Life long friends can turn into Life long Partners!

bests friends for life. could their be anything more in this friendship.
people under the age of 13 might not wanna read it, as contains some language and a sexual nature.

this story will have many chapters and i will be adding them over time. that is when i have the chance, when i don't have to do collage work. :)

please leave comments off what you think off it. xxxx


30. BRITS!!!!!


Katie arrived and look amazing as usual. We went out and had a meal with the others. We came back and fell asleep pretty quickly. We woke up. It was now the day off the Brits. Wooooooaaaahhh. we had to do a sound check for tonights performance. The girls drove there. We were about three four hours. We had to pick up our suits from the tailors. Me and katie went out for lunch.

When we arrived back at the apartment Lauren was crying.

Katie tried to calm her down.

"go and look in my room." Lauren said

Katie went in then came back out grabbed laurens hand and took her into our room. 

"boys don't follow us whatever you do or hear. Promise." katie said calmly but taking control.

We ofcourse didn't follow them.

*****************FLASH BACK*************

I needed somehow for laurens dress to be ruined so katie would let Lauren wear one off her dresses. That must make me seem really horrible but I needed the press and mainly herself to igknowledge her ability to make dresses. When the girls were on their way here. I had a word with Louis.

"mate we have to get both off katies dresses on that red carpet tomoz."

"how though."

"her and Lauren are the same size right."

"yeah I think why" Louis said with the I think I know where your going look on his face.

"well how about when they arrive in the night when Lauren is fast asleep you some how make an impossible to repair rip in her dress. Then on the day after we have come back you get her to show u her dress. I know for a fact that katie will not let her miss the Brits. So she will give her one off the dresses to wear."

"that is one evil yet genius plan. Have you been working on that Niall"Louis said with the devilish look in his eyes. "do I seem like a bad boyfriend and friend. Cause I'm wanting you to ruin laurens dress so katie will let her wear on off hers that seems really really mean"

"no its understandable. I would do the same type of thing to get her to realise that she has an amazing talent."

*************FLASH BACK END***********

"I'm guessing you did it then." I said sounding surprised. "yeah I felt wrong but yet still so right."

Katie came running out and headed for Louis room. Came back with a box in her hand.

"lads can you bring me in the coffee table from the roof please."katie said importantly. 

"why do you want that" Louis said confused.

"well do you want Lauren to go tonight or not. Go then." we did as we were told.  We took it in to the walkin wardrobe as katie told us too.

We were just talking away and the others came back. That's when katie and Lauren walked out off our room. Lauren had the thinner dress bag in her hand. I gave Louis 'this shit has worked' look. They came back in and sat with the rest off us.

"babe you letting Lauren wear the other dress aren't you." i said giving her the look of I know what your doing. 

"nahhh you will just have to wait and see." katie said teasing me like mad.  

Katie's cousin and the team arrived to start the girls hair and make up. By the faces that katie were making, I'm guessing she was in pain whilst her cousin were doing her hair.  Paul and his wife arrived and we were talking away. The girls hair and make was complete. We had about half an hour before we had to leave. Me and katie walked into the wardrobe. she rang her mum and was talking away.  I put on my dark plum suit. It was custom made. I had a crisp white shirt with a black tie, tailored skinny leg trousers, almost as if they were skinny jeans, I had a tailored jacket that had a black trim for the collar. "damn babe you look hot." katie said before she left the room to help Lauren put on her dress.

Katie came back in with her cousin. I was sat on the bed.

 Her cousin came out soon after. It was about a minute or soo then she walked out.

Her hair was all vintage inspired with slik curls. She had the necklace I gave her in Cornwall. She had natural yet sophisticated makeup on. She had little silver earings to compliment the necklace. Her dress. Omg. It was cut shoulder high with little straps that you could just see and fell and met the back. Floor length that went out at the bottom. Fish tail I think you call it. The back. Well it had no back. It met just above the hips. It had a panel either side with a lighter plum coloured fabric.  It went out at the back with a little trail. It was perfect. She had black wedge sandals that were just perfect. it was kinda weird how her dress matched my suit. Not that I done it on purpose or anything. Well I did for a fact. I know from her designs that the dress she would wear would be this one as she took so much time and detail into the sketches. 

"holly shitt. You look serioulsy made that."

"you don't think I'm over dressed. Its not like anyone knows who I am. And don't expect me to walk fast cause I can't." katie grabbed her black clutch and we walked out. See Paul made sure that the girls wouldn't get cold so he made sure they all had a jacket. Katie being katie wanted to wear her leather jacket and tbh it went well it gave the sophisticated dress an edge of rebellion.  

Lauren looked amazing in the other dress. 

"yoooooouuuuuu loook Amazing katie. You made that. You have to design my wedding dress." Eleanor said in shock.

"mine too." all the other girls said.

"guys its time to leave.the limo is here." paul said. Moving us out off the apartment.    

We reached the venue.

"right guys the lads are gonna get out first. Then you lovely ladies."Paul said again.

The doors opened.  It was mental. Us lads got out first then we helped the girls out. Katie was last out. We walked along the red carpet and had god know how many photos. They wanted some off just us boys then some off us with the girls. I could tell that katie was a little overvelmed.

"babe your doing amazing. Don't worry. love you." I whispered in her ear quickly.

She smiled.

"Girls,girls, girls, girls this way." the paps said trying to get the girls attention. Paul moved us along. We had to do a few interviews. The girls went to E! News stand that had teamed up with ITV for the night. They wanted to know what makes the girls were wearing and wanted to have a chat with them. Paul's wife went with them as Paul didn't want them alone with the press.  Once we were finished we went to the girls who were still stood their. Danielle was still talking. 

"Now too you two. Its katie and Lauren right."

"yeah" Lauren and katie said sheepisly.

"So where did you get these amazingly expensive looking dresses." Lauren looked at katie. 

"well umm. Well. Umm."katie said trying to hide the fact that she made them.

I was stood behind katie just like the other lads behind their girls. I stepped forward so my hand would fit in hers.

"she made them."

"hang on did you just say that she made them. Omg your really talented."

Katie turned around and hid her face in my shoulder. "don't go hiding ur face now. You need to be proud off it." I whispered. She soon lifted her head up.

"damn girl you are talented. Just turn around again we didn't get a view of the back.  So what are your goals in life." the interviewer said with a little sassieness.  

You could tell that katie didn't want to talk. Lauren started to talk.

"umm well katie and myself would like to join the police." Lauren said a little sheepish.

"guys we have to move along now." Paul said.

"thank you." we all said to the interviewer.

"you done amazing girls. Don't be shy katie you should proud off your dresses." pauls wife said.

We were now in the O2. There were hundreds of tables. We found ours it was in the middle off the floor, quite near the front but not at the front.

There was two tables Paul let all off us sit on one table with our girls then he was on a smaller but still quite big table just to the side off us.

We were all ready to start. One of our famous friends, James Cordon, was presenting. It was his fourth year presenting. He presented it last year and we won an award. Unfortunately the girls couldn't make it.

We were talking away to James for a little bit then he had to go. There was something about this years awards that felt right. We were performing quite near the start off the ceremony. That was a good thing as we could drink after that.

The girls were all sat together talking away. It was all about to start.

Muse opened the show. See even though we are a pop group we like other types off music. Katie and Lauren were joking around all the way through the performance. Let's put it this way they Aint heavy rock chics. 


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