Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


17. chapter 17


The boys were amazing singing. We had no idea that they were gonna sing and also the people that they were gonna was amazayn. We all danced for god knows how long. We had millions off photographs taken.

It was about 1 o'clock when we left. Danielle's mum and step dad are so lovely that they own a campsite and this time off the year it was dead so they let us have our after prom party there. It was pretty cool there were two massive fields. One field had five wooden lodges in along the side of it, which her mum let all of us stay in. They were amazing. We have all stayed in them before but this time we all had our boyfs.

We all had half an hour to get out off our dresses and get to dee's. All off the boys drove to dee's.Niall left his car at my house just cause it was easier. He had his clothes in my wardrobe already knowing what he was gonna wear. Well so did I. We both had to get dressed in my room as we didn't wanna wake up mum and dad. It was funny cause he got changed first whilst I was in the bathroom putting on some underwear. Of course me being me I forgot to take my clothes in with me so I had to walk out in my underwear. Niall had seen me in it before but this time was different. As I stuck my head around the door I saw Niall topless. I said to him. Don't look just cover your eyes. He did for about 5 seconds and that's when he came up behind me. He forcfully, but filled with passion and lust,pulled close to his semi naked body. My hands were placed on his super toned chest. He knew exactly where, on my body, how to turn me on. I knew how to turn him on as well. we were just stood there for a little while when he lifted my head up off of his chest and we both moved in for a kiss. He then lifted me up so my leg were wrapped around his pale yet still tanned shirtless body. We were open mouth kissing for a while. That's when nialls tounge slipped to my lip. I loved him for the way he doesn't force me to do anything. His tounge was asking for permission. I found it cute and a smile came to my lips. I knew Niall could feel it as a smile came to his lips as well then we started to use tounges. I've never used tounges before but because off "Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging" I knew that you had to be slow and it be equal between giving and yelleding. I also knew not to be whasing machine sindrome. It was perfect. Niall started to tickle my lower back which does two things A) gets me relaxed for sleep B) can turn me on. Niall new what he was doing as he's had advice from the other boys. As he reached my undie line on my back a sensational shiver ran through my body and that's when I had to pull away and get off of Niall. He was too damn good. I went and put on my skater skirt. A long pair off black socks, a white And pink crop top and a pair off black heels.I knew he was watching me all the way through.         

I then went up to him kissed his lips and whispered in his ear "nialler you naughty boy!" he loved it.  A smile appered on his face. I had to pack my bag as well. So I made Niall be on packing duty and I passed him the stuff. Of course I had to take some underwear for tomoz and a spare set. So I said to Niall. " babe can you get me two sets off underwear out off the draw please." he didn't hesitate one bit. He was done within seconds.  I had to pack at least two maybe three outfits. It depends on what the weathers like and how I feel. Niall had already packed two off his onies. I packed a pair off sweats, vest top, one of Nialls hoodies, jeans tops and a cardie then my pjs. I didn't really own pjs so I just had a pair off old cotton "toffe chewers" shorts and one off nialls old T-shirts, that did come lower than my shorts. I then packed my make up and some other shoes. I went down stairs to leave a note for mum and dad, when I saw mums note on the fridge door. It said "darling I know that you will most probley be drinking so I got you a bottle off vodka, Smirnoff ice,some WKD's and some red bull. Don't go drinking too much babe and don't do anything I wouldn't do."this made both me and naill laugh. I wrote back

"thanks mum. I won't go drinking too much. Nialls taking his car so don't be alarmed in the morning when it’s not there. Prom was amazing. Everyone loved my dress. got a lot to tell you. Might see you tomoz night. Depends what time we get in. I have my phone. Love ya katie and Niall."   

After I put the note on the fridge door, I got out the drink that mum had got me. Niall was already in the car waiting for me. I put the drink in a bag and picked up my leather jacket and my bowler hat. I had my black clutch bag with my bright pink lipstick my purse and my blackberry in and I had my drink in my hand when I left the house. We had five mins left before we had to leave. Niall moved his head closer and leaned in for a kiss. We then left and headed for Dee’s place.

Once we arrived, niall parked his car by Danielle’s house just like the other boys. Danielle’s mum walked us to the lodges well I say walked more like she drove us there on the golf cart they had. It was pretty funny.  Her mum and step dad put up the marquee and gazebo’s they had, to give us all cover if it rained. They also opened the bar they had. Her parents were pretty cool tbh.

Niall took my drink off me and put it in the fridge. When he opened the fridge he was shocked. It was filled with food. Her parents had gone all out. I went into the bedroom and started to put niall’s and mine’s stuff in the wardrobe when he came in lifted me up and chucked me on to the bed. I was laughing. He knew the one way to make me weak was y tickling me. So what did he do? Fucking tickle me. 

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