Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


32. I can't stay strong for much longer!!!

I walked into the bedroom. "katie you in here." I said. 


"yeah I'm in the bathro" she stopped half way through I knew what she was about to do.  I went into the bathroom I held back her hair. She always says sorry and always cried.

"I'm sorry." she said.

I went and got her a glass off water and she took a sip. 

I have delt with katie before when she's been sick. So I was used to it.

I sat down next to her, I pulled her in for a cuddle. "you gonna be sick any more."

"no I don't think I am." she said she got up. I followed her. She got the quilt from the bed and wrapped it around her and walked into the front room.

"wooaahhh u look like a ghost." Louis said.

"thanks Lou. Might be cause I was just sick." she said weakly.

"ewhhhh." Harry said joking around. 

She let me sit down first before she sat ontop off me. She always becomes really cold and shakes after she sick.  She snuggled into me and I placed my arm around her waist. She must off been tiered. She started to drift off. every now and then I placed a kiss on her forehead and played with her hair. I also rubbed her back. Her top was rolled up a bit. I placed my hand on her ice cold body.

"ele can you do a hot water bottle for her please she's freezing." I said starting to worry. See she always gets cold but not this cold.

"yeah sure Niall."

katie suddenly woke up. She ran to the toilet. She was sick again. Tonight was gonna be long. I followed her in. This time I found a hair band on the sink. I moved the hair away from her face and placed it in a neatish pony tail.  She was in floods off tears. She must off not got to the toilet in time as she had a little sick on her top.

"babe stay their I'm getting you a different top." I said going into our room. I got her pjs.

"babe I'm gonna change you into ur pj's."

She took off her sweats and put on her pj bottoms. She was too weak to take her top off. As I did I realised she had this massive bruise on her side. It was all lumpy and purple.

Eleanor walked in.

"hey ele do you know where she got this from." I asked Eleanor really worried.

"I have no idea. If I remember it wasn't there the day off the Brits cause she wore that crop top.I will go and get Lauren. Perhaps she knows something."

Eleanor walked out and got Lauren.

"ummm Niall u may want to get katie to hospital. Mums a nurse and have told me about a pateint that had that."


I started to get worried. I put a top on katie lifted her up. Got a blanket wrapped it around her. Eleanor and Lauren ran out into the front room.

"HOSPITAL NOW. Call Paul. Someone needs to drive."

"I will drive." Liam was most probably the best driver out off all of us.

Liam grabbed his keys. I had shoes on already.

Harry picked up his keys as well. We all couldn't fit in one car. We all had to get past the paps now.

We had to go out the back way.

We all rushed down.

"me and the others will cause a distraction. We will go out the front. We will meet u at the hospital go." Harry said. Eleanor, Louis, Perrie and Zayn went with him.

We went out the back. I sat in the back with katie. Liam drove us. As soon as we got to the hospital. We went running in.

"help we need to see a doctor now." Lauren said at reception.

"just wait over there for a second and we will get someone to come over." the recpetionist said. 

We were all calm. I had tears starting to form. Katie work up. She fell asleep in the car.

"its going to be alright we are in the hospital now." I said holding her closer.

"umm excuse me if u follow me this way." the lady said.

We all got up and followed her.

"I will stay here untill the others get here." Liam said.

I placed katie on the bed. I kept hold off her hand. I sat on the chair.

"hello there. What is the problem then." the doctor said as he walked in.

I lifted up her top and showed him. from his face it didn't look good. "umm has she been sick."

"yeah within the last hour or soo. She just blamed it on the food she ate." I said.

 I felt useless.

"nurse get her hocked up on to a dip and can you do a blood test as well." the doctor said.

Liam came in with the others."have one off you rang Paul." I said.

"yeah he's on his way." Danielle said.

The doctor came back.

"do you know if she has been doing any irregular strenuous exercise." he asked.

"I don't know. Lauren do you know."

"umm well we have been doing a two hour work out three times a week for about the last month.but nothing else really. We have to though for part off our course." Lauren said.

"do you know exactly what she has been doing in those sessions."

"she has been doing mainly running but mostly exercise to build up her core muscles."

"what's wrong with her doctor?" I said trying to fight back the tears.

"well we think she has either pulled a major muscle in her stomach or she has torn a tissue in her stomach.but we do not know why she is being sick. There is two possiblilities. She has either got food poisioning. Or well can I have a word with her boyfriend." the doctor said.

I got up and walked outside.

"could she be pregnant." he said.

"no I don't think so. She had a scare ages ago but she said she isn't."

"we will do a test to make sure."

I walked back in and sat next on the chair. I held her hand. She woke up.

She tried to move.  "don't move babe. Don't damage ur self more than you have already."I said.

"what have I done." she said trying not to sound weak.

"I will get the doctor." I said.

I went and got the doctor.

He told her what he told me earlier. "we have the results back from the test." he said.

All the boys and girls left the room.

"we now know the reason you were being sick. You were pregnant but had a miscarriage.I'm so sorry.I will leave you two alone."

As soon as he left katie broke down in tears. "its alright babe. It will happen when its the right time." I said to her and got on the bed. She snuggled into me. I hated seeing her cry. I rested my head on hers and my tears started to fall. The boys walked in.

"are you alright." Liam asked. 

"You- you- you caan say." she said breaking down afterwards.

I took a deep breath.

"she- she- she had a mis mis miscarriage." I broke down in tears. I couldn't look at them. There was a silence. I looked up. They all were crying. Lauren came to katie. "its alright. It will all be alright." Lauren said.

The doctor walked back in. "we would like to keep her in over night for monitoring." the doctor said.

Paul walked in.

"what's going on."

"well she has rupptured a muscle and tissue in her stomach and I will let them tell u the rest." the doctor said walking out the door.

I gathered Paul guessed it was something personal as he didn't ask what the other thing was.

"I'm staying with her tonight. I'm not leaving her." I said.

"that's alright. We will go back to apartment and get a change off clothes for both off you." Lauren said.

"thank you. I need to ring her mum.why did it have to happen to her." I said with tears running down my face.

Louis came over to me. He pulled me in for one off his Tomlinson hugs.

"its alright mate. We have to stay strong for her.she needs us more than ever now. We will stay with you as well." Louis said. 

He ruffled my hair up. That made me smile a little.

"Paul can you get a helicopter to get katies parents up here ASAP." I said.

"yeah we are already on it."

I really didn't want to ring her parents but I had to.

I walked out off the room.

Hi Anne its Niall.

Hi Niall are you alright you sound like you have been crying.

Its its because I have. You may want to sit down.

Okay I'm sat down.

Katie has been rushed into hospital. She has rupptured a muscle and tissue in her stomach. She has to stay in over night for monitoring.

All I could hear is her mum break down in tears.

There's also one more thing. Please don't get mad. She has had a miscarriage.

Her mum just broke down in tears more.

Paul has organised for a helicopter to come and pick you up. A car is on its way to yours now. Don't worry we are all here for her.

Okay we will see you in a little while is there anything you need. Niall.

No I just need you here. I can't stay that strong for much longer.

The car has just turned up we will be with you in a little while.keep strong untill we get there. She needs u now more than ever.

She ended the phone call. I walked back into the room.

"its alright ur mum and dad are on their way." I said holding her close.

We were all in silence for ages. It was about an hour or so later. We saw her mum and dad.

"katie you okay. Niall told us everything." her mum said. She came and sat next to me. She put her arm around me. "its alright Niall we are here now."

"thank you. We are all gonna stay here tonight I can't leave her like this." I said. "no yeah we were as well." her mum said.

Katie woke up. "mum. Is that you." she said weakly.

"yeah its me. Dads here as well don't speak. Just rest" her mum said.

We all must off fell asleep in the night.  

I woke up everyone was still asleep.

Lauren was sat ontop off Louis who was on top off Harry.  Eleanor Liam and Danielle were on the sofa type thing on one corner. Zayn and perrie were on the other side off the bed but on the floor. Katies mum and dad had their heads rested on the bed. I got up and sat on the bed. Katie was still asleep. I moved the hair that was covering her face. She moved slightly.

She woke up.

"morning beautiful. How are you feeling."

"morning. I'm okay. Side hurts but. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I have put you through."

"its alright. If it was ment to be then it would off happend. It will happen when the timings is right. I don't think this room is big enough for us all to stay in." I said.

"nahh I have to agree with you there.did everyone stay here for me."

"yeah we all did. We didn't want you here alone."

"morning everyone." the doctor said loudly to start but didn't realize everyone was asleep.

"and how are we feeling this morning."

"a lot better. Well my side is hurting quite a lot but I'm getting used to the pain."

"well we only wanted to keep u in for monitoring but we feel that you can go home. You will have to wear a bandage for support and you will have to take medication. You will not be allowed to do sport for 2 months.any questions."

"umm not yet."

"thank thank you for everything you have done." I said shaking the doctors hand.

"morning everyone." katie and I said.

everyone slowly woke up.

They all went to get some food from the canteen. I stayed with katie.

"right we have the medication here.  You have to take two off these every four hours and then this once when you wake up and then once before you go to bed. Ohh your at the right age to drive so I wouldn't advise you to drive for the first week as your body has to get used to the medication." the doctor said handing me the medication.  I placed it on the end off the bed and helped katie up. I helped her walk over to the bathroom. She wanted too look at her bandages. We were both soo thankfull for Lauren and Louis going back to the apartment and getting us a different set off clothes. I helped katie put on her loose white top and she had a pair off leggings on. She had my hoodie on as well. Everyone came back into the room we were now sat on the bed.

"is Paul on his way." katie said.

"yeah he is." Liam said.

"katie are you alright if me and your father go back home as he has a lot to do for work before Monday."

"mum that's fine I understand I have these here."

"okay darling."

Paul walked in.

Louis and I helped katie get up and walk out off the hospital. The others had their cars so me and katie and her parents got in the car Paul had come in. There was paps but not that many only a few asked so I told them. " she has a low blood sugar level and collapsed so they wanted to keep her in over night for observation."

We got into the car.

To Louis and Liam.

We are just dropping katies mum and dad off at the airport so will see you back at the apartment.:)

We dropped her parents off at the airport and said goodbye. 

We got back to the car park.  Louis and Lauren came down to help us.

"babe what am I gonna do. I'm supposed to be going back tomoz. But I can't drive." she said as we placed her on the sofa.

"Paul. What have we got planned for Monday." I said.

"umm well you have got nothing untill the late afternoon. You have to do an apperance in Cardiff."

"wicked. I'm gonna drive katie back tomorrow then stay the night then meet you in Cardiff."

"okay. Well why don't you all go down tomorrow and then meet me in Cardiff."

"ohh okay."


"wooahhhh road trip. Hang on why." zayn said confused.

"well we are in Cardiff Monday so we are going back down tomoz so what you waiting for get packing." me and katie said.

Everyone went running into their rooms.

"babe you've forgotten one thing. Me I can't walk." she said.

"ohhh haha lol. Forgot."

I lifted her up bridal style. I walked into our bedroom and then placed her on the bed. I got out all off her suitcases and her bags. I put all off her clothes onto the bed.

"babe you do realize you have a load off shit don't you." I said.

"oi. I don't have a load off shit have u seen the amount u have." she said chucking a pillow at me.

We laughed.

"babe can you leave me out a pair off sweats, t-shirt hoodie., onsie and long pj bottoms, hi-tops and uggs. Please."

She said making herself comfortable.

"why all off that." I said blatently knowing what she was going to say.

"I don't know what I want to wear it depends if I'm wanting to go comfty tomoz or not.hehe.' She said


I finished packing her bag.  I now had to pack mine. I placed one off my duffel bags and filled it with my estantials. I knew I had quite a lot off stuff in the apartment so didn't really need that much. 

We all decided that we would put the stuff in the cars tonight so we could just get up and go tomoz.

Well I say my stuff my one bag. I had to use one of my suitcases for katies stuff as she brought so much clothes the other day. I placed her dress into the dress bag and she carried it down. Well she sat on the trolley that I was pushing.

We got to the car and I put our stuff in neatly. I swear to god she has ocd. She has to have things a certain way.

"babe what you want for tea." I said.

"umm how about chicken pasta and some bolganise  sauce." she said kissing my cheek.

"okay. Sure can. Get in the car and we can get the ingredients."

"Niall what car."

"haha ohhh the porsche." I said and laughed.

We both got in. We both picked up the sunglasses from the glove box and put them on and put our hoods up. We managed to get passed the paps without them knowing. We reached the supermarket. We got out. We still had the sunglasses on and our hoods up.

"kitkat." a smile grew on her face. "yeah nia nia." "want some help there." "no just come here and hold my hand." she said. I did what she said.

she still couldn't walk that fast but I didn't mind.

"would madam like a trolly to sit in." "babe I'm not that much off a cripple."

We laughed she picked up a big trolly.

We headed for the cold isle. I rapped my arms around her carefully and placing them on the trolly handle.  As we walked around we pilled the trolly with food for tonight and for the journey tomoz. We only got recognised about twice I think so that wasn't bad. we got back to the apartment and put on our tea. We had all off our stuff still in bags for tomoz so we left it there. Well me being me. I put mine and katies names in it. Everyone knew not to touch mine and hers food. We ate our tea and just mucked around on our ipads. Taking loads off pictures. Everyone slowly came back and joined us on the sofa's. "so guys what time are we gonna leave tomorrow." I said. "well mum said that we can all go over mine and she will cook us a roast." katie said.

"awhhh your mum is the best." Louis said.

"well she's know you lot for ages and counts you as her daughter and sons.I don't know why though." katie said laughing.

"oihhh."all the boys said.  I just laughed.

"well what about if we leave at about 11 then we will get in welly about 3 by the time we have stopped."

"hell yeah." we all laughed.

We all watched TV for a little bit and then went to bed about 11

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