Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


24. tease tease tease.


As she opened the box her face lit up. She had tears form in her eyes.

“Babe this is beautiful.” She said trying not to let her voice break.

I had brought her a silver necklace that had a diamond filled heart outside, but in the middle it had a little princess’s crown.

She gave it to me to put it on her. I love doing the little gentleman things to her.she had tears rolling down her face. She took a sip off her drink then opened the next long shaped box. It was a silver charm bracelet.I had already put on two charms, a surfboard that had stars on it and a K. These charms were symbolic to her. The surfboard represented Cornwall, the place she calls her second home. The K for initial off her name. She knew what each off them meant to her and me.

She had me put it on her now very tanned, thin wrist. She kissed my cheek and thanked me.

"babe I think you have forgotten. There's still one more present."

I said to her giving it.

She looked at me. then at the box, then at me again. She opened it. It was another charm. This one had more meaning than any other.

"omg babe its a four leaf clover." she said in surprise. "Hun looks at the back off it. It has something on it."

On "Love you always. Nialler. XX" it read.    

She had tears rolling down her amazingly beautiful natural flushed face.  She just snuggled into my shoulder trying to compose herself. She was adorably cute trying to fix the charm to her bracelet.

That’s when I helped her put the charm on her bracelet. She hugged me.

We were still waiting for our food, when I felt her hand on my inner thigh moving slowly up and down. She knew exactly what to do to turn me on and that was it.

I leant in to her ear. “I think you have been a very naughty girl but not now. Maybe when we get home.” She laughed and moved her hand. I then placed mine on hers and she gave me the “don’t you even think about it” look.

Our food came and we ate then we left to go back to the campsite. When we got back, everyone changed into some trackies, well more like onise’s. The girls came out and Louis and I saw they had one of ours on. We laughed.

“Nialler fancy going for a walk down to the beach.” She said with one of those if you don’t come I will not be speaking to you, yet adorable looks.  We walked down to the beach and so did everybody else.

We were watching the sun set.

It was so romantic.

We sat on the dusky yellow sand.

She was sat in front of me in between my legs.

We were in our own world.

She had her, now what looked like surfer girl, hair placed on my shoulder whilst taking photos of the sunset and of us.

That day was remember-able. 

It was the Saturday we all had to leave the campsite. We left at the same time as Katie and Lauren. We followed them all the way back to the collage and we stopped whenever they stopped.

Our management let us have the weekend off as well, even though we were meant to be practicing for our world tour. They understood that it was hard for us as we normally live in wellington, Somerset with our girlfriends but we had to move to London as the travel was terrible.

Katie and Lauren now practically moved in to mine and Louis apartment.

Katie went into our room. That’s when I received a text. “Babe I want you now. Ur room 5 mins xxxxx”

She stuck her head out off our room. “I’m going bed see u in the morning.” She said whilst giving me the most passionate, love filled look.

“I will be in, in five.” I replied.

Five mins passed. I walked into the room to see Katie lying on the bed in one off my tops. God she looked to sexy. I knew what she wanted and I had to keep my hands off of her body until she invited me over. 

*******************************************dirty scene**************************

She came towards me.

She kissed my lips so innocently, leaving me wanting more.

She pushed me up against the door. She locked it.

She started to grind against me. She knew what she was doing. She started to tease me.

Her hand was on my inner thigh, moving slowly up and down.

She faced me. Biting her lip. 

She knew what was about to happen.

  I lifted her up.

 Her legs now wrapped around my torso. She sweetly kissed my lips, wanting more I moved my lips in sync with hers. That’s when I started to walk towards the bed. I laid down placing her on the bed taking off my shirt that she had on. She took off my hoodie and then my t-shirt. This meant we had to break the seal that our lips had made.

We both opened our eyes at the same time; we gazed into each other’s eyes. I looked at her amazing body. Her body was toned.

 “You like what u see don’t you!!” she said tantalising me, whilst licking her upper set off teeth. Her eyes were full of passion, lust, trust and excitement. She smiled as I looked up and down her fucking sexy body.

She flipped me over so I was now on the bottom. “God I love it when you go all dominatrix on me.” I said with my Irish accent sounding full of lust. “I love it when you let me. Be prepared to see the whole other side to me.” She said then kissing me lightly.

I decided that I wouldn’t let her be in charge for much longer. I flipped her back over so she was again on the bottom. She was all ready and raring to go. We were kissing for a while when she ripped off my jeans. “Babe I think u might need to control urself.” She said whilst laughing with a teasing smile on her face.  She then started to tease me even more, causing me to let a little moan out in to her mouth.  A smile grew on her lips which I could feel.  I slowly flipped her over until I was on top but near my bedside table. I decided to put my phone on my speakers to play music. So sick started to play. I turned it up quite loud. I gathered everyone else knew what we were doing.  

I then flipped her over so we were in the middle of the bed. She insisted for me to take her very sexy kinky red lace matching underwear.  So I did what she said. I made lightly moved my hand up her back and to her bra. I had undone it with one hand. Like most boys could do. I then teased my way down to her undie line. Then moved my thumb so I was rubbing her back. The one way I knew to turn her on. “Just fucking take my undie’s off, stop teasing me. Niall.” she said trying not to sound bossy but she couldn’t help it.  I did as she said. I removed her underwear….. The rest was history…

We lay beside each other out of breath. “You were amazing.” We both said simultaneously.

She placed her hand and head on my chest. I kissed her forehead. We fell asleep.   


A good couple of months had passed since that night; I had to leave her on the Sunday night to go back to London. She cried her eyes out, just like every time I left.

I let her sleep it off.

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