Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


19. chapter 19


I can't really remember anything from last night. Oh well me being sick and Niall holding back my hair. I love that about him.  when I woke up I turned over thinking that I would see Niall but I didn't. I smelt the bacon being cooked. I got up out off bed and walked out off the door to see Niall cooking. He turned around and saw me and smiled. I went up behind him and put my arms around his waist and Leand my head on his shoulder. "babe breakfast is read just sit down at the table and I will bring it over princess" as soon as he said princess I was gone.     

    Niall knew that I couldn't hold my drink.  I think that's why he didn't drink that much last night. I had a massive head ache.  Well all of us girls did. We were interrupted by the rest of the group coming in the door as we were having breakfast. They all came in and helped themselves to tea and coffee. We were sat there for a while when niall had an idea. We all had to have flat shoes on and we went running out of our lodge and started to shake the tents. It was funny to hear people’s reactions. We got to the last tent. By this time everyone was up and out of them. We heard this almighty moan. I really don’t wanna go into it. niall ran back to the lodge got a bit of paper and a pen and wrote something on the paper. He came running back and put it in the empty bottle that was by their shoes. 


The boys had entered the x factor.  The day off their audition came. Lauren and I couldn’t attend as we had to go to collage to do a taster day. All off the girls had got places in Somerset Collage. Perrie was studying music, Danielle dance, Eleanor photography, Lauren and I Uniformed Public Services. We all agreed that they would ring us once they had the result. Lauren and I went in and had an amazing day. We got our timetables for the next week. The next week was full of admin. We didn’t mind as the people on our course were amazing and fun. There were only six girls, Lucy, Hannah, Chloe, Chase (yes the same one from school); Lauren and I. the rest were boys. It was lunch and niall rang. Lauren and I were outside as it was sunny. I put it on loud speaker so Lauren could hear. Then they all screamed down the phone. “WE ONLY HAVE GONE AND GOT THROUGH!”

 We were so happy for them. That night the boys came over to mine with everyone. We all stayed up all night. It was Monday morning when I met Lauren at collage. We had a jam packed day; we had to meet our tutor in the lecture theatres on the first floor. Lauren and I made our way up. We had to fill in all of this paperwork. Our tutor Jim gave everyone this bit off paper and said “if you have anything that you think we should know then write it down” me and Lauren knew we had to put about the boys. So we did. At the time of year the live shows were already going ahead. We gave in our forms. We didn’t get a break for another hour or so. When Jim said we could go on break he asked for me and Lauren to stay behind. We knew what it was about.  “girls just a quick question, what do you mean your dating members of one direction.” I explained to him that we went to school with them and how we had been friends with them for ages. He understood. He said it was better if we kept it to ourselves as we didn’t wanna cause manic.

A good couple of months passed. The boys had made the final but came third. They didn’t mind though as they knew it was just the start of their career. It was start of the last week in January. Harry’s birthday was on the 1st February.  That Monday Jim said he had an army activity day on Friday. Me and Lauren looked at each other and we completely excited for it. we completely forgot it was harry’s birthday the same day. Harry texted us later that day to say " I have a table booked for us all at 8pm. See u then. Xxxxxxx"

Me and Lauren looked at each other. We didn't know what to do. We knew we couldn't go to one and not the other. we rang Harry and told him. He understood and said that we would sort it out. It was possible for us to make the meal on time but we would be so tired to do anything. We decided that we would go too both. Even if it meant using all our energy.

On the Thursday before we went to Exeter for our army day. The boys from collage were on about something and Lauren and I only caught the end off it. It had something to do with 1d. They obviously didn't know that we knew them. Our tutor just looked at us and gave us one off those looks that showed that he wish that everyone knew about me and Lauren.

Friday the 1st came we were super excited and pumed for this. We had the most amazing day. We all had our uniform on. On the lunch break me and Lauren rang harry and wished him happy birthday.   Lauren and I were sat at the back off the mini bus on the way back. As we pulled into college all off the boys saw there were five pretty lush cars sat outside the collage. There were load girls around the cars Lauren and I saw Danielle by a black Porsche, Perrie by silver Mercedes slk and Eleanor by a black range rover were by the cars. There were two other cars a white range rover and a white Audi a5. Lauren and I looked at each other and shock our heads, it wasn't until the car doors opened and we saw our boys there. Jim turned around and said “Lauren and Katie I'm guessing u might need to tell the others as this is a pretty good time!" we laughed everyone’s faces were stunned.

 Everyone stunk off mud and well not very nice stuff. Jim let me and Lauren go out off the back doors off the mini bus as soon as it stopped we were out off it. We ran straight up to our boys. They lifted us up and spun us around. Niall and I kissed so did Louis and Lauren. It was amazing to see our boys. By the time we had finished everyone was out off the minibus and came over. Me and Lauren had to some how explain to everyone that we knew well was dating members of 1d. We introduced everyone from the minibus to the boys. 

The shock off everything came rushing down after about five mins. We had to to get ready for Harry's meal. We all said our goodbyes and got into the cars. I kissed Niall again when I got into the car. He was asking me all about the day. Let's put it this way he couldn't shut me up. He gathered that I loved it. He was pulling up on my drive when he kissed me and whispered into my ear "babe I will support u no matter what you decide to do. Except join the army that's one thing I don't want you to do. I don't wanna be thinking everyday that you will be somewhere in the world fighting for the country rissking ur life. " I shut him up by kissing him. He helped me out off the car. He waited for me to get ready. well I had to have a bath and wash my hair and dry it. I put on a cut out dress. To my knowledge I had no bruises from the obstacle course as I hit my rib on the wooden wall.

My dress was black with two cut out patches on my lower rib to my hips. I didn't realise untill I walked out to Niall. "babe come here. You have a massive bruise on you body. How did you get that. " I had to look for myself so I headed for the mirror. "ohh shit I didn't realise it must off been from the obstacle course we done." he just kissed it better. 

I put some make up on and dryed my hair. I only dryed it quickly as we had only five mins till we had to leave. I put on a pair of heeled ankle boots to finish off my look. I had my leather jacket on and we left the house. There was no point trying to cover up my bruise.

 We arrived at the restaurant to see everyone sat down. As I pulled off my jacket I could see them all looking at my bruise I didn't care though. Lauren just laughed and said "I'm guessing that was from today. I have one like it." I just nodded my head.

That night was soo nice just to relax with the people I love. None off the boys wanted to talk about their time on x factor they just wanted it to be like the old times. The boys wanted to know what we had to do today.  so me and told them all. Harry and Liam thought we were mad.  We just laughed.  “I can’t imagine you two doing that. You both are too girlie.” We couldn’t help but all laugh.

We ordered our food and was waiting for it to come. It wasn't untill I heard a familiar voice that I had to turn around. It was one off the boys from the course. Lauren and I had completly forgot that some off the boys worked were we were having dinner. "fancy seeing you here." I said whilst laughing. He just replied "ohh hey Katie oh and Lauren” he still looked surprised from earlier. He then said “oh hi everyone else!”

 He quickly left once we had our food. It was kinda wierd to see people outside off collage.

Lauren and I just looked at each other and gave each other the look. We could speak to each other either with looks.

We finished our meal and left. We all headed back to Louis and niall's place. As soon as me and Lauren got in we got into pjs and made a hot drink. Everyone knew that we were off too bed as we had such a hard and tiring day. We said good night then headed to the boys rooms. Niall came in and said good night. 

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