Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


28. embarrassing!!!!


I hated the fact that the paps knew where we were going to be and when. I hated that about them. All we wanted was a nice chilled day shopping with our mates and our girls hassle free, but no. we kind of knew it would happen but oh well.

The girls were trying on some dresses in River Island and Paul was talking to us.  “So then lads I have some amazing amazing news.”

“Go ahead.” Louis said being inpatient.

“You have only gone and got yourselves nominated for best British single at the BRITS.”

“Whoa whoa whoa. Hang on a min the Fing Brits.”  Harry said trying to contain his excitement.

We didn’t realize that the girls had come out of the changing rooms. “so what do u think?” katie said getting our attention.

“amazing, fabulous, sexy.” We all said at the same time. The girls had only just turned around to walk back into the changing rooms when…… “You could wear that to the BRITS? “ I said catching the girl’s attention.

“Hang on a min. the brits. Omg please say you have been nominated.” Eleanor said in shock.

“Only for best British single so nothing big.”

“Nothing big, nothing big, best British single.” Katie said getting frustrated with us.

“oh and by the way boys they want you to perform as well.” Paul said trying not to let the whole store know.

The girls came running towards us and gave us a hug that could off killes us. They then went back into the changing rooms and got back changed into their. Normal clothes. Katie went and brought some hi-tops so did Lauren. Them and there bleedly hi-tops.

We were walking along the streets off London. Katie kept on looking down every street. "babe what are u looking for."

"ohhh I have one question do I get to walk the red carpet with u." she said smilling. "umm yeah I think so. Why" "I need to find a fabric whearhouse." "why u gonna make ur dress. Please say u are. Ur soo talented." I said looking deep into her eyes.

"Paul. Where's the nearest fabric wearhouse." katie asked.

"umm just down the road. Do u want some off security to show u where." "yes please that would be ace.coming Niall " "ofcourse.we will see u guys in a bit." we left the others and headed down the side road. We reached this massive building. "fabrics r us" it read on the door.

"I'm guessing this is the place then babe." I said smilling like a little kid at Kate. "so u didn't answer my question earlier are u going to make a dress for the red carpet." "maybe. Ofcourse u know I will. I know exactly what design I'm gonna have. I know what colour."

I"umm excuse me I was wondering if you could tell me where the silk cloth is please." "yeah sure madam I will show you."

Me and katie followed her down this massive walk way.  "here you are all the silk is down here."

Katie went straight for three colours plum, black and teal. "soo I'm guessing u can't decide what colour then." "well yeah but no. I have two designs in my head and don't know which one to do. I think I'm just gonna have to get both and make them both then decide on the night."

"you do realize we have. Like three weeks yeah."

"ofcourse. " she said sounding soo confident. We went and paid for the three roles off fabric.

We then went to find the others.

When we got back katie headed straight for the bedroom. She had taken over the whole bed. She was drawing the two dresses. God she was so talented. I don't know why she just didn't become a dress maker. She didn't believe anyone that told her she was a good maker. She always doubted herself.

As soon as anyone walked in she told them to get out. She wanted to keep it a surprise.

Anywhere were we went she would take her full too the brim design book.

she left the room to get some food. I sneaked in to see what she was designing. "Niall what the hell are u doing. U know I don't like anyone looking at my shit designs." "hold on shit. Not shit. Ur soo talented."

She moved closer and realized that I had stopped on the one page I had never seen before.

"Niall noooo nooo nooo not that page any other page but that one."

"and why not this................." I couldn't finish my sentence. I saw the most beautiful stunning amazing pair off wedding dresses that she had drawn. "your not meant to see them." she said grabbing the book off of me. She had to yank it away from me. "babe what are they. Are they your wedding dresses.".     "yes but there shit soo just forget u saw them."she said grabbing the pages about to rip them out. "hell no babe don't even think about it. Don't you fucking dare rip them out miss katie francessca kelland." I said with a little anger in my tone. She hated it when I called her by her full name. As she looked at me she let go off the page.

 All of the lads decided to cook for the girls tonight. We don't know how we are going to but somehow we are going to. All off the girls were sat on the sofa's with a glass off wine in there hands. Well katie didn't she just had some lemonade. She doesn't really like drink anymore after the situation with Rob.

The girls watched us all cook. "how long are you guys gonna be we are staaarrrvvviinnnggg." katie said teasing us.

"it will be done in five mins." I said.

Five mins later.

"dinner is served. " all of us lads said.

The girls walked to the table on the roof  and sat down. We had cooked Steak and chips. We ate away and everyone ate all off there's up. Liam bakes us a chocolate cake that was still warm. We all watched a film and played games that night.

It was now Saturday. The boys and I had to do some promo on the morning radio. All of the girls decided to come with us. We were starting off on capital FM. We were on our way into the building. Fans were mental and asking for pictures not just off us though the girls. They all loved the girls. It was soo sureal. We were in there for about three quaters of an hour. We then had to go to radio 1. Normally we go to there studio but the venue had been changed last minute due to health and saftey as there were too many fans. The girls seemed to enjoy listening to the interview.

So we have the biggest boyband around in this secret location with me now. Yes you know who I'm talking about. The one and only ONE DIRECTION. Hello boys how are you. We are amazing and yourself. Liam said. I'm good soo we hear you have been nominated for best British single. How does that feel?

Well it still hasn't sunk in. We got told when we were out shopping with our girlfriends. Harry said forgetting what Paul said.

Oh so you were out with your girlfriends hay. Is that your lovely girls who have all just gone bright red.  Yeah that's our amazing girls. I said getting embarrassed for them. 

Yeah well we were out shopping and we nearly got strangled by our girls when we told them. Louis said trying to take some off the heat off of them.

The interview went on and on for a good hour. Somehow every topic went back to the girls. We had finished our promo. We only had to go to the studio and Rerecord a couple off songs for the Brits.  We arrived at the studio.

"babe I'm gonna go and see my cousin as she is only around the corner and I haven't seen her I'm months after she's moved here." katie said happily.

"yeah that's fine. Meet you back here in a bit." I said kissing her lightly before she left.

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