Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


11. chapter 11


I can’t really remember last night. I know that niall and I were gonna but I didn’t wanna and he understood. Then Lauren came back with Louis and stayed the night.

I can’t remember anything else. I woke up in the night and turned over and saw niall fast asleep. I just snuggled up to him a feel asleep. I knew that this is it. He is the one.

It was morning; Niall’s alarm woke me up.  I never realised that his alarm is our song “so sick”. I feel back to sleep. I got woken up again by niall saying “hey there beautiful, here’s some breakfast. You need to eat something we have got to do our speeches today.” As soon as niall said that I sat straight up. I realised that I had no hair strengtheners or curlers. I went running to Louis’s room banging on the door. Lauren opened the door. “Lauren by any chance please says last night you brought curlers or Strengtheners.” By Lauren’s smug look on her face she had brought both. I took them both off of Lauren and went straight back into Niall’s room. I plugged them both in and started to do my hair. Niall kept on distracting me. I just laughed. It was nearly time to leave for school. Both niall and I were shit scared to give our speeches. 

Niall decided to drive this morning. Just like all off the other lads. They all managed to park next to each other.  Each of the boys got out and opened the other side door and helped the girls out.  Everyone was so happy today. As we all walked to the common room niall put his arm around me shoulder and I grabbed hold off his hand and we walked next to each other.  

As everyone was making their way to the hall we all waited outside and everyone said that niall and I would win it hands down. I knew niall would win head boy but me on the other side I hate public speaking.  I asked niall to stand at the back off the hall when I was speaking so I could focus on him.

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