Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


29. New Hair!! New Look!!


I had decided to go see my cousin. I haven't really seen her that much since she's moved to London. I left the studio. Put my sunglasses on and walked down the street. I arrived at her hair salon. I walked in and she was sat at the desk. She didn't notice I had walked in.

"umm excuse me, I was wondering if you could give me a hair cut." she looked up.

"omg katie how are you. Hang on what are u doing here."

"ohh well I'm up here to see any chance off a haircut and some purple put in as I am your favorite cousin." I said cheekily.

"ofcourse madam. What would you like."

"well I'm thinking something different. Something that noone would expect me to have.oh but keep the length."

"how about a full fringe. U will suit it."

"why not."

We went and sat down at one of the bays and she mixed up the purple. She only put streaks underneath. We then had a good old chat whilst I was waititng for it to be washed out. We then moved to the sinks and she washed my hair. We went back to the bay and she started to cut. I took my phone out off my bag and texted Lauren.

"heyya don't tell anyone but I'm having my hair cut. Its gonna be totes different from what anyone is excpeting." "omg babe woahhh so excited.see you in a bit."

My cousin had cut my fringe and my layers. All she had to do now was dry it. She knew that I always have my hair dryed and straightened. So she did. She volumished the tops of my hair. She was finished. I loved it. She loved it. It was gone 11 and I had loads off missed phone calls from Niall.

"hey babe I'm on my way back now. Got carried away talking.see you in five."

I said my goodbyes and left my cousin. I put my sunglasses on and walked back to the studio fast but steady as I was in my hidden heel hi-tops. I walked into the studio. Walked down the corridor and walked into the room. The boys were just finishing the last song. I needed the toliet so I left the room and went as I walked back in the boys were now in there. Niall turned around. I took my sunglasses off. "holly shit katie. You look like a new person. Is this why you took soo long." "umm yeah you like." I said and everyone turned around.  All of the girls started to play with my hair. We all left like 5mins after to get some lunch. We headed for nandos ofcourse. Everyone was eating away. When we left fans and the press were hounding us. We all decided that we would go to the park just to relax before me and Lauren left tomorrow. We were in the park for ages. We then went back to the apartment.

We all watched god knows how many films and ordered take away. We were all stuffed. Even Niall which is saying something.

We all went to our rooms.  Niall was sat in bed next to me. He made me sit ontop off him. I had my design book and was designing away on the two dresses I had planned to make for the Brits.

"babe you are really talented. Why don't you just become a designer." Niall said before giving me a kiss on the cheek then the neck. I had already packed my bags for the journey back. I placed my phone on charge. And placed my book on the floor by my side off the bed. I sat back on his lap and he started to tickle me. He knew that it was one way to make me weak. I loved it he knew how to over power me. He was now sat on top off me. He went to lock the door. I got up and ran to the walkin wardrobe. I hid in one off the wardrobes just like a little kid.  "I wonder were my kitkat could be." he said.  I was trying not to laugh.I couldn't hold it in anymore. I turned around my head was now in the corner. I let out a massive laugh. I heard the door slide open. He put his arms around my waist pulling me out off the corner turning me so my back was against his chest. He started to tickle me again and again untill I was on the floor crying my eyes out of laughter. It fell silent as he towed over me. We were in a comftable silence when he leant down and kissed me so sweetly. We both knew what was about to happen. He had his hands placed by my head. He leant down for a long passionate kiss. I wrapped my legs around him. He was now sat up. I was still holding on. He stood up and took me to the bed. And the rest was history. "hmmm that has to be the best yet." I said teasing him.

"really I have to agree there as well."

I fell asleep in his arms.

It was now Sunday the day me and Lauren were dreading. We had to say goodbye. It was only for two and a bit weeks but I hate saying goodbyes.

We had breakfast. The plane leaves at 12. We had to be at the airport for 11 at the latest. I loved the fact that Paul was like our second father. He would make sure everything was sorted and checked over half a dozen times. The boys came to the airport. Niall hated the goodbyes as well. He made sure that he had his hood up sunglasses on and a baseball hat as well. He didn't want any photos in the press off him with red puffy eyes. There was so much press. We said our goodbyes and left the boys waving us goodbye.

Miss you already!!!!!!!!! See you in two and a bit weeks counting down the days you. XxxXxxxxxxxx.

I love Niall soo much he was soo sweet.

Lauren and I arrived back in Exeter airport. Paul had organised a car to pick us up.It felt nice to be home and not have the press around.  As soon as we arrived home we unpacked. I got started straight away on my dresses. Niall skyped me that night. I had the laptop on the dresser. The maniqune was infront off me but to the side so he could still see me. He kept on making me laugh.

We were talking for hours.I kept on getting distracted so I stopped making one off my dresses. I was now laying on the bed with the laptop next to me still talking to him.

I gather I fell asleep some time last night. I woke up in the morning with a text from Niall.  

You are soo cute when your asleep. I just watched you sleeping. Hope you had a nice sleep. Sweet dreams beautiful. Love you with all my heart. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The two weeks went flying by. I managed to make my dresses. thank god I don't know what I would off done if I hadn't off. 

It was now the 19th febuary. One day before the Brits. Me and Lauren had collage. Our tutor let us out early.

Well we noramlly finish at three but he said this morning "katie and Lauren as you are going to the Brits tomorrow and your going to London tonight you can leave at 12. Have a lovely time."  Thank god it was a four hour trip to London. Me and Lauren wanted to drive. "ohh girls you don't need to be in on Thursday. We have an inset don't worry about coming back soo early."our tutor said before we left.

"ohh you lot don't forget to watch us tomorrow night walking the red carpet on ITV at 7." Lauren said joking around to the class. "don't you worry we won't" Lucy said. Me and Lauren drove home picked all off our stuff up. We didn't know which cars too take it was either the two Range rovers or one range rover and the Porsche. We both decided to take the two Range rovers. I put my stuff in mine and laurens in hers. We did have quite a lot off stuff for what Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ohh well the boys only think we were there for a night but the plan has changed.

Me and Lauren kept in contact via the boys walkie talkies that we found in the boys rooms.

We were ready to leave.  We let security know and we were off. I hocked up my phone to the Bluetooth and phoned Niall.

"heyaa babe me and Lauren have just left we are both driving cause we have soo much stuff" "babe your here for one night why soo much stuff." "well we don't have to go in on Thursday sooo we were planning on staying till Sunday. If you don't mind you know." "hell yeah babe we sooo want you too stay longer. Please say you have finished your dresses." "yeah I have finished my dresses. We are gonna stop off at reading services to get changed." "why get changed you will always look good in anything you wear." "well I have. One off ur onsie's on.I wanted something comfy to wear on the long drive. Ohh and I have my hard bottom slippers on." "nawhhh don't matter. Forget about the paps." "nahhhh we might change our minds. Depends how we are later on.ring you later when we are near. Love ya."


"Lauren just spoken to Niall and told him that we are staying till Sunday. He seems so excited. Tehe he said that we shouldn't get changed at reading just to stay in the onsie's lol."

"pwhhhht dunno think we should still get changed just in case.what have you got to change into.I have jeans, vest top crop top and a chunky knit cardy.ohh and black heels."

"haha. I have red jeans white blouse that's see through but ohh well and black heels as well. Yeah I think we should get changed."

Three hours into the journey and we were so tired and hungry. we came up to reading services. We stopped and parked next to each other. We got out and got changed we went to Costa and got a cake and a hot drink to take away we went back to the cars and carried on the journey.  I rang Niall again "heyya hun we have just left reading services and we are about an hour away."

"woooaaahhhh soo happy cannot wait to see you. Pauls told security that you are coming and have told them that there are two more cars that have to be parked in the car park. Good old uncle Paul."

"okay see you in a bit love you lots."

"love you more"

I turned the radio up fall blast and let my hair down.we reached London.

"katie Louis just rang and said that the paps have some how found out we are coming and the place is surrounded by them. He said to ring when we are near and security will direct us to the back way."

"how the fuck have they found out that we are coming and okay. Never knew there was a back way into their apartment block lol."

We were near Lauren rang Louis and he gave Lauren the directions. I let her go infront and I followed her. We had to drive past the front of the block. There were hundrads off paps we had to keep our heads down so they didn't spot us. 

We reached the back entrance of the car park the boys and the other girls were waiting by the other cars that the boys have brought.  We got out of the cars Niall came running up to me and lifted me up and spun me around. He put me down. He opened the boot and saw how much stuff I had brought. "shitting hell babe how much have you brought.three suitcases." "you know I have to have options. Well one big one for my clothes and then one for the Brits and then the one for shoes ect".

We both just laughed. I opened the back doors and got out two dress bags.One was slimmer than the other.  "hmmmm is that your dresses kitkat." Niall asked being incuisitive. I loved it when he called me kitkat. 

I just laughed. He had only just realised what I had on.

"Im guessing you got changed then" "yeah well just think if we had no other way off getting in the we would off had to go past the paps so it was better if we did. Why don't you like what I have on" I said pulling a sad face.

"hell no I love what you have on and it shows off your amazingly toned figure.hang on did you drive in those heels. Better yet how can you drive in them." I just laughed. All the boys helped us take our stuff up to their appartment. Well I say everything. I wouldn't let them touch my dresses.  we put everything into their rooms. I hung up my two dresses in the walkin wardrobe. Niall was trying to peak in the bags but I wouldn't let him.I wanted it to be a surprise just like my prom dress.Even though I didn't know which one to wear. The boys had to ring Paul to let him know that we were here. "guys before u go. Just put me on speaker." Paul said sounding a little excited. "hi Paul." everyone said.

"well due to fans being soo upset that you didn't get nominated for more than one Brit. I have only just come off of the phone with them people incharge off the Brits and they have said that due to demand. That you have been nominated for best group and best fans."

"omg u have to be joshin me" Louis said. The rest off us were soo surprised.  " I think its time to celebrate. Woahhhhh let's go for a meal. " I said taking control off this situation. I always seem to do that. 

"let's go then. Hang on were are we gonna go." zayn said looking around.

"well. There's this resturant along the river. By the London eye." "let's go there then. I will drive one car." "babe you've driven for four hours. Really" "what's another hour." I said laughing.

I picked up my keys and so did Lauren.

I had Niall next to me with Harry,Eleanor and Danielle.

Danielle was sat facing the window the whole time something was up.

Lauren had Louis next to her with perrie, zayn and Liam. We let Lauren go first as perrie knew where she was going.

When we reached the resturant there were a few paps but hardly any. We let them take our photo's and they left us alone. We went in and had a nice meal. When we left there we're no paps at all. It was weird. 

We drove back. Danielle was still so quiet.  When we got back Danielle went staright to the roof. I followed her.

"Dee are you alright. You seem really quite."

"well. I've been offered this amazing dancing opportunity but the only thing is its in Australia."she said starting to break down in tears. 

"ohh. Does Liam know.are you gonna take it."

"he doesn't know. I don't know if I can.I don't wanna be away from Liam for two years."

She didn't know about my pregnancy scare and my drunken mistake.

"well you have to tell him. I thought I couldn't tell Niall about me sleeping with Rob when I was drunk then me thinking I was pregnant. But I'm glad I did cause it made us stronger."I said quickly but not quick enough.  

"wait you slept with some else. When was this and u thought u were pregnant.I need to tell him but"

"but what. There is no questioning you have to its not fair on know he will love you and support you in any choice you make."

"katie I don't know what it is about you but you are so kind and listens to everything all of us have to say and gives us advice. Thankyou. Can you get Liam for me."

"yeah sure I will."

I went into the front room. Everyone was sat down. "Liam Dee wants a word with you on the roof."

"ohh okay"

We were talking away when we heard shouting. Let's put it this way we have never heard them shout before so we were all shocked.

Niall was about to stand up to go out to them. "babe leave them they need their space and time to talk."

"okay like we needed." he said queitly but not quite enough.

"yeah just like what we needed."

Lauren looked at me and she started the convo again so noone asked me and Niall about are situation.

"katie where are you gonna apply for the police." Lauren said.

"umm well I dunno. Haven't really thought of that yet. You"

"same dunno really."

It was all too quite for my liking on the roof.

"I will be back in a min" I said and got up and headed down the corridor towards the roof.

"babe what are you doing. You said to leave them alone."

" it was way too quite for my liking."

We stuck our heads out off the door but couldn't see anything.

"follow my lead babe."

I opened the door a little wider and I got on my hands and knees. So we could crawl to see what they were up too.

Niall was behind me.

There was a pile off clothes on the bed. "Niall go back" we were on our way back when.....

"what are you guys doing." Liam said.

"umm well well we were seeing if you guys were alright cause it was too quite. Then I saw a pile off clothes and we were leaving you two to it." I said going bright red and stood up.

"god you two we weren't up to anything we were in the hot tub."

"sooo I'm guessing everything is alright between you two then." I said not wanting to intrude on their personal space.

"yeah we're good. I'm not gonna take the opportunity. We have had a long hard descussion and I can't thank you katie though. You really helped me. I hope you don't mind that I told Liam about what you told me."

"no that's okay. I told you he would support any desistion u would make."

Niall looked at me a little angry but understood that I had to tell her for it to make sense.

We all went back in to the front room.

Lauren went into her room and unpacked her dress for tomorrow night and hung it up.

We all went to sleep quite early as the boys had to be up at 6 as they had to do a sound check and visit the tailors to pick up their suits for the Brits.

I woke up with Niall in the morning, just like the other girls did. We all had sweats on. We thought we would go with the boys for support. All off the girls drove this time. It was easier as the boys didn't have to worry about one more thing.  We arrived at the venue for the Brits they were setting everything out. The boys were only about three four hours. It was now about 11. We had to be at the tailors in half an hour. Paul hurried us along. We were all soo excited to see the boys in their suits.

We were out off there in less than an hour.  Niall hung up his suit in the back. We all had about 2-3 hours before we had to start to get ready.

I had my cousin and her team coming over to the lads apartment to do all off the girls hair and make up.

Me and Niall went for lunch. When we got back Lauren was in tears.

"Lauren what's the matter." I said trying to calm her down.

"just go in my room and you will see." so I did I went into her room. Her dress for tonight was ripped. It was ruined.

"omg how did it even get ruined." I said in utter shock.

"I dunno.I opened the bag to show Louis and and it had that rip.what am I gonna do I have no dress"she said and floods off tears were flowing down her soft skinned face.

"boys don't follow us whatever you do or hear. Promise." I said taking control off the situation.

I grabbed laurens hand. She followed me into my room."you are wearing this dress put it on I will adjust the lenght."

"katie I can't. You made it. I just won't go."

"ohh hell no either you put this on or I'm not going me." she understood and put on the dress.

"what shoes you wearing?"

"there in my room in the suit case in a box."

"okay go hide in the wardrobe just in case the boys come in."

I ran out off my room through the front room grabbed the box and speed walked back. I needed something solid for Lauren to stand on so I could take up the dress.

"lads can you bring me in the coffee table from the roof please."

"why do you want that" Louis said confused.

"well do you want Lauren to go tonight or not. Go then." they did as I said. They brought it in to the walkin wardrobe. Lauren was still hiding. The boys left. "Lauren you can come out now.stand on here and put your shoes on. Does it fit around the top."

"yeah it fits everywhere except the length."

I put my hair up and started away in marking and pinning out were it needed to be taken up.

We were done about an hour and a half later. By that time everyone was back.

Lauren put the dress back into the bag and we took it into her room. We walked back out and sat down with the rest off them.

"babe you letting Lauren wear the other dress aren't you." Niall said giving me the look of I know what your doing.

"nahhh you will just have to wait and see."

My cousin and her team arrived. We took over the front room. Paul arrived as well with his wife who looked a million dolars. Only the boys have seen his wife as they went to their wedding. She was stunning. 

My cousin had five hairdressers including herself,and a makeup team. The boys were just chilling amd watching us haveing our hair done. My cousin was doing mine. Let's put it this way she had to put fucking boiling hot curlers in my hair and wrap my hair around them tight. She was causing me pain. "just think no pain no gain katie." she kept on saying. All off the boys were laughing at me cause I kept on pulling faces. I had enough time to make a cuppa before she took them out. I was going for a very slick vintage feel. 

 I was the only one with my hair down the others had their up. It felt like prom all over again. "girls do you know what this feels like.



PROM." we all laughed. The boys were laughing at us as well. We had half an hour before we had to leave.

I phoned my mum when I was in the wardrobe getting everthing ready with Niall.

"mum I'm scared."

"why are you scared your gonna look amazing and you have an amazing boy with you. Don't worry. We have the whole family here ready to watch you." "mum why."

"cause we are soo proud off you."

"right I'm off now gotta get ready love you"

Niall and Louis were dressed. So was all the boys.

Lauren came in. "katie can you put the dress on please."

"yeah sure." I walked with Lauren to her room.  I was the only one that knows how to put on that dress. Even though it wasn't that hard to put on. Lauren didn't trust anyone but me to put it on her. I put the dress on her. She looked amazing. 

 "louisssss." I shouted. He came in and was shocked at how amazing Lauren looked.

"holy shit. You you you look fucking amazing.hang on katie you made this." he said in complete and utter shock.

"yeah I did make it."

"your really really talented."

I went back into mine and nialls room to put my dress on. My cousin helped me. 

I had to carefully step into my dress. 

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