Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


21. chapter 21


That Monday was so weird. Everyone in collage looked at me and Lauren weird. We walked into the class room and everyone was asking us about the boys. We had to explain everything about them and us. It was nice to finally tell them all about it. it was like a huge amount of weight had been lifted off of mine and Laurens shoulders. The boys were still a little quite. You could see that they felt ashamed and wanted to say something to us but didn’t know how. 

We had finished for the day and me and Lauren were walking into town when Rob (one of the boys from the course and the one from the restaurant) asked if we wanted a lift. We said “ahh yes please.” Lauren and I got into the car and we were on about the army day and everything else. As he pulled up he said “I’m sorry for what me and the lads have said about your boys. We had no clue that you knew them. We are so so so sorry.” I replied with a small smile on my face. “Nahh that’s okay you had no idea that we knew them. It’s cool. Thanks for the lift. See u at collage tomoz.”

We laughed and got out off the car. Lauren and I went shopping for a little bit. We were in this River Island when we got recognised. We had a few pictures taken then the girls left us alone.

A couple of months past and it was the best time ever. We all enjoyed what we were doing. We all kept in contact. It was hard for me and Lauren. We both tested our relationships with the boys. Our tutor said that we could have our phones out in class just in case the boys phoned. They did a couple of times and we got to go outside and answer our phones. A couple of times I had to fight back the tears. I hadn’t yet cried at collage, I knew I had to stay strong. I never let anybody see me cry well except niall. They only rang when they had a break. 

It was near June, near my birthday. I was turning 17. The most boring year. I wish you could skip that year. The boys had been away for a little longer than we all expected. Niall and Louis said that we could live at theirs until they got back. So we did. It was nice just to have their stuff around us.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my birthday on 20th. I just wanted everyone I loved around me. As everyone at collage knew each other quite well by then I decided that i would invite them for a meal on the Saturday before my actual birthday. It was a good time. We had laughs and a few drinks.

My birthday was unfortunately on a Thursday. I was in collage on Thursday’s but I didn’t mind.  We were planning for our trip to Cornwall.  That place had too many memories for me. It was alright though as they were good memories.

Our tutor had chosen the place exactly where I go on holiday every year since I was 2. I knew the place pretty god damn well.  We left that Saturday to go down for a week. It was a long journey down to the lizard, a good 4 hours, once we stopped a couple of times.

We were camping, so we had to put up our tents me and Lauren were sharing a tent. The boys knew we were going camping so they got us a special made designer tent in the shape of a train. We loved the unique and different styles of the boys. As me and Lauren were putting up our tent everyone was staring and looking at ours in amazement. It was quite funny really.  That night we went to the local town had a look around and had fish and chips. (Recommended by me as I knew this place). When we got back to the campsite. I suggested that we walked down to the beach. No one knew where we were going it was quite cool we headed down the hill the sea was glizening just like glitter as the calm dark blue almost black sea was making its way in. we all walked on to the beach most people took their shoes off. I was walking along by the sea. I loved this beach.


It was the summer off 2012. The sun was beating down on my back. I was layed out on my pink and white towel. It matched my hot pink, baby pink and white Aztec bikini. I rolled over and sat up to see my mum and dad on the canvas chairs. I also saw my best friend walking towards me. As soon as he reached me, he grabbed my hands to get me up. "Kate do u wanna go for a walk" he said whilst having a cheesy yet pursive smile. We were walking along the beach by the blue ocean crashing at our feet. I don't know what came over me. I kicked water at him. He was shocked. He kicked some back. before I knew it we were having a water fight. He was soaked. The water was dripping off of us as he picked me up and threw me into the water.


I was daydreaming when we reached the top off the hill. The sea breze hit me. My hair blew all over the place just as if I was on a photo shoot.We walked back up to the campsite. We all went into our tents and got ready for bed. It was about 11 at night and everyone was asleep. Well not everyone.I could so I got up. Put on some trackies and one off nialls hoodies. I put on my flip flops and started to walk down to the beach. I knew that the sea air would make me sleepy. I had my phone in my hand and was looking through the photos off me and Niall.I was sat on the beach wall as the sun was was really peaceful. I couldn't help but think off Niall. I said to myself. "ohh how I miss Niall. there's nothing I can do about it." a tear started to roll down my face. To my ignoligment I knew that I was alone. "you miss him really bad don't you." rob said whilst sitting down next to me. "I do really badly. Hang on why are u down here. I thought everyone was asleep." I said confused. "I went to the toilet and saw you leave the campsite and followed you down here." he said with a concerend look on his face. " ohh. I see. I couldn't sleep."

We had this massive Long discusion. I had my phone out still looking at the photos off me and Niall. He took the phone off of me and started to look through them. I didn't mind. It was just nice to have someone to talk to. We were walking back to the campsite. It was 1am. We knew we had to sleep as we had a hetic day tomoz.

We said night and went to bed. That talk and stroll to the beach had made me tired.

We had to get up at 8. We got up. We both put on one off our boys onsie's on for breakfast. Rob came and sat next to me to see if I was alright after last night.

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