Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


13. chapter 13


The rest of the day went so quick. We all couldn’t concentrate. It was after lunch everyone was so nervous for Niall and I. We went in the hall the headmistress wanted all off the candidates on the stage niall stood next to me, holding my hand.

The head mistress said eight people’s name four girls and four boy’s names; she said that they weren’t lucky enough. There were now only two girls and two boys left. Niall and I were still stood there. We were both so surprised.  Head mistress then said head boy is…………..  Then she said Niall Horan there was an almighty roar from everyone in the hall. She then said head girl is………………….. Katie Kelland. I could not believe it. I and niall are head boy and head girl. I was crying with happiness.  

That night niall decided to take me out for a meal to celebrate. He said he would pick me up at 7. I had four hours to prepare. I didn’t know what to wear, I got my girlies around and they brought over dresses that I could wear. The best bit about being mates with them is we are all the same size. So we can borrow whatever we want when we want.

I ended up wearing a white and black bird blouse with a black layered skater skirt, with bow tights and a pair of black and white hidden heel hi-tops. I managed just to do my hair. It was all curled. I also had on a bowler hat that niall had brought me.  

He had on a white three quarter length sleeved shirt with a dark blue, almost black denim jeans. He also had on a black Fred Perry bomber jacket with matching black and white Nike hi-tops on. It seems no matter what he puts on he looks stunning; it must run in his Irish family.

As we walked in to the restaurant people must thought we co-ordinated, as we both had black and white on. Before we left my house I got my mum to take some pictures. My mum said that we look like the perfect couple. She didn’t yet know that we were going out.   It was just so perfect. 

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