Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


6. chapter 6


“Can anyone tell me why I feel the feelings I do towards Katie?” I asked the lads. Liam replied “mate you love her. This is why you are feeling these feeling.” Before Harry could say anything the girls came into the building. The lads moved a little away from me and we were looking at the girls. That’s when Katie let her hair down and flipped it out off her face. For some weird reason I felt overwhelmed.  I can quite clearly say my heart stopped.  

I can’t believe how hot Kate looked as she was letting her hair down after football. I really want to know why she was biting her lip.  We all walked into the common room. As we did everyone fell silent? I and Katie walked towards the little kitchen in the corner off the room. When the head mistress walked in. she said “can I have all the candidates for head girl and head boy follow me please” Katie and I followed her with six other students. She told us we would be giving our speeches tomorrow morning in front of the whole school. I was so nervous. Katie could tell I was. She grabbed my hand and held it. She is so supportive. When we returned to the common room everyone was still in there. The boys and I left as we had band practise. Yes that’s right we are in a boy band. Queue the screaming girls. 

Katie has been so supportive to me over the last few years. When the lads and I were setting up they were on about something that the girls were on about, but shut up when I asked them what they were on about. 

We practised for an hour or so. At the end of the day we all met up in the common room. We chilled there for a bit before we left. We were all meeting up later to go out for a meal.

All of the boy’s can drive so they all had to pick up one of the girls. I of course picked up Katie. Zayn picked up Perrie, Liam Danielle, Louis Lauren and Harry Eleanor.

Katie and myself were last to arrive at the restaurant. It was different to any other meal we all have been on. Each ‘couple’ were flirting. Everyone looked amazing. I pulled Katie’s chair out for her.  Louis and I went to get the drinks. As we were at the bar Louis said to me that when I was picking up Lauren she was on about how Katie has feelings for u. but knows that u don’t feel the same way. I just laughed to her and went u will never guess he like her to. I mean likes a lot. Like loves her. At that point harry came around the corner and said guys hurry up were all gonna die of thirst. We all laughed. I had this massive smile on my face when we went back.

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