cook. He didn't know this yet. I got on the phone and said to everyone to come over for 6:30 ish. It felt weird to cook. I hadn't done it for everyone in ages. We all enjoyed it. I had chocolate brownie for desert.

Everyone left at about 10. I and niall went to bed soon after as we were both soo tired

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