Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


18. chapter 18


She knew I knew how to make her weak. I was on top off her. Pinned her down so she couldn’t move and tickled her. She was laughing so much that we didn’t hear the others come in. all off a sudden we heard Zayn “ umm guys do u want us to leave you two alone for some private time.” That’s when I moved off Katie and helped her off the bed.  I replied “it’s alright mate was just having some fun.”

When we got out off the bedroom, everyone was in the front room sat on the sofas. Everyone started to arrive and had drinks already. Let’s put it this way they had to put up tents at 2am. It was pretty funny to watch. Eleanor had brought some off her amazing punch. It was pretty strong so we only done shots. I gave Katie a glass off Smirnoff ice. We all went to the marquee’s and started up the sound system. Of course Dj Malik was on It, like a car bonnet.

 We danced the way into the night. I couldn’t find Katie for a little bit. So I decided that I would look in the lodge. She was in the lodge and was on the bed. I thought she was asleep, so I left her alone. As I was walking out off the room I heard Katie “babe wait up.” I waited for her. Let’s put it this way she is a bit off a light weight and doesn’t drink that often.  As she was getting up she fell over. I went running to her to make sure she was alright. She just laughed it off. I got her up and sat her on the bed. After about five seconds she was up and sat on top off me. Yes on top off me. She was so cute1 she decided to give me a lap dance. she was pretty good at it. I think Danielle had been giving her some tips/ lesson. (As she is a dancer). She then pushed me down on to the bed and I could tell that she wanted it, but I wasn’t like that I didn’t want to use her, especially when she was drunk. I wanted it to be special and rememberable. “Katie stop!! I know u want me! Who doesn’t but its not the right time or place.2 she understood and got up. We both looked at each other. We caught each other’s eyes.

And we leant in for a kiss. It was like before but this time she bit my lip. This had to make me smile. After that we went back out and joined everybody in the marquees. It was like 5 in the morning when we stopped partying. I didn’t drink that much that night, as I knew Katie would be drinking and she can’t handle her drink. We were sat on the sofas when Katie got up quickly and headed for the toilet. Yes I know what you are thinking she was throwing up. I went after her and held her hair back. She always apologised after she was sick. She was freezing after. So I put her in bed. I helped out off her clothes and put on her pj’s. I put on mine as well and I let her snuggle into me when we were lying in bed. Her head was on my chest and she was gone in to a deep sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I whispered into her ear “babe I will always look after you, protect you from the monsters, you are my princess,” I then fell asleep.

It was gone 12 when I woke up that afternoon. I looked at Katie and she was still asleep. I decided to get up and make her breakfast as she would need the strength after last night. There was bacon and sausages in the fridge. There were also some eggs. I knew that she would appreciate it when she woke up.

It took me about ten mins to cook her breakfast. By the time I had finished she was up. She had on the t-shirt I gave her ages ago. She was stood in the door way of the bedroom watching me. I just had to plate it up.  She came up behind me and wrapped her soft brown arms around my waist. I kissed her head that was resting on my shoulder. “Honey go sit at the table, I will bring breakie over princess!”  a smile appeared on her face. As I placed her breakfast on the table she reached up and kissed my cheek. I opened the curtains and that’s when we saw how much of a mess we all made last night. We also saw the amount off tents that had collapsed in the night as people put them up at 2 in the morning. We were enjoying breakfast when the door went. It was the others. They all looked like amazed me that the girls still had heels on. I dont know Wether they had other shoes but they had heels on. They all helped themselves to coffe and tea. All off the girls had major hang overs. We all stunk off alcohol. We all decided to get a pair off flat shoes on and we all went outside and started to shake the tents. We then got to this one tent and we all heard these moans coming from it. Well everyone in the field could hear them going at it. It wasn't untill they shouted each others names that we knew who it was. "Olly what are you doing! Faster Faster" we all recognised the girls voice. It was the quietest and most innocent girl in our year chase! No one really liked her.

I ran back to the lodge got a bit off paper and pen and wrote a note.

Olly and chase next time u insit on having sex in a tent make sure u gag each other so everyone else doesn't here you two wanting to go faster thanks a lot everyone on the camp site.

We then put it in a bottle by their shoes outside the tent. We all went and had a shower to try and get rid off the smell.

It was about an hour later when we all met up again. Harry had brought Love Actually with him for us all to watch. We all came back to mine and Katie's lodge and we all snuggled up. We all had onsie's on.

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