Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


27. so what do you think?/


Niall and Louis insisted that on our long weekend off then we would spend a couple of days in their London apartment. The only real reason me and Lauren went was to go shopping but let’s keep that between us.  The boys walked in first. It was empty and pretty clean considering it was five lads living there.

The boys let us put our stuff in their rooms then we made our way to the roof. I don’t know what it is with the boys, but they always seem to get places with roof access. We never complained.

We reached the roof to see a pool. I say pool more like a massive hot tub. Everyone was in it. El saw me and Lauren.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg you should off called we would come and met you from the airport.” El said whilst running out off harry’s arms and out off the hot tub. she came running towards me and lauren. Everyone else turned around. "omg its soo good to see you. Haven't seen you in ages"

We had a good old chatter away.  Me and Lauren and the boys went and got changed into our swim wear. As I was waiting for Niall I was sat on the bed. Niall came out off his massive walkin wardrobe. He walked towards me. He put his hand out for me to grab. "ohhhhh " I said in major pain grabbing my stomach. " babe you alright" Niall said grabbing hold off me and placing me on the bed.  "I don't know. I just can't move."

"have you come on yet." Niall asked. I loved him soo much. He knew everything about me. I mean everything. "no not yet its too early. You know I've been as regualr as clockwork since I was 11." I said trying to laugh but a tear came streaning down my face. I didn't want to tell him that I haven't yet. " babe can you get me a tablet from my purse please." "yeah sure. Where abouts is your bag." "its in the front room on the sofa." he walked out off the room. Lauren came in just as he left the room. "Lauren. I need you to do something." "yeah sure anything." "I need a pregnancy test. I don't know if I am but I can't be but I'm late." I couldn't tell Niall this. He would just freak out. "how many days" "14" "ohhh am I gonna get one with the paps there." "we are gonna have to manage some how." I ended it quite quickly as Niall was walking into the room with my purse and a glass off water. I took the tablet and 20mins later I got up and walked out to the others. We were in the hot tub for a little while. "guys I'm going for a shower see u in a bit." I said giving Lauren THE look. She got out quickly and followed me.

" how can I tell Niall that I think I might be pregnant and it might not be his.shit I shouldn't say that." "hang on what who's is it if u are."

" ummm welll u know the night off Hannah's party well I kinda done it with Rob. We were all drunk and I didn't realize untill woke up in the morning. You know I would never fo that to Niall. He means the world to me." I said with tears falling down my face.

Lauren just gave me a cuddle. "its alright we will sort it." I went and had a shower.


"yeah what's up"

"no need to get a test. Thank god."

"why have you come on."

"thank fuck yes. I was so scarred. I thought I would have to explain to Niall about it all and I know he would off left me."

There was something that clicked in my head that made me sad and I wanted to tell Niall about me and Rob but I couldn't. I don't know why but I just couldn't. 

We all went out that night and we did get hounded by the press. We went to the local pub/resturant on the outskirts off London. We all never liked going to posh places unless we had too. Paul drove us there and picked us up. Niall was ever so quite ever since what happened in the bedroom earlier.   We got back to the appartment late. I went in to change in to some sweats and one off nialls T-shirts. I went and made a cuppa and went and sat out on the seats on the roof and was out there for a while untill Niall came out.  "babe. I have a question and you have to answer truthfully. Understand." "ummm okay." I said starting to get worried.

"well I had a text from Rob earlier." as soon as he said that name tears filled my eyes. I knew what was about to happen."he said that you were at hannahs party and u got really drunk." he looked at me and tears had started to stream down my face. I couldn't look at him in the eyes." he said that u both got sooo drunk and had sex." he said surpeising calm. He was sat next to me on the edge off the day bed. I just turned around so I was now laying on the bed with my back towards him. I curled into a ball. "I'm sorry we didn't realize untill we woke up in the morning. I hope you know that I would never do that to you. I would never ever ever think off doing it to you. U mean the world to mee and and and and. I have only just come on. I thought I was pregnant from it. I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't know if I could.






I understand if u want me to leave." I said slowly and not letting my voice break.

"ummm princess why would i leave you. I understand that you have nights out and you have to let some steam off. I don't want you too leave I forgive you. You should off just told me. U know u can tell me anything.". As he said that I felt his arm around my waist pulling me up and turning me around. He wipped my tears away before slowly and lightly pressing his lips against mine and the relising the seal our lips had made. Within seconds of touching.  I then burred my head into his chest." babe I honeslty understand that you are gonna go out and drink I know that I was ur age once. But u have to tell me these things. I trust u and know that u won't do it again but why didn't you tell me." he said with a little fustration but sweetness. "cause cause cause. I thought you would be angry and leave me." as I said me he lifted my head up and placed his hand on my cheek and leanded in for a long romantic passionate yet full off trust kiss.

We were out there for a while just sat in a comftable silence when everyone else came out. "nawhhhh look at those two love birds" I heard Liam say. I quickly wipped any stranded tears that were left in my eyes and on my cheeks.  They all came and sat on the bed as well. I went in and got me and Niall a drink. Lauren came in after me. "katie u and Niall alright." "yeah he knows everything. Rob texted him all about it. I'm kinda relieved that he did. Niall understands and knows it was a drunken mistake that will never happen again" "awhhh that's okay isn't it. Don't wanna sound like a doubting bitch but are u sure it won't happen again."

"I know it and u don't. I'm sure it won't happen again I won't let myself go through that. Well not only me but Niall its not fair. How could I be soo selfish."

We walked back out. I handed the drink to Niall. "babe I'm so sorry" I whispered into his ear as I handed him the drink.

He just kissed my cheek. We were all out on the roof for ages. I started to fall asleep on the bed on the roof. "we will see u guys in the morning" I heard Niall say before he lifted me up.

He placed me on his bed in his room. He placed me in the covers then got in and layed beside me. He pulled me close. "there's no need to say sorry." "yes yes there is. I shouldn't let myself get into situtations like that its not fair on u. I should off never think that its okay." "babe it will only make us stronger. Just look at what we have been through in the past and look at where we are now. We will get through this. Right tomorrow is a new day let's forgett that today has happened and start fresh."

"okay. Whatever u want." I said trying not to sound weak and relieved.

We soon fell asleep. We woke up in the morning to niall's alarm. I got up and had a shower to try and get rid off what had happened last night and to start fresh.  Once I had finished in the shower I put on niall's onsie and walked into the bedroom.  Niall was sat up in bed. He got up and we walked into the front room. It was about 9:30ish.  "heyya so what we doing today then." Dee said trying not to sound soo excited.

"hmmmmm" Louis said. So did Harry and the other boys. All off us girls just looked at each other. " shoppping" all off us girls said simultaneously. All the boys just looked at each other. "ohh how did we know u wanted to go shopping." zayn said looking at all off us girls in turn.

We had breakfast and then got changed.

I put on some skinny black jeans a red white and blue stripe jumper and my creme converses. I had my hair in a loose bun so I took it down and let my hair flow naturally down past my shoulders. There were parts that were straightish so I curled them loosley. I then found one off nialls baseball caps and put it on.  Niall walked into the the walkin wardrobe and saw me with one off his hats on. "did I say you could borrow that hat kitkat." "hmmm welll but it goes with my outfit and remember what's mines yours." I said with a massive innocent smile on my face.  "ohhh tehe totes forgot. You look better in it anyway." he said coming up behind me kissing me on the neck.

I put on my leather jacket and sat on the bed transfering my stuff from my plain bag into my handbag. My bag matched my leather jacket. It wad beige quilted contrast panel bowler with a cute coral contrast panel clip top purse. Niall was getting ready. Within five mins he was done we went out and waited for the others. It wasn't long before they came out.

"babe u ready for the mania that is gonna happen today. I will have your hand don't worry." Niall said sweetly.

See me and Lauren haven't had to deal with the paps for a good couple off months so it was gonna be weird not to use some off the judo moves we have learnt on them.  “Lauren remembers not to say anything about what we do and I so wish we could use our judo moves.”

As we were about to leave Paul walked in. “guys you ready. We have security ready.” We just laughed.

It was about a 15-30 minute journey to Westfield shopping centre. When we arrived there was paps already there and fans. We got out and had a little bit of a hassle to get through the crowd but we didn’t mind.  We went in and started our shopping spree. Paul stayed with us. We were in River Island and the girls all found some amazing dresses that we thought we would try on for the sake of it, just like we normally do. We all walked out and the boys were talking away to Paul. “So what do u think?” I said to get the boys attention. 

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